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Looking for fashionable nail colour, without having to pay high street prices?  Wish you could get a selection of the hottest nail colours delivered directly to your door every single month?  Well NailBox has got you covered!  NailBox is a monthly subscription box packed full of at least five nail products including three or four nail polishes, one or two nail tools or treatments and occasionally they may send other beauty or cosmetic treats too.  They will never send out the same polish twice, so you’re guaranteed to receive only the most popular nail colours and newest tools and treatments each month.  Their dedicated team of nail ‘know-it-alls’ curate the hottest colours from the biggest brands ensuring that NailBox subscribers receive an amazing selection of nail polishes and nail products delivered to their front door every single month.  Just like most subscription beauty boxes available the exact contents of each months NailBox remain a secret and you can’t chose the colours or brands of polish that you’ll receive however, unlike the other boxes out, NailBox is dedicated to bringing you only the latest the nail industry has to offer meaning that your monthly box will only ever contain the latest trends from the most popular nail polish and nail treatment brands.  So say goodbye to endless beauty samples and hello to perfectly polished, on trend nails instead!

What does it Cost?

Just like a normal beauty box, NailBox works on a monthly subscription basis and you have a few options if you want to join their subscription service.  Firstly you have a rolling monthly subscription and that costs £15.00 per month. This is the most expensive way to subscribe but it gives you most flexibility and allows you to cancel at any time as you are re-billed monthly so you aren’t tied in for any period of time. The other options are taking out a three, six or twelve monthly subscription which will not only ensure you will never have to miss out on your monthly nail polish fix, it also means you will save money on the price you pay per box during each subscription period, and the longer that period, the more you will save. If you choose a three month subscription you will pay £14.50 per month, for a six month subscription the cost is £14.00 per month and if you opt for a full twelve month subscription then you’ll be paying just £13.50 per box.  P&P is always free with NailBox and depending on the subscription you choose, it will renew on the first of the month, on a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis.  At present they do not offer any one-off or single box options, but they do have a sister website where gift sets and individual polishes are available.  NailBox often have introductory offers and offers on their subscriptions so it is always worth visiting their website to see which package is the best for you and I always advise reading the full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly beauty service.

Am I a Subscriber?

As I am not really a great user of nail polish (I prefer to use gel polish instead) I am not a regular subscriber to the NailBox service, however I have recently ordered a box so I can see if their boxes really are as fun as they look!

The Pro’s and Con’s

NailBox is an alternative beauty box that specialises in nail polishes and nail products which means that unlike other beauty boxes available you know exactly what your box will be filled with each month.  Although the exact brands and colours do remain a secret, each box will contain at least three nail polishes, some nail tools and treatments and sometimes they will even add a few beauty or cosmetic products too their box as an extra treat!  NailBox only choose the best quality polishes and products for their boxes and they select their polishes from well-known brands like OPI, Essie and NailsInc, as well as exciting, new and up coming brands, like The Nail Apothecary and True Brit, to give their subscribers not only amazing value for money, but also ensure they receive nothing but the latest on-trend nail polishes and most popular treatment products and tools to try each month!  As a Nail Technician myself, I love the idea of trying out different polishes and treatments and although I prefer gel polish to regular polish I love the concept of NailBox and think it is a great way to keep on top of the latest trends from nail industry insiders as well as broadening your polish horizons with new and exciting colours from the best brands around.  The fact they specialise in just nail products means that subscribers know exactly what they are getting and means that the experts at NailBox are able to provide great advice and information on how to get the most out of the products in each month box.  All the polishes included in NailBox are 100% genuine and, unlike some other nail polish based boxes, the contents are yours to keep.  The cost of each NailBox is quite high, but as NailBox doesn’t charge P&P on their boxes and subscribers will be getting at least three branded nail polishes plus some tools and treatments in every box it makes the over cost great value for money!  NailBox’s packaging is plain and simple – just a branded cardboard box – which doesn’t jump out at you like other beauty boxes available, however they have made a choice to keep packaging basic and recyclable to keep costs down ensuring as much of your subscription payment as possible goes towards securing the best products possible to go inside the box, instead of paying to produce a luxury box that contains nothing but disappointing, second rate products and samples which I really love.  Another huge plus point for me is that on top of receiving a huge discount on the RRP of the products included in your NailBox each month, you can also make large savings on products purchased from NailBox’s sister website meaning if you do fall in love with any of the polishes or treatments you receive in your monthly NailBox, you can purchase it with a 15% discount through their online store.  Overall I think that NailBox is a great idea and gives beauty enthusiasts a box that stands out from the rest by promising to provide you with only nail related products.  Not only does this mean you’ll have a rough idea of what you’ll be receiving each month, it also means that you won’t end up with a bathroom cabinet full of beauty samples that you can’t or won’t use, or stacks of make up in colours that just aren’t ‘you’ ever again!  It also means that you’ll have perfectly polished fingers and toes month after month which is never a bad thing!

If you want to read any more about the NailBox before making a decision on whether their service is for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes plus you can also check out their current promotions.

Visit NailBox website for more information or to subscribe to the NailBox Subscription service!


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