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Glossy Box

Glossy Box is a Monthly Beauty Box that delivers a diverse selection of five or more beauty treats that include niche, high-end and emerging brands, all brought to your door in a stylish box, month after month!  Their panel of global beauty experts gather together the latest trends and products to bring you boxes full of beauty essentials, that will leave you looking and feeling great, time after time.  As well as containing some amazing premium products, each box contains a detailed product description card ensuring you can get the best results from your beauty treats, as well as being full of the latest beauty advice, trends and tips to help you keep on top of beauty buzz!  So, with Glossy Box, there is no excuse for you not to feel and look fabulous every day!  Each hand-picked box is delivered direct to your door on a monthly basis, and with their Brand Shop you can get all your beauty must-haves in one place, and with Glossy Box’s Beauty Profile Questionnaire you’ll be sure that every box you get will be tailor-made to suit your personal preferences and tastes! 

What does it Cost?

Glossy Box has several subscription options to choose from, and works on a monthly basis just like most Beauty Boxes, and the longer you subscribe for at a time the more you will save on the ‘per box’ cost.  A monthly billing plan starts at £10.00 per box plus £3.25 P&P, quarterly billed plans are £9.50 per box plus £3.35 P&P, half-yearly billing plans are £9.00 per box plus £3.25 P&P and a full year billing plan works out at just £8.50 per box plus £3.25 P&P.  All plans are paid for upfront upon renewal and box subscriptions can be gifted on all quarterly, half yearly and full yearly plans.  Glossy Box do often have introductory offers and offers on their subscriptions so it is always worth visiting their website to see which package is the best for you and I always advise reading the full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly beauty service.

Am I a Subscriber?

Yes!  I adore my Glossy Box subscription!  It’s one of my favourite Beauty Boxes and I have a yearly subscription with them.

The Pro’s and Con’s

Glossy Box is a little bit of luxury delivered to your door every month, and I am a huge fan of the way they use your beauty profile to select your products so you’re never disappointed with what you receive.  Your beauty profile is easily updated so if your beauty preferences change, your Glossy Box will change with them.  The products you receive are often from new and upcoming brands that you’ve not yet heard of or tried so it feels like you are part of a special club getting to try the latest products before the general public.  The packaging is always amazing and they often have special themed box as part of your subscription that include full size and extra products.  On top of their subscription boxes they also offer one-off Exclusive Editions Boxes and Flashboxes which subscribers can buy at a special subscriber discount before they become available to non-subscribers.  Glossy Box also have a great loyalty scheme called Glossy Dots which allows you to collect point, or dots, towards a free box or box subscription by referring friends and completing short surveys on the products you’ve received in your monthly boxes.  My main problem with Glossy Box is the P&P – its £3.25 a box which I find extremely high for a such a large company, and it’s the highest P&P cost of all the Subscription Boxes I have tried, although the overall value of the box is really good.

If you want to read any more about Glossy Box before making a decision on whether their service is for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes, visit their online shop and check out their current promotions.

Visit the Glossy Box website for more information or to subscribe to the Glossy Box Service!


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