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My Little Box


My Little Box is a Beauty and Lifestyle Box that aims to delight and surprise you every month with amazing must-have beauty products including one from their in-house brand “My Little Beauty’, fashion and lifestyle accessories, illustrated goodies by Kanako, a monthly magazine called ‘My Little World’ plus some extra little surprises to keep you wanting more!  My Little Box works with top brands such as Benefit, Essie, GlamGlow, Lancôme and Sephora so you’ll always feels like you’re being treated when your box arrives and as your boxes contents will be a secret just like most other subscription beauty boxes!  All boxes have a theme and you can check out previous boxes on the My Little Box website!  Their box is a something a little different from your standard beauty boxes as you get a fashion and lifestyle magazine, some fashion accessories and even a lifestyle item such a s a pocket diary or craft item along with your two full size beauty products and extra sample size product.  They have an in-house illustrator they use for a lot of their fashion and lifestyle products too making them much more quirky than other boxes and the idea of having more than just beauty products in their beauty boxes is quite fun and exciting!

What does it Cost?

My Little Box works on a monthly recurring subscription which means your subscription is renewed monthly, and unlike most monthly subscription boxes, you only have two options with this box and these are based on where you have your box delivered and not how many months you want your box delivered for.  If you chose a regular monthly recurring subscription your box will cost your £11.00 plus £3.95 P&P per month, however if you have your box delivered to your place of work, the box will qualify for their ‘workplace discount’ offer and get your box delivered for a total of £13.95 a month saving you £1.00 every month.  They market this as a more convenient way of receiving your parcel as well as saving a little money as you’ll never miss a delivery and have to wait in the Post Office to collect it if it’s delivered while you are busy working!  You can cancel either option at anytime and you are able to gift three, six or twelve monthly subscriptions but you don’t save any money by doing this, and you lose the ability to get your ‘workplace discount’ too.  My Little Box often do introductory offers and to get your first box for just £11.00 use the promo code ‘FIRSTBOX’ and remember it is always worth visiting their website to see which package is the best for you and I always advise reading the full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly beauty service.

Am I a Subscriber?

Yes, I have just signed up to try My Little Box, but I am still awaiting my first box to arrive.

The Pro’s and Con’s

My Little Box seems quite a quirky and exclusive little box filled with full-sized beauty products and lots of other fashion and lifestyle accessories that aren’t available to non-subscribers.  They have their own beauty brand, My Little Beauty, which is available nowhere else in the UK and their in-house illustrator Kanako produces amazing little treats to decorate everything from their boxes to their surprises and even their fashion and lifestyle accessories.  This ensures that each box your receive is both unique and stocked full of beautiful treats, no matter what that months theme happens to be!  The cost of the box is average for a subscription beauty box, but again P&P is quite a lot, but in this case your box is coming all the way from France via Royal Air Mail so this explains the pricey postage.  Each box is beautifully presented and themed, and you can check out what previous boxes have had to offer on the My Little Box website to see exactly the sort of brands and treats you can expect to be receiving every month and you can see exactly how far that £10 goes!  The fact you can’t save money by subscribing for quarterly, half-yearly or yearly packages isn’t great, but the fact you save £1.00 by simply getting your parcel delivered to your workplace is a little bonus!  Cancellation is simple and you can also pause subscriptions too.  Payments can only be made via Credit or Debit Card at the moment which is typical beauty box for a subscription beauty box and by authorising your first payment you also authorise all following recurring monthly payments so keep that in mind when subscribing.  There are also no referral or loyalty programmes with My Little Box which is a shame as I always think loyalty is worth rewarding!

If you want to read any more about My Little Box before making a decision on whether they are the Beauty Box for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes and any current promotions.

Visit the My Little Box website for more information or to subscribe to the My Little BoxSubscription Service!


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