Moi-Même – A Dose of ‘Me Time’ in a Box!

Moi-Même - A Dose of 'Me Time' in a Box!


The Moi-Même Box is the latest addition to the UK Subscription Box Market and has been created specifically to provide women with a regular dose of ‘Me Time’ in a box, giving them a break from their busy lives with a beautiful personalised box full of lifestyle, beauty and fashion treats!  Based in Bath in the UK, Moi-Même are aiming to give women the world over a moment of excitement when a parcel arrives on their doorstep that’s full of beautiful surprises which can include anything from jewellery, fashion accessories and beauty products to stationary and homeware treats!  They work tirelessly to curate only the most unique and exciting items from the most amazing brands to ensure their subscribers get the perfect parcel of hand selected products which the Moi-Même team know they deserve and will make them feel as special as possible!  Launching in July 2016, this quarterly box will be filled with at least five full sized luxury gifts worth at least £75.00 plus the occasional sample product too, making it a convenient and cost effective way of getting an instant hit of happy delivered to your door every time the season changes!  Perfect!

What does it Cost?

The Moi-Même Box is a quarterly subscription box, so as a subscriber you will receive four boxes a year, delivered in January, April, July and October.  They have two subscriptions options to choose from – a quarterly plan which is £49.95 per quarter and, once subscribed, you will be charged on the 1st of each of those months for your seasonal subscription box.  The second option is their yearly plan which is an upfront payment of £179.95 which renews annually, making the cost per box just £44.99 saving you £5.00 per quarter and ensuring you never miss out on your quarterly Moi-Même Box, plus postage and packing on both subscription options is free with in the UK, so there are no additional costs involved with the Moi-Même Box!  You can also purchase one-off boxes and gift a box to a friend or family member and cancelling your subscription is quick and easy too, making Moi-Même a super flexible subscription service that covers all your box needs!  I always recommend visiting the company’s website and reading their full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription box service.

Exclusive Reader Offer:  The lovely team over at Moi-Même have been kind enough to offer all The Diary of a Beauty Addict readers an exclusive discount on their first box – Just use the discount code BEA5 at the checkout to receive a £5.00 discount when you sign up for your first Moi-Même Box!

Am I a Subscriber?

As the Moi-Même Box has yet to launch I am not currently a subscriber, but I will be reviewing their first box when it is released in July so you will be able to read my review very soon!

The Pro’s and Con’s

The Moi-Même Suscription Box has been created to spoil woman with a selection of the best beauty, fashion and lifestyle gifts and treats the world has to offer, delivering a welcome dose of ‘Me Time’ to their subscribers every three months to ensure they look and feel as amazing as possible!  Each quarterly box will contain at least five full sized products, as well as some sample sized products too, which makes sure their subscribers have a great all-round box that could contain anything from Jewellery and Fashion Accessories, to Stationary and Homewares, along with Beauty Treats and Personalised Gifts too!  The contents of each box will remain a surprise, like most other subscription services, but they will always give hints as to at least one of the gifts included in each of their boxes via their social media platforms so make sure you follow their Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages for all the latest information!  I really love the concept of this box – its something I think the UK Market is crying out for and with a guaranteed value of at least £75.00 you are getting great value for money with every box, and they have two flexible subscription options to choose from, meaning Moi-Même offer amazing flexibility as well!  I think the idea of a quarterly box is a great idea too – sometimes a monthly box is just too much of a commitment and with most subscription services only offering sample sized and travel sized treats in their boxes, the fact they only include full size items and cover a range of brands and products, not just beauty bits, makes it a real draw for me!  They try to personalise every box too by tailoring it to your specific tastes and preferences, which is why they ask you to fill out a short ‘About Me’ questionnaire when you first sign up to make sure they have some key information like UK dress size, favourite colours, skin type etc. meaning you will only ever get products that will fit you, suit your fashion and colours tastes and make you feel generally fab!  They also include personalised products in some cases too, which really adds an extra bit of love to every box!  The box price (£44.99 – £49.95 depending on your subscription plan) does seem expensive at first, but it works out that you’ll be paying as little as £14.99 a month for your quarterly box with no extra P&P charge, so when you look at it this way it makes it seem much more appealing, easier to manage and price wise it’s not that different to other monthly subscription boxes currently on the market!  They bill you on a quarterly or yearly basis depending on what plan you are on and each box is delivered during January, April, July and October, meaning you’ll receive your Moi-Même Box at the perfect time for the upcoming Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter and every box will be tailored to meet the needs of the following three months!  With such a lot on offer already, and an Online Shop opening up later this year, the Moi-Même brand really excites me and I can’t wait to see what seasonal lifestyle, fashion and beauty treats they include in their first quarterly box!  I can imagine some people seeing that only having a quarterly box subscription to begin with as a downside to the new Moi-Même Box as they prefer the more typical monthly format, but I see it as a real plus as it gives more flexibility than a monthly box, and as Moi-Même are very new to the subscription box world, I am sure that as they grow and expand, they will begin to create more ‘Me Time’ treats to keep all their subscribers happy!

Moi-Même Logo

If you want to read any more about Moi-Même before making a decision on whether it’s the right service is for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes and details on their current promotions.  Please note the Moi-Même Box pictured above is an example box only, and does not reflect the products that will be included in their July Box – the actual contents will remain a surprise until they launch officially!


 Remember to use my Exclusive Reader Discount Code BEA5 to receive £5.00 off your first box when you subscribe to the Moi-Même Box!


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