The Melt Crowd Review – May 2016

The Melt Crowd Review - May 2016


May’s Edition of ‘The Melt Crowd’ has arrived and this month they are celebrating ‘The Melt Crowd’s’ birthday in style with nine amazing wax melts being include, most of which are exclusive to ‘The Melt Crowd’ Box!  With a combination fresh, fruity and floral fragrances this month’s box has something to suit everyone and I have got a new supply of these luxurious, hand-poured organic soy wax melts to keep my home smelling naturally fragrant right through until June!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £10.00 including P&P

Total Value of Products – £20.95

With this being ‘The Melt Crowd’s’ Birthday Box, they’ve included some classic party themed fragrances to really get your mouth-watering this May!

Your Lifestyle Treats

This month’s box bumper birthday box has a whopping seven scents that are exclusive to ‘The Melt Crowd’ and with all the scents have a celebratory feel to them, ‘The Melt Crowd’ have put together a rich selection of  fresh and fruity fragrances for May!  This month’s fragrances include May Carnival, Banana, Wild Bluebell, Clean Cotton, Coconut Lemongrass, Cola Jellies and the amazing Lemon Alcopop from Flamingo Candle’s new 90’s inspired WILD Collection – which combined the delicious sounding Birthday Cake (your exclusive bonus fragrance for May) give you all the ingredients for the perfect party!  So celebrate in style with these mouth-watering fragrances and remember to hang on the their refreshing Fresh Aloe Melt for the morning after!

The Melt Crowd Review - May 2016

All ‘The Melt Crowd’ wax melts are made from 100% soy wax and give up to 30 hours of amazing fragrance, and with eight wax melts in each monthly box ‘The Melt Crowd’ provide more than enough melts to keep your home smelling sensational all month long!  Their melts are best used in a traditional wax burner, but they can also be used in electric warmers too making them super versatile and easy to use and with less chemicals than paraffin based candles and melts, these beautiful, hand-poured melts are the perfect choice for the more health conscious scent seeker and what’s more every melt is made in the UK too!

Bonus Treats

Exclusive Birthday Cake Scented Wax Melt – Full Size £2.00

The Melt Crowd Review - May 2016

On top of you regular eight wax melts, this month ‘The Melt Crowd’ have also included a bonus melt to celebrate their birthday this month!  Birthday Cake smells as delicious as it sounds and is only available in May’s ‘The Melt Crowd’ Box.

My Verdict

Firstly – Happy Birthday to ‘The Melt Crowd’ and thank you for the bonus treats in your celebratory box!  The selection of fragrances this month have a fruity, tropical feel to them that really help to put you in the party mood.  With scents like May Carnival, Banana and Coconut Lemongrass you’d be forgiven for thinking you were visiting the shores of some far away paradise island and the traditional party must-haves – Cola Jellies, Birthday Cake and the 90’s classic Lemon Alcopop will really get the party started and takes me back to the early 90’s when a real party included a cheese and pineapple hedgehog and cocktail sausages on sticks!  Ahhh – those were the days!  Although I am not sure I would’ve been knocking back a lemon alcopop until the late 90’s!  These fragrances give an amazing range of fresh, fruity and floral scents to keep your home smelling sensational throughout the month of May, and with all ‘The Melt Crowd’s’ melts being hand-poured from eco-friendly soy wax you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are 100% natural and free from harmful and toxic chemicals that can be present is other wax melts on the market.  This box is another amazing example of the value for money ‘The Melt Crowd’ offers it’s subscribers, and the selection of bold fragrances is perfect for May and reflects the carnival of colour re-emerging throughout the UK as flowers bloom, leaves re-grow and wildlife awakens!  I love this box and will need to buy a second burner so I can enjoy these delicious melts all over my house!  I would recommend ‘The Melt Crowd’ to anyone who loves a sweet smelling home, as they are not only great value for money and kind to the environment, they are also delivered to your door each month in letter box friendly packaging every month, free of charge!  Perfect!

My May Favourite

With nine brilliant birthday melts to choose from this month, choosing my favourite was always going to be difficult but I think my May Favourite will have to be May Carnival!  From its bright pink colour to its vibrant, fruity fragrance this zesty melt was right up my street!  The combination of juicy apples, and sweet summer berries made this melt smell almost good enough to eat and it’s fragrance filled my home with the scent of summer!  Heavenly!

For more information about my subscription boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the ‘The Melt Crowd’ Box visit their website!


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