BirchBox Review – June 2016

BirchBox Review - June 2016


What ever the weather is doing this June Birch Box’s Paradise Found Edit promises to bring you some sunshine with their brightly coloured tropically inspired Limited Edition box designs and a selection of beauty goodies to keep you looking great come rain or shine!  With its cute keepsake designed draw-style box and their collaboration with the designer shopping destination for the masses – BrandAlley – this months box is certainly shaping up to be a ray of sunshine on a rainy June day, but have the really found your summer paradise with their selection of tropical treats?  I can’t wait to find out!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £10.00 plus £2.95 P&P

Total Value of Products – £26.72

With my first box going missing on its way to me I was relieved when my replacement box finally arrived, and I am hoping that their June box is brimming with beauty must-haves and holiday heroes as I don’t want to be disappointed twice this month!

Your Beauty Treats

Yes To Blueberries Facial Wipes – Full Size £4.99

BirchBox Review - June 2016

Blueberries are well-known to have amazing anti-oxidant boosting properties and are a really popular superfood right now, so it’s no surprise that their anti-ageing benefits are now being harnessed in skin care too!  These gentle, but effective facial cleansing wipes are formulated with blueberries and coconut to deeply cleanse, removing all traces of dirt and make-up while moisturising your skin all at once.  As well as packing in age-defying blueberry extract into their latest cleansing wipes, they have also included lemon peel and apple to help brighten the appearance of your skin, leaving your skin feeling clean, youthful, and glowing with healthy radiance!  A great addition to the Yes To Age Refresh collection these 99% natural cleansing wipes are compostable, biodegradable and cruelty free as well as being cleansing power houses that offer an anti-ageing hit of hydration every time you use them!  In general I am not a great fan of make-up remover wipes and cleansing cloths as I never think they do a really good job of cleansing your skin especially if you wear make-up on a daily basis, but I gave these a go just to see if anything could leave my skin with the lovely clean feeling my regular cleanser give me, and while they did leave my skin feeling refreshed without drying out my skin, but when I tested how much of my make-up was left on my face after using these wipes, there was still some left on my skin, but not as much as I was expecting and they gave a much better result than other cleansing wipes I have tried.  I think these will definitely be coming with me when I go camping later this year as they don’t dry my skin out meaning I can skip the moisturiser and get ready in seconds when I don’t have the luxury of running water to indulge inner beauty addict!

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion – Full Size £15.00

BirchBox Review - June 2016

This daily body lotion helps you achieve a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow that can be built up over a couple of days for a deeper tan, or used every week to maintain an existing tan.  Packed.  Ideal for all skin tones, its lightweight formula acts as a daily body moisturiser, whilst delivering subtle colour that slowly intensifies without transferring onto clothing.  Containing Vita Liberata’s unique Odour Remove™ technology to eliminate the unpleasant fake tan smell, the fast-drying lotion is infused with certified organic botanicals and a Moisture Locking System for a tan that fades evenly, making it perfect for dry, mature and sensitive skin types, and those of us who want a natural looking tan with out the usual give away signs that you’ve faked it not baked it!  It’s natural Aloe infused formula also leaves your skin deeply conditioned, hydrated and healthy which is just what you need during the warmer months when you’re showing off a little more skin than usual!  I don’t always get on with fake tanning products as they tend to turn me yellow or fade unevenly, leaving me patchy which is never a good look, but I have found a few of the newer formulations give much better colour and coverage and Vita Liberata’s Fabulous Self Tanning Lotion definitely gives a natural looking, long-lasting glow that doesn’t smell unpleasant or transfer to clothing like some other self tanning products do.  Although I am still not 100% convinced on the whole faking it thing, this Self Tan is definitely one of the best I have tried so far this year!

Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner in Black – Full Size £12.00

BirchBox Review - June 2016

Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner is a real cult-classic product that not only gives big, bold, blacker than black coverage, this easy-to-handle, super chubby pen also delivers a long-lasting carbon colour that glides on easily and stays put for a long-lasting, smudge-proof finish that won’t flake or fade.  Containing conditioning Algae Extract this liquid liner nourishes your lids while rocking your lash line – not many eyeliners can say that!  Now what girl doesn’t LOVE a classic black eyeliner?  With the possible exception of bright red lipstick, there’s not a make-up product on earth that makes you feel as good as black eyeliner does!  Something as simple as drawing a line across the top of your lashes can totally transform a look and create instant glamour and this slick liquid liner does that so effortlessly and makes winging it quick and easy!  I love how simple this liner is, and the long-lasting, non-drying results are stunning!  I have recently tried this eyeliner in another beauty box and really loved it so I am really happy to see it turn up in my June Birch Box!

Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray – Full Size £12.00

BirchBox Review - June 2016

Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray is an ultra fine, humidity resistant mist that gives your style a satisfyingly strong hold which is completely invisible to the eye, making it look utterly natural while being impeccably well-behaved.  Formulated with hair-compatible ingredients that improve gloss and condition of your hair, Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray ‘seals’ your style perfectly, with strong hold plus natural-feel flexibility and durability that works for both intricate up do’s and more natural looking, looser styles too!  I don’t really use much hairspray as I tend to stick with my natural waves or a smooth, straightened look, but this light mist gives a good level of hold with out being sticky or leaving hair feeling crispy or hard.  It easily brushes out and doesn’t leave a nasty film over your hair and last well in even the humid weather we’ve been enduring so far this June!

Huygens Le Gommage Visage Exfoliating Cream – Full Size £17.90

BirchBox Review - June 2016

Packed with skin-friendly ingredients like nourishing sesame oil and antioxidant-boosting green tea, this gentle face scrub from Huygens is perfect for all skin types.  Natural rice powder particles work to purify and lift away dead skin cells without irritation, while the creamy formula leaves skin soft and hydrated making to a great way to get glowing skin this summer with out irritated sensitive or sun-exposed skin!  This natural creamy scrub gives you a truly flawless complexion and leaves skin refreshed and renewed and ready to apply you chosen moisturiser or serum!  Giving you the perfect blank canvas, this much adored exfoliating cream is a hit of healthy skin in a jar and is gentle enough for everyday use.  While I wasnt overwhelmed with this product, it wasn’t overly bad at what it claims to do – it certainly exfoliates your skin that’s for sure, I just didn’t find it very gentle on my sensitive skin, and it left my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable, so it isn’t a product I will be trying again!  It’s a shame though as I have tried other Huygens products and they have all lived up to their coveted reputation in the past!

My Verdict

Well I can’t say I am in love with the beauty treats inside this months Paradise Found Birch Box, but I don’t overly hate them either which has left me with a slightly underwhelmed feeling which I wasn’t expecting.  With it billed as a tropical treat I was expecting some must-have make-up and skin care items that would be perfect to take on holiday not the line up of lack-lustre products I actually received.  As my first box was ‘lost’ by Yodel I saw so many great boxes all over social media and on my friends blogs, so I was expecting that even if I got the slightly less fun Palm Tree Design Box (Sorry the Pineapple Box is so much more pretty and fun as well as being better to photograph) at least the products would be worth the wait, but I was very wrong!  I wasn’t lucky enough to get one of the Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments, and the products I received were mainly items that I really don’t normally use so were very hard to actually try properly without changing my regular beauty routine quite drastically.  I don’t use hairspray when I style my hair, I stick with pre-styling products and opt for a more natural look most of the time, so the Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray was a pointless addition to my box and although it did hold my high bun in place on a night out, I am not convinced a few more hair pins wouldn’t have done exactly the same job.  I don’t really like cleansing wipes, and although I really love a lot of Yes To products, I will really only use these wipes when I am camping as I just don’t feel any wipe, no matter how cheap or expensive, fully cleans your skin like a regular cleanser and warm water does.  But these blueberry enriched cloths are definitely better than some of the other purse friendly cleaning wipes on the market so I am not totally disappointed by this item!  I have tried a few Vita Liberata Self Tanning products before and they are very much an innovative and easy to use brand but I am not a huge fake tan fan as I find even the easiest of products a chore to use when I can top up my tan (and boost my vitamin D levels) by spending some time pottering out in the garden instead!  It doesn’t smell unpleasant like a lot of self tans do though and there is no nasty tan transfer issues so you can wear you light summer clothes with out the worry of leaving them stained and smelly!  I really didn’t like the Huygens Le Gommage Visage Exfoliating Cream – it didn’t suit my skin at all, and as I have used other products from the popular French beauty brand and they really have been a pleasure to use, I was a little disappointed to find this creamy exfoliator wasn’t a product I would be able to use again.  I loved the Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner, but as I have already received it in another beauty box a few months back I really don’t need another right now so I am hoping it last well and doesn’t dry out while I am using up my existing Eyeko Eyeliner as it really does make getting a winged out eyeliner flick almost foolproof and is really long-wearing so ideal for this humid time of year!  So although the variety of the products in this months Paradise Found Box was great, the value for money just wasn’t there for me and I just felt a little let down this month and with my first box going missing too it just hasn’t been a good month for me where Birch Box is concerned!  Fingers crossed that they up their game next month as I have seen so many great product line ups from this month, so I am hoping that I am one of the lucky ones in July!

My Beauty Favourite

With most of the products in this months Birch Box not really my bag, my June Beauty Favourite is obviously the Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner.  Even though it is a repeat product for me, it’s still a great product, you can’t deny that!  It is a great addition to a summer beauty box as it is long-lasting and will stay put even in the baking summer heat, or the more uncomfortable humid days even the most water-proof of products will struggle!  Its carbon black colour makes it a real classic make-up must-have and it won’t dry out or flake like some liquor or gel based liners do, and is perfect for tight-lining your lash line to boost your lashes as well as add an instant touch of glamour to any make-up look!

For more information about Birch Box visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Review and to subscribe to the Birch Box Beauty Box visit their website!


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