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Candy Coat Subscription Box


If you love your luxury mani’s and pedi’s then you’ll love the new subscription box from Candy Coat!  Launching in March this year, the Sweet Little Somethings box promises to bring you a new and exciting selection of Candy Coats colourful gel polishes, along with some gorgeous nail, beauty and lifestyle accessories to make the box even sweeter!  Established in 2015, Candy Coat became an instant hit with nail technicians across the UK and until now their range of amazing gel nail polishes had only ever been showcased through their special edition one-off Colour Collection boxes making their products not only great value for money but also exclusive and highly sought after.  Their themed Colour Collection boxes proved so popular that they have decided to open their products out to a wider market with their new monthly subscription box meaning both nail technicians and beauty addicts alike can get a guaranteed chip-free manicure month after month.  With over 100 colours to choose from, Candy Coat have plenty of scope to keep each months box new and exciting, and the inclusion of other beauty and lifestyle treats is just the cherry on the Candy Coated cake.  They still plan to continue their original Colour Collection boxes too, so whether you want the excitement of a mystery manicure box every month or are happy to stick to what you know and love, Candy Coat has got you covered!

What does it Cost?

The new ‘Sweet Little Somethings’ gels and goodies subscription box from Candy Cost costs £18.00 a month including P&P.  Their subscription works on a rolling monthly basis so you can cancel at any time, however if you wanted to try a single box, they have a Gift Box option which is also £18.00, although they do charge £3.50 for P&P for this option.  The Gift Box option gives you the same products that are in the monthly ‘Sweet Little Somethings’ but with out the need for a monthly subscription.  Candy Coat will also still offer their one-off themed Colour Collection boxes every month too – these cost £30.00 including P&P and are limited in number so sell out very quickly which is why they have brought out a subscription service so you never have to miss a Candy Coat box every again.  As a new Beauty Box Candy Coat have yet to offer any introductory discounts on their monthly subscriptions but it is always worth visiting their website for the most up to date information and I always advise reading the full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly beauty service.

Am I a Subscriber?

As Candy Coat has yet to launch its monthly subscription box (remember it launches in March 2016), I am not currently a subscriber, but as soon as it launches I fully intend to sign up!  As a qualified nail technician this box is right up my street and can’t wait to see exactly what they will be including each month on top of the gel polishes and what sort of colours they have to offer!

The Pro’s and Con’s

Candy Coat began its life as a small Instagram business back in 2015 and has quickly grown into the quirky, colourful, London based gel polish brand that nail technicians across the UK are raving about.  Their original one-off Colour Collection boxes were so popular that they sold out month after month which is why they created their all new ‘Sweet Little Somethings’ subscription box.  It ensures that all the Candy Coat devotees are kept up to date with the latest colour trends, new product releases and of course the most popular shades in Candy Coat’s gel polish range.  While this doesn’t sound like much of a change from their original Colour Collection boxes, the ‘Sweet Little Somethings’ box guarantees its subscribers a monthly candy fix that includes three Candy Coat gel polish colours along with around ten additional ‘goodies’ as they call them, that include full size beauty and lifestyle accessories, nail tools and of course some actual candy (you’ll receive a Base and Top Coat in your first box) and although the amount of gel polish in the monthly subscription box is less than in the Colour Collection boxes, the other ‘goodies’ make it excellent value for money at just £18.00 with free P&P!  This new subscription box is definitely more beauty addict friendly than the Colour Collection boxes which, although are available to everyone, are defiantly aimed more at nail technicians than the wider beauty market and the new monthly boxes are much easier to get hold of in the first place, as the original Colour Collection boxes were released in very limited numbers and the demand for each collection was so high from nail industry insiders that anyone who wasn’t on the ‘beauty ball’ often ended up missing out.  This chance to get a monthly selection of some of the hottest nail products of the moment delivered to your front door each and every month is just too good to be true, and as a real gel polish enthusiast I think it is a great way to keep up with the latest trends and colour releases without having to leave the house.  I know there are other nail polish boxes available, however none of them offer gel polish, and none of them offer the extra ‘goodies’ that Candy Coat have included in their new Sweet Little Somethings box.  It’s a real overhaul of the traditional nail polish beauty box and although it is slightly more expensive than other boxes available you do get a wider variety of products included with in the box and you’re getting gel polishes not regular polishes so you’ll have at the benefits of a chip-free, super shiny manicure or pedicure that lasts for weeks not days!  This box has so many positives I could go on and on!  The only downside I can really see to the new Candy Coat box is the fact that all Candy Coat colours are gel polishes, and they don’t include any regular nail polishes in their boxes at present.  As not everyone owns a UV or LED curing lamp, which is a gel polish essential (these can be bought at a relatively cheap price nowadays and websites like Amazon sell them for around £20 – £25), and of course gel polishes can be a little more technical to apply than a regular nail polish meaning it could be harder to get that perfect nail salon finish you’re used to.  However if you’re happy to invest in a decent curing lamp and take a little time to perfect your application then I would 100% recommend investing the few extra pounds to upgrade from a regular nail polish box to the new Candy Coat ‘Sweet Little Somethings’ subscription box as I think the upgrade your nails will get is worth every penny, and the additional ‘goodies’ Candy Coat include each month are definitely making their box stand out from the competition! ??

If you want to read any more about the new Candy Coat Box before making a decision on whether their service is for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes, visit their online shop and check out their current promotions.

Visit Candy Coat website for more information or to subscribe to the Candy Coat Subscription Box!


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