The Melt Crowd Review – June 2016

The Melt Crowd Review - June 2016


June’s Edition of ‘The Melt Crowd’ has landed and this months box is bursting with mouth-watering melts that take you off to a Tropical Paradise!  It’s another bumper month for ‘The Melt Crowd’ with a whopping nine melts in this months box, and with some thirst quenching cocktail inspired fragrances alongside some laid back island vibes to help you relax and unwind, and enjoy the warmer weather and longer days to the full!  This mix of fresh, fruity and foodie fragrances packs a powerful perfumed ‘island-punch’ that will make sure your home is celebrating the summer in scent-national style throughout June!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £10.00

Total Value of Products – £20.95

This months collection of Tropically inspired fragrances is the perfect fit for the balmy June days, and with a juicy selection of tropical fruits and holiday cocktails you’ll be beach dreaming all the way through ’til July!

Your Lifestyle Treats

This month’s fragrances include four scents exclusive to ‘The Melt Crowd’ – Beach Please, Chilli & Coriander, Peach and Gin & Tonic (to help you celebrate World Gin Day on June the 11th) along with tasty dessert inspired Lemon Curd, Cheesecake Crunch and Black Currant Jam (your exclusive bonus fragrance for June), iconic holiday cocktail Pina Colada and a blast from the WILD past with Strawberry Millions which is part of Flamingo Candle’s best-selling 90’s inspired WILD Collection.  This potent pack of Summery melts have an amazing kick to them, and combined they their smell makes you feel like you’ve just touched down in Bora Bora or Mauritius not just chilling at home in sunny old England, and they certainly have me dreaming (or maybe wishing) about being back on honeymoon in The Maldives last year!

The Melt Crowd Review - June 2016

All ‘The Melt Crowd’ wax melts are made from 100% soy wax and give up to 30 hours of amazing fragrance, and with eight wax melts in each monthly box ‘The Melt Crowd’ provide more than enough melts to keep your home smelling sensational all month long! Their melts are best used in a traditional wax burner, but they can also be used in electric warmers too making them super versatile and easy to use and with less chemicals than paraffin based candles and melts, these beautiful, hand-poured melts are the perfect choice for the more health conscious scent seeker and what’s more every melt is made in the UK too!

Bonus Treats

Exclusive Black Currant Jam Scented Wax Melt – Full Size £2.00

The Melt Crowd Review - June 2016

On top of you regular eight wax melts, this month ‘The Melt Crowd’ have also included a bonus melt to liven up your June and make it smell sweeter and fruitier than ever!  This special Black Currant Jam melt will have your mouth-watering with its ‘ribenary’ (if that’s even a real word) flavour and will make your house smell as sweet as sugar!  Yum!

The Melt Crowd Review - June 2016

Remember, as another added bonus to your subscription to ‘The Melt Crowd’ you’ll also receive an exclusive 20% discount code to use on all purchases made on the Flamingo Candles Website during June, meaning that if you fall in love with any of the fragrances in your June Box – you can stock up on both melts and their gorgeous Jar Candles at an amazing price too!  Happy Days!

My Verdict

Wow! What a packed box this month!  ‘The Melt Crowd’ have once again pulled out all the stops to create a tropical wonderland of fragrance to keep your home smelling like a far away shore through out the whole of June, and with cocktails, fresh fruit and tasty desserts featuring alongside fiery Chilli & Coriander and relaxing Beach Please, there is really a melt fragrance to suit every occasion from a family BBQ to a lazy day in the garden sipping a fresh glass of something cold and bubbly!  As soon as this box came through my letter box, my house way filled with amazing fragrances, and once I opened it I could see why!  Exotic Peach, Pina Colada and Beach Please sit perfectly with classic British Gin & Tonic, Lemon Curd and Black Currant Jam, and are complimented by smooth Cheesecake Crunch, spicy Chilli & Coriander and super retro Strawberry Millions!  These fragrances give an amazing range of fresh and fruity scents that will uplift and relax as well as help keep your home smelling sensational throughout the month of June, and with all ‘The Melt Crowd’s’ melts being hand-poured and made from eco-friendly soy wax you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are 100% natural and free from harmful and toxic chemicals that can be present is other wax melts on the market.  June’s box is another amazing example of the value for money ‘The Melt Crowd’ offers it’s subscribers, and the selection of vibrant, exotic fragrances is perfect for June and reflects the fact that Summer is well under way and it’s time to sit back and enjoy the glorious sunshine the UK has to offer right now!  I love this box and definitely to buy another wax burner so I can enjoy these mouth-watering melts all over my home!  I would 100% recommend ‘The Melt Crowd’ to anyone who loves a sweet-smelling home, as they are not only great value for money compared to purchasing lesser quality melts on the high street, and kind to the environment making your house a less toxic place to be, and whats more (if all that wasnt enough) they also deliver each ‘The Melt Crowd’ Box directly to your door each month in letter box friendly packaging totally free of charge!  What more could you ask for?  A discount on your future purchases in June?  Well yup! They got that covered too! So go on – what are you waiting for!  Enjoy their tropical hideaway collection today!  You know you want to!

My June Favourite

As G&T is one of my all time favourite drinks, especially in the summer too, and having a large selection of speciality Gins at home, my June Favourite had to be the Gin & Tonic Melt, and I plan to let it melt away on June the 11th alongside a large Hendricks and Fever Tree Slimline Tonic with a splash of Lime, and all in honour of my new favourite day – World Gin Day – Just when I thought they couldn’t have made a better day than International Donut Day last month – I discover they also invented World Gin Day too and the biggest bonus?  It’s in just a few days time!  Bliss!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the ‘The Melt Crowd’ Box visit their website!


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