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As a huge Beauty Box Fan I was excited to hear that Jane from had once again teamed up with the experts at Latest in Beauty to create another amazing BritishBeautyBlogger Edit, and I was even more excited to find out that, unlike their previous Edits they have collaborated on, February’s Edit would be focused on just one beauty brand, so instead of a single multi-branded dream box say hello to the three new Aveda Hair Experience Boxes!  Each box has been created to address a different hair type, so you can easily tell which of the three boxes will be best for you meaning you won’t end up with a selection of products that don’t suit your hair care needs.  This is a fantastic idea as so many beauty boxes are full of generic hair care products that aren’t always going to be of use so putting together three targeted treatment boxes is one of the best box ideas I have seen so far!  Aveda have a large selection of hair care products that treat everything from frizz to fine, thinning hair, colour damage to curls and waves, so the creators of the BBB Aveda Hair Experience Boxes have selected three of Aveda’s best-selling lines to work with, giving you the opportunity to try out the luxury brands most popular products at an absolutely amazing price!  The latest BBB Edit is definitely a great collaboration and I am excited to get my hands on at least one of them before they sell out!

What does it Cost?

Each of the three Aveda Hair Experience Boxes costs just £20 including P&P making then extremely good value for money.  On average each box contains at least £80 worth of Aveda hair care products, a small box of their Comforting Tea Bags, plus a bonus voucher for £10 to spend on the Aveda website as well so if you do love any of the products in your BBB Beauty Box you can happily treat yourself without breaking the bank.

The Boxes

As I have said – there are three Hair Experience Boxes to choose from in this Edit and each box targets specific hair types and product needs to ensure you can easily select the right box for you.


The Invati Hair Experience

This box has been designed specifically for fine, flay or thinning hair and contains products from the Invati Range that will help hair look and feel fuller and thicker.

The Box Contains:

Invati Exfoliating Shampoo – Full Size 200ml RRP £22.00

Invati Thickening Conditioner – Travel Size 40ml RRP £7.00

Invati Scalp Revitalizer – Full Size 150ml RRP£45.00

Aveda Thickening Tonic – Full Size 100ml RRP £19.00

Aveda Comforting Tea Bags – Box of 3 RRP £1.50

£10 Discount Voucher to use at


The Damage Remedy Hair Experience

This box has been designed to target dry or damaged hair and contains products that help instantly seal in moisture, protect hair against damage and restores hairs natural strength and shine, leaving it looking and feeling healthy and hydrated.

The Box Contains:

Damage Remedy Reconstructing Shampoo – Full Size 250ml RRP £22.00

Damage Remedy Reconstructing Conditioner – Full Size 200ml RRP £24.50

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair – Full Size 25ml RRP £8.50

Shampure Hand and Body Wash – Travel Size 50ml RRP £5.00

Aveda Comforting Tea Bags – Box of 3 RRP £1.50

£10 Discount Voucher to use at


The Be Curly Hair Experience

This box is designed for curly or wavy hair and whether you are looking to enhance and receive or tame and calm those curls the innovative plant-based technology in the Be Curly range will help you create beautiful and enviable curls.

The Box Contains:

Be Curly Curl Enhancer – Full Size 200ml RRP £19.50

Be Curly Style Prep – Full Size 100ml RRP £21.00

Be Curly Co-Wash – Travel Size 50ml RRP £6.00

Be Curly Intense De-tangling Masque – Travel Size 25ml RRP £5.50

Aveda Comforting Tea Bags – Box of 3 RRP £1.50

£10 Discount Voucher to use at

The Pro’s and Con’s

The latest BBB Beauty Box has been eagerly awaited after news that last years BBB Beauty Edit would be the last ever BritishBeautyBlogger/Latest in Beauty Collaboration, and there has been a lot of speculation about what the box’s theme would be, which brands will be included and whether it would follow the same format as previous Edits and now, FINALLY, The Aveda Hair Experience Boxes are here and they have not only broken the BBB Beauty Edit mould by creating three separate single-brand boxes, they have also managed to offer them at an amazing value for money too.  Each box is just £20.00 including P&P and with at least £80.00 worth of luxury hair products inside, these boxes won’t be around for long!  I am a big fan of Aveda hair care and have used their products for over 15 years now so when I saw that Jane had chosen to showcase Aveda in her latest BBB Collaboration I knew the box was going to be a good one, but what I didn’t know was that she has not just one, but three boxes up her sleeve, and I couldn’t have imagined just how many full size products would be included in every one of them.  As far as I’m concerned every box is a real ‘no-brainer’ beauty buy and whether you are totally new to Aveda or a long-term brand lover like me, these boxes offer the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some of the best hair care products around at a fraction of the High Street RRP.  Between the three boxes, they has managed to cover many of the most common hair concerns which means you can pick the box that best fits your current hair care needs and ensures you don’t receive products that have been designed for a different hair type to yours.  I do like this, but I would have liked to have seen the Smooth Infusions or Brilliant ranges included in the line up purely because frizz is probably one of the biggest hair care concerns and although the Be Curly range does combat frizz, it is targeted at those ladies lucky enough to have curly or wavy hair so it just isn’t that effective at combating frizz on straight hair leaving some ladies wishing for a fourth box to tame their tresses and flatten their frizz.  Overall though, I love these boxes and this is one collaboration I just couldn’t miss out on!  I honestly can’ wait for my boxes to arrive and at such exceptional value for money, I don’t expect any of the latest BBB Beauty Boxes to be available for long!

If you want to read any more about the latest BBB Beauty Edit before making a decision on whether these boxes are for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit the Latest in Beauty website to read reviews from other subscribers as well as being able to check out their current beauty collections and promotions.

Visit the British Beauty Blogger website to find out what the what was inspiration for these Amazing Limited Edition Boxes or visit the Latest in Beauty website to buy any of the boxes before they sell out!


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