The LoveLula Natural Beauty Box

Love Lula Beauty Box

The LoveLula Monthly Beauty Box is a great chance to try out the different natural and organic beauty brands and products that are available to buy from the LoveLula website in a simple, cost-effective manner.  LoveLula brings together an unparalleled selection of the world’s finest natural and organic beauty brands that are hand-picked because they are created using only high-grade, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients, and must be effective, luxurious and totally guilt-free.  As a company, LoveLula insist on not using Parabens or SLS’s in any of the products on their website and everything is 100% cruelty free and from beauty brands that are morally run and environmentally driven.  With LoveLula, unlike most other beauty boxes, everyone will receive the same items in their box.  The only exception to this maybe in the case of make-up or nail polish where the product will be the same but the colours or shades may vary from box to box.  They work with amazing natural and organic beauty brands like Balm Balm, Sparitual and Urban Veda along with lesser known and upcoming brands to bring you the very best that natural beauty has to offer all wrapped up in a 100% recyclable box!  With these credentials you’ll never have any doubts about the contents of your monthly beauty box plus you’ll know that every box you receive will be crammed full of at least six naturally inspired, ethical beauty products including skin care, bath and body products, makeup, beauty accessories and hair care.

What does it Cost?

There are three subscription options with the LoveLula Beauty Boxes – a monthly rolling subscription which can be cancelled at any time, a quarterly or three monthly plan, or a yearly subscription plan.  All plans work out at £12.50 per box, so you don’t actually gain anything by taking out a longer subscription like with a lot of subscription beauty boxes, however all the subscriptions are paid for monthly rather than in lump sums so you’ll never need to pay a full year in advance which is the case with other similar boxes on the market.  Payment is by Credit or Debit card only and the three and twelve month plans are non-refundable.  Postage and Packing is Free via Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery and there are no other hidden or additional costs.  LoveLula often have introductory offers and offers on their subscriptions so it is always worth visiting their website to see which package is the best for you and I always advise reading the full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly beauty service.

Am I a Subscriber?

No – I am not currently subscribed to the LoveLula Beauty Box but I have had boxes from them in the past.

The Pro’s and Con’s

The LoveLula Beauty Box is all about being Natural, so from the products to the packaging everything is ethically sourced and naturally based.  The packaging is plain, but pretty and is 100% recyclable and the all their products are BUAV Approved so are guaranteed to be 100% cruelty free too.  They have over 200 amazing natural and organic beauty brands on their website so if you love one of the beauty treats included in your beauty box you don’t need to look anywhere else to buy the full-size product!  The cost of the box is about average for a monthly beauty box and you get at least £20.00 worth of products in each box.  P&P is always free which is unusual for a subscription box, but the over all value of the LoveLula Box is a lot less than a standard subscription beauty box.  The range of brands you will get to experience will be a little more unusual and less well-known than with other beauty boxes which is good, and the fact they  are a UK Company is even better!  The subscription options seem a little confusing to begin with, but it’s actually only because even with your three and twelve monthly subscription plans you’ll still pay £12.50 a month rather than a lump sum payment of £37.50 or £150.00 respectively which is how longer subscription plans work with monthly beauty boxes.  This is great for managing your finances, however as the three and twelve month plans are non-refundable there is no real benefit in signing up for anything more than the standard rolling monthly plan as this can be cancelled at anytime and you aren’t paying any more per month for your box by subscribing this way!  They also have a loyalty scheme called LoveLula Loyalty Points which means for every £1.00 you spend on the LoveLula website you’ll earn one point and each point is worth 10p when redeemed which is a big plus point for me as it encourages re-purchases and in this case, keeps the business with in the UK!

If you want to read any more about the LoveLula Beauty Box before making a decision on whether their service is for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes, visit their online shop and check out their current promotions.

Visit the Love Lula website for more information or to subscribe to the Love Lula Beauty Box Service!


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