Ms Flow Box Review – June 2016

Ms Flow Box Review - June 2016


With Summer fast approaching and the sun shining brightly outside, the last thing you want is for your period to arrive and ruin all your fun!  Enter Ms Flow and their monthly period subscription box to help brighten up your time of the month and make sure your monthly cycle is more exciting!  This month their box has a bright, vibrant look about it and it’s filled with a brilliant selection of high-end beauty treats to keep hormonal skin under control along with a handy herbal massage bar to help you relax and unwind when your hormones are raging and causing chaos with painful cramps and restless nights!  With a sweet selection of healthy snacks and sweeties, plus some hot chocolate and a cup of tea to help curb those period cravings and keep your energy levels up too, Ms Flows June Box is shaping up to be perfect companion to your monthly monster and a real treat when you need it most!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £12.99 plus £2.95 P&P *

Total Value of Products – £29.16 (Approximately)

Ms Flow are still relatively new on the Period Subscription Box market, but with two amazing boxes under their belt, I am really looking forward to getting stuck into their June Box to see what their fresh, summer inspired box has to offer!

Your Period Essentials

No matter how long your cycle is, or how light or heavy your flow is, Ms Flow will provide you with more than enough of your chosen sanitary products, whether that be tampons, towels or liners, or even a combination of all three, which means you will never run out of your monthly period essentials and with several big brands to choose from including the organic brand Natracare, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that Ms Flow have got everything covered!

Ms Flow Box Review - June 2016

Their boxes do vary slightly in price depending on the amount of sanitary products you need each month but prices start from £12.99 per month plus £2.95 P&P.

Your Beauty Treats

Anatomicals Look You’ve Got Chocolate All Over Your Face Mask – Full Size £2.00

Ms Flow Box Review - June 2016

Anatomicals Anti-Stress Chocolate Face Mask looks just like melted down chocolate and it really smells good enough to eat!  And since we are all grown-ups and are no longer able to stick our fingers in the mixing bowl and get covered in chocolate butter cream (honestly we really are……) this gorgeous fatigue fighting face mask is the perfect excuse to unleash your inner five year old!  The rich, cocoa infused face mask is easy to apply and leaves your skin calm, relaxed and radiant and your sweet tooth satisfied with out those pesky calories spoiling all the fun!  While it does feel a little strange smearing this liquid ‘chocolate-esque’ product all over your face at first, its gorgeous chocolatey smell soon relaxes you and although it is incredibly tempting to give this delicious smelling mask a little taste test, I managed to fight the urge and, for once, resisted the lure of the chocolate bar and just enjoyed the time out putting on a face mask offers you!  Each sachet easily contains enough of this sweet-smelling face mask for two applications, and even though it does look a little strange seeing your face coated in what looks like melted chocolate, the results speak for themselves as my skin looked fresher and smoother after just ten chocolatey minutes!

The Herb Garden Relaxing Massage Bar – Full Size £8.00

Ms Flow Box Review - June 2016

UK based herbal beauty brand The Herb Garden produce high quality organic skin care and body products using simple raw ingredients with all the benefits you’d expect from traditional herbal remedies and aromatherapy.  Their Relaxing Massage Bars are made using a blend of Soy Wax, Shea Butter along with Almond and Vitamin E Oil to nourish your skin while essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile soothe and relax your mind and body, making these handy bars the perfect period partner!  Ideal for use on those pesky period cramps, and also good for helping you relax and unwind making it much easier for you to get a restful nights sleep, which is something we all struggle with during our time of the month!  I am a big fan of natural and organic beauty products, and this delicately fragranced massage bar combines just six 100% natural and organic ingredients making it not only super safe and free from harsh chemicals, but also gives you outstandingly healthy results!  I love this little herbal hero bar and its relaxing blend of essential oils has really helped me with me with the problems I have trying to get a good nights sleep during my period!

Lord & Berry Fluid Delicate Micellar Water Make-Up Remover – Full Size £16.00

Ms Flow Box Review - June 2016

Cleanse and brighten your skin with this Lord & Berry Fluid Delicate Micellar Water Make-Up Remover.  This gentle, fragrance-free fluid removes all traces of make-up, dirt and impurities, whilst its dose of hyaluronic acid helps to maintain skin’s youthfulness and elasticity.  Rich in antioxidants, the delicate formula is suitable for all skin types and is even great for sensitive eyes, making it ideal for contact lens wearers like myself, and the distilled cornflower water instantly decongests the delicate eye area making it the perfect tonic for puffy, tired eyes.  I have always preferred to use cleansing waters as part of my morning beauty routine, but this delicate 3-in-1 cleansing treatment is also effective enough to use on even stubborn eye make-up without needing to rub or scrub which can cause irritation and sensitivity!  I love that it also tones the skin as well as cleansing it and its hit of hyaluronic acid leaves my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised as well as refreshed and clean!  The perfect multi-tasking product to keep your period skin issues under control, this delicate micellar water will be replacing my regular eye make-up remover and has easily become part of my everyday beauty regime!

Tea and Sweet Treats

As well as the fantastic beauty treats in every Ms Flow Box, you will also receive a selection of speciality or luxury tea bags and some sweets or chocolate from both well know and emerging confectionary brands to help complete your perfect period experience.

Ms Flow Box Review - June 2016

This months treats include a Cacao Orange Protein Burst Energy Ball Snack from Bounce, a selection of Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans, The Fudge Kitchen’s Drinking Fudge Hot Chocolate Drink and an organic Lemon Sorbet Tea bag from The Naked Tea Company! Yum!

Bonus Treats

Ms Flow Pineapple & Coconut Soy Wax Candle

Ms Flow Box Review - June 2016

This fresh, fruity scented soy wax candle fragranced with exotic Pineapple and Coconut has been created to help you drift away to a tropical island in the middle of nowhere, forgetting your period blues and transporting you to fragrant paradise!  Essential oils are great to use during your period as they can help refresh your mind and body making you feel more ‘normal’ and this cute little candle, which provides up to 10 hours of fabulous fragrance, is the perfect partner to your morning shower or a dozy duvet day!

My Verdict

This months colourful Ms Flow Box fits perfectly with the warm, sunny weather and clear blue skies we’ve been having so far this June, and with a selection of beauty products to help perk up your period blues by boosting your skins radiance, cleansing your hormonal complexion and relaxing your over-active mind and body with a luxury line up of beauty treats from high-end brand Lord & Berry, quirky skin care company Anatomicals and hand-made herbal brand The Herb Garden, you’ll be looking and feeling fabulous, period or no period!  I always love the fact that Ms Flow chose to mix well-know luxury brands with high street heroes and upcoming boutique brands that you’d otherwise never get to experience.  It makes their boxes more exciting and gives you more variety than some more well-known period subscription boxes on the market!  Their beauty choices for June are spot on – I love the skin care and the herbal massage bar was a real treat to use too!  The Herb Garden isn’t a brand I was familiar with before Ms Flow included one of their relaxing massage bars in this months box, and I am really impressed with this hand-made, herbal brand.  Their range of aromatic massage bars and candles are the perfect way to relax and unwind and enjoy all the benefits of the aromatherapy and essential oils you’d find in a luxury spa in the comfort of your own home!  This month Ms Flow have also spoiled their subscribers with an amazing array of sweet treats t00, including a pint-sized pack of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and a protein packed Bounce Snack Ball, along with some tasty Hot Chocolate from luxury fudge makers The Fudge Kitchen – who are one of my favourite confectionary brands right now – and a luxury Lemon Sorbet tea bag from The Naked Tea Company too!  I adore seeing goodies from The Fudge Kitchen in my period subscriptions – their fudge is to die for so I was really happy to have some of their classic drinking fudge in this months Ms Flow Box and hope they continue to include treats from this delicious confectionary company in their future boxes!  I have always been more of a hot chocolate chick than tea lover so sitting back with my Anatomicals Chocolate Face Mask on and a mug of steaming hot drinking fudge was my idea of heaven even if the temperatures outside were more suited to chocolate ice cream than hot chocolate!  Over all though, for me, this is another great little box from Ms Flow and although they may not have the amount of beauty treats some other period subscriptions have in their monthly boxes, the quality of the products they select and their hand finished boxes really do make their subscription stand out for me!  The addition of the handy heat patch which they’ve added to previous boxes, but was sadly missing in June’s box (please bring it back next month Ms Flow) along with a sweet-smelling soy wax candle add an extra bit of TLC to each of their boxes and with a wide selection of sanitary brands to choose from, and personalised cycle plans available, they offer a very unique and thoughtful alternative to the mainstream period based subscription boxes!

My Beauty Favourite

I loved all three beauty treats in my Ms Flow Box this month, but my June Beauty Favourite has to be the Lord & Berry Fluid Delicate Micellar Water Make-Up Remover.  It was just the perfect product for me, and fitted straight in to my current beauty routine.  It was gentle on my sensitive skin, but also left my skin and eyes completely free of make-up and impurities without drying it out or leaving me with that awful tight feeling you get from some cleansing products.  It’s the sort of product I would purchase myself, but if I am honest, until now I didn’t realise Lord & Berry even did make-up remover and skin care as well as their popular make-up products!  This little multi-tasking make-up remover will definitely be taking pride of place in my bathroom cabinet from now on!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the new Ms Flow Period Subscription Box visit their website!  Remember you can get 30% off your first Ms Flow Subscription Box with my exclusive discount code SPECIAL30!

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  1. 13th June 2016 / 9:44 am

    What an adorable box (although I’m still giggling at your “perfect period experience” turn of phrase!). I love the mix of products – and, if you think about it, the cost is about the same as a beauty box subscription and your regular sanitary products!

    • 13th June 2016 / 10:44 am

      Haha! There’s nothing ‘perfect’ about your period is there! But while everything else sucks Ms Flow’s Box is the perfect way to improve how you’re feeling! Honestly with out a period subscription box my period would be the worst time of the month! I love that they have a beauty box that treats you when you needs it most! 🙂

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