LaRitzy Beauty Box Review – April 2016

La Ritzy Box Review - April 2016


It’s official – April’s LaRizy Box has Spring Fever!  This month they have put together a smouldering selection of exclusive product launches, custom blend formulas and extremely rare oils along with a great mix of skin care, makeup and fragrance too, making this one of their most exciting boxes to date!  With everything in this pretty pink and white box being organic, vegan and cruelty free it makes this amazing beauty box from the USA is a real treat to receive each month.  They always send out full size products too so you can say goodbye to small samples that make it impossible to properly test the products too!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £17.13 (US$24.99) plus £6.85 P&P (US$10.00)

Total Value of Products – £52.07 (US$74.99)

Being a big advocate of cruelty free beauty I have really enjoyed my previous LaRitzy Box so I am really looking forward to checking out the amazing and exclusive products that LaRitzy have included in their ‘Spring Fever’ themed April Box!

Your Beauty Treats

Toogga Organic Desert Date Oil – Full Size £13.90 (US$19.00)

La Ritzy Box Review - April 2016

Toogga Oil is a multipurpose oil for your face, hair and body and it’s easily absorbed oil is rich is antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids making it perfect for revitalising and rejuvenating the skin and hair, leaving them soft, shiny and glowing!  Exclusive to the USA, Toogga’s Desert Date Oil is 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free meaning that you can benefit from its luxurious anti-ageing properties without compromising their ethical values.  This oil also has excellent anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which is known for helping in healing scars and alleviating acne, sunburns and rashes.  As a big fan of facial and hair oils I was happy to see this rich and nutritious oil in my April LaRitzy Box.  I have been using it as a leave-in conditioner for my hair as well as on my face and décolletage and I have seen both an increased shine to my hair as well as remarkable improvement my pesky split ends.  My skin is brighter and more radiant than usual and feels firmer than before I began using this fantastic natural oil!  I will defiantly continue to use this as a leave in conditioner on my hair, as this is where I think it has made the difference for me.

Modern Minerals Duo Fibre Eyeshadow Brush – Full Size £11.80 (US$17.00)

La Ritzy Box Review - April 2016

This is the perfect little brush for shading, creating smokey eyes, highlighting and so much more.  The duo fibers on this mini rounded edged brush are so soft and great for applying just the the right amount of products as well as dusting lightly or layering colour around the eyes.  This brush is 100% vegan and no animal based fibres making it ideal for people who want amazing quality, cruelty free makeup brushes!  I love this handy crease brush as it makes blending pressed and powder shadows quick and easy, and it’s the perfect companion to the Modern Minerals Eyeshadow I received in my March LaRitzy Box!

LippyGirl Vegocentric Lipstick in Coral Me Maybe – Full Size £11.80 (US$17.00)

La Ritzy Box Review - April 2016

This line of premium lipsticks from amazing organic brand LippyGirl is made with a blend of organic and wild-crafted natural oils and waxes along with only natural mineral pigments to create gorgeously rich, nourishing lip colour that is long-lasting and won’t bleed!  The shade I received was the Limited Edition shade Coral Me Maybe, which is a muted coral with a soft, underlying metallic shimmer that is perfect for the season and is suitable for most skin tones too.  I really love coral lipsticks – they work well with my skin whether I am tanned or pale and are much more flattering than a more traditional colour such as red or pink.  I was introduced to this brand – LippyGirl – through last months LaRitzy Box, and their rich nourishing formulas are a great way to add a moisture and shine to lips, leaving them healthy and hydrated.  As well as adding moisture to your lips, this long-lasting lipstick also adds a fresh pop of colour to make lips look as luscious as they feel.  I have really enjoyed trying my first LippyGirl Lipstick and would definitely love to explore more of the LippyGirl range!

GLOW for a Cause Solid Perfume in Fragrance Innocence – Full Size £11.10 (US$16.00)

La Ritzy Box Review - April 2016

This contemporary take on the ancient form of fragrance means that your perfume can now not only smell good, but will feel good too!  These dazzling and concentrated solid perfumes are made with coconut oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter and vitamin E to nourish and hydrate the skin while GLOW’s signature perfume blends leave you smelling simply heavenly.  These portable products have been made vegan exclusively for the April LaRitzy Box and are perfect for layering and building fragrance through out the day!  What’s more 5% of the purchase price of every product sold will be donated to one of their four amazing charitable causes so this perfume really does do good as well as smelling great!  I love the concept of a solid perfume and it’s a great little handbag hero product as it’s perfect to refresh your fragrance through out the day due to its soft, balmy format.  The fragrance is delicate and delicious and you can also purchase a matching roll on product to complement your GLOW for a Cause Solid perfume and build a deeper, more heady version of this gorgeous scent!

Leo & Goa Pearlies – Single Sachet £3.47 (US$5.00)

La Ritzy Box Review - April 2016

Say goodbye to chemical whitening treatments that strip your enamel and say hello to your brand new pearly whites the natural way!  Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition for a whiter than white smile and overall oral care and Leo & Goa are launching their BRAND NEW Pearlies Oil Pulling Kit exclusively in April’s LaRitzy Box!  I have heard a lot about the benefits of oil pulling and coconut oil in general, but I have never experienced this tooth whitening, mouth balancing treatment myself, so I am excited to have popped my oil pulling cherry with Leo & Goa this month!  Once launched Leo & Goa will sell these handy single use sachet’s in packs of 14 for a full mouth detox programme, making oil pulling both simple and convenient.  Their exclusive blend of essential oils makes Pearlies not only taste surprisingly good, they also add to the cleansing treatment of the coconut oil leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean.  You can brush teeth after using Pearlies, but as it is a full mouth detox treatment there is no need to do this on top of the oil pulling routine.  I was really surprised at how clean my teeth felt after using Pearlies and wish I had a full pack to give the full detox plan a trial so will definitely be purchasing it when it is released!

My Verdict

With another amazing month from LaRitzy, their Spring Fever Box has definitely got me all hot under the collar!  With a selection of products exclusively created for April’s LaRitzy Box and a fantastic preview of the new tooth whitening treatment from Leo & Goa, they have put together an impressive box of beauty treats for your to try, and with everything from makeup and beauty tools to skin care and fragrance being included – April’s box really has got something for everyone!  I always love that with LaRitzy you only ever get full sized products to try as it means you really get to experience the product properly and get great value for money every month.  I love a good multi-purpose product and the Organic Desert Date Oil from Toogga has been a real treat to use on my winter worn hair, and helped to tame my frizz and mend my split ends!  It’s a real gem of a products and means I can moisturise my face and body in one go, then use what’s left on my hands to give my hair a boost too, saving me time during my daily beauty routine!  I love the LippyGirl Lipstick – it’s the perfect shade for Spring, I love the delicate fragrance from GLOW for a Cause and the Modern Minerals Duo Fibre Eyeshadow is the perfect companion product for the Mineral Infused Eyeshadow Sphere that made up part of March’s box.  The inclusion of a pre-launch sample of the new tooth whitening treatment from Leo & Goa was also a real bonus for me because I suffer with sensitive teeth and irritated gums due to my M.E. and I have read that oil pulling it is something can be really beneficial for these issues but had never actually tried it.  The handy single use sachet was easy to use, and Pearlies exclusive blend of essential oils ensures a full mouth detox as well as shiny, white teeth.  Overall this is more of a pamper pack than a beauty box, as it gives you everything you need to brighten your skin, nourish your hair, add colour to your face and flirt with fragrance in one place!  The LaRitzy Box is a refreshing change from the standard beauty box and as always the products they have chosen for this month’s box easily fit into your regular beauty routine making them really usable and perfect for anyone looking for amazing cruelty free and vegan beauty options!

My Beauty Favourite

Although everything in my April LaRizty has been a pleasure to use, my April beauty Favourite is the GLOW for a Cause Solid Perfume.  I love the delicate fragrance it has, and its nourishing formula makes it a great product to use on the go to keep your fragrance fix fulfilled through out the day.  GLOW for a Cause have exclusively reformulated their regular solid perfume formula to ensure it’s suitable for the LaRitzy Box by making it 100% vegan, and their amazing work with local charities shows this company’s dedicated to both the ethical and social benefits of its products.  I would love to try out more fragrance products from GLOW for a Cause and even though their standard solid perfumes are not vegan, the vegan formula created for this month’s LaRitzy Box can be requested when ordering if required!

For more information about the LaRitzy Box visit my Which Subscription Box Review and to subscribe to the LaRitzy Beauty Box visit their website!


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