Clinique Pep Start™ Eye Cream Review

Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream


Clinique’s latest Eye Treatment – Pep Start™ Eye Cream – only launched a month ago but it has already taken the beauty world by storm.  After seeing hundreds of pictures of its eye-catching orange packaging on Instagram this product certainly caught my attention! However, after finding other Clinique “best sellers” extremely disappointing I wasn’t sure whether I should try it or not – BUT as I am plagued with permanent dark circles under my eyes – the promise of a three second miracle cream sounded just too good to be true.  So three weeks ago I hurried to my local high street to buy a tube and have been using it ever since.

What is the Hype?

The new Pep Start™ Eye Cream has been formulated to brighten, refresh and hydrate the delicate eye area, cooling and de-puffing tired eyes, smoothing the way for make up and giving you the look of a good nights sleep in just a few seconds.  Sounds like an impossible task, right?  Well this tiny tangerine tube contains a blend of seven peptides that specifically targets and boosts the skins natural collagen, which can be threatened by stress, fatigue and lack of sleep.  Other key active ingredients include caffeine, phytospingosine, molasses extract and magnolia officinalis bark extract – all of which help keep the eye area calm and balanced, ensuring the skin stays youthful, firm and fatigue-free for as long as possible.

The handy ball-like applicator makes applying the cream quick and easy, and ensures an even amount of cream is distributed across the entire eye area for maximum benefit.  It’s surprisingly light-weight for such a rich eye cream, and is easily absorbed, leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed but not greasy or overloaded so make-up can be applied immediately without affecting its appearance or performance, making Clinique’s Pep Start™ Eye Cream as must-have product for all the busy beauties out there!  Plus as an added bonus, if reducing dark circles and puffiness wasn’t already enough, you can also use Pep Start™ as a top up product through out the day, even over make-up, to give you that all day ‘wide awake’ look every girl wants!  I can easily see this pint-sized, power-house product becoming as much of a handbag essential as lipstick is – it really is THAT good!

How much does it Cost?

Clinique’s new Pep Start™ Eye Cream is £22.00 for a 15ml tube.

Where can I get it?

Clinique has a large presence on the high street, with beauty counters in most major department stores including Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser, as well as some larger Boots stores – so you can easily get hold of their new Pep Start™ Eye Cream in shops across the UK as well as online on the Clinique website.

My Verdict

Clinique’s new Pep Start™ Eye Cream certainly promises to perform a mini-miracle every morning and with an impressive line up of active ingredients you can see exactly why this product has been an internet sensation, but is it really as good as Clinique would have you believe?  Well, as a life-long dark circle sufferer I can honestly say YES!  I have been using the new Pep Start™ Eye Cream every morning for three weeks now and have noticed a real improvement in the discolouration under my eyes.  The cream is easily absorbed, even though I have oily skin and helps to plump the annoying fine lines that seem to have appeared since I hit thirty.  This means my concealer goes on much more smoothly and doesn’t settle in the gentle creases around my general eye area meaning my make-up lasts longer and looks better.  I have to point out that it is an eye treatment and not an eye primer, however you can apply make-up directly over Pep Start™ with out a primer and still see the products many benefits.

I haven’t personally needed to ‘top up’ my eyes during the day which has really impressed me as I am not a fan of products that need constant re-applications to maintain the results, however should the need arise, the formula is light-weight enough to be used over make up through out the day and night too if required.  I really can’t recommend this product enough – it really is a good night’s sleep in a tube and leaves your eye area looking and feeling brighter and fresher in just three seconds!  This is 100% the best eye treatment I have used and it’s now a firm favourite in my make-up bag!


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