Georgia May Skin Care Heaven Scent Body Oil Review

Georgia May Skin Care Heaven Scent Body Oil Review


Georgia May Skin Care is a unique range of natural and organic skin care products from the USA which have been blended to specifically target individual skin care complaints such as oily/combination skin and prematurely ageing skin using the power of mother nature!  With a range of facial elixirs and body oils to choose from there is a luxurious, natural and organic skin care solution for everyone in the family – even the men!  I have been lucky enough to have been sent a selection of Elixir samples from Julia, the founder of Georgia May Skin Care, along with a full size bottle of her Heaven Scent Body Oil, all of which are packed with naturally active ingredients to give your skin the power to glow with a healthy, natural radiance – no make-up required!

About the Brand

After the birth of her first child, Georgia May Skin Care’s founder, Julia, decided to create a range of high quality family skin care products that were free from harsh chemicals and other nasty ingredients often found in some high street skin care lines, which can damage sensitive skin and negatively impact overall health.  Instead Julia chose only the purest and most natural, organic ingredients that soothe and heal irritated skin, promoting healthy and happy skin with out the need for prescriptions or hefty price tags!  Georgia May Skin Care combines a selection of natural oils, most of which are plant-based, to create a range of deeply nourishing and rejuvenating skin care products that help improve, restore and repair the appearance, integrity and health of skin naturally.  All the products in the Georgia May Skin Care range are 100% natural and organic, and harness the best mother nature has to offer making them a great alternative to other synthetic, chemical loaded products currently available on the market.

What’s the Hype?

With more and more people making the choice to go organic with their food options, it’s not surprising the demand for natural and organic skin care and beauty products is on the rise too!  All Georgia May Skin Care’s products are 100% organic and are made using a unique blend of natural base oils and fragrant essential oils ensuring you experience only the highest quality face and body oils possible and provide a healthy alternative to your regular chemically laden products, but with out the loss of shelf life that can come with more natural and organic skin care!

Key Product Benefits

Heaven Scent Body Oil is made using a blend of nourishing base oils including Apricot, Almond, Avocado, Coconut and Jojoba Oils to help support and repair dry, stressed skin, along with the aromatic essential oils of Frankincense, Lavender, Neroli, & Palmarosa to calm and soothe irritation, supporting balanced hydration leaving you with comfortably soft, smooth skin day after day!  All Georgia May Skin Care products have their own unique blend of base oils and essential oils to target the skins specific needs, and their range includes Elixirs for oily and acne prone skin, dry, damaged and sensitive skin as well as Elixirs to treat the early signs of ageing and mature skin, plus they even have an Elixir that has been targeted to support mens skin too!

How much does it Cost?

A 120ml (4oz) Bottle of Heaven Scent Body Oil retails for £30.85 ($40.00) plus P&P which varies depending on where you live and Georgia May Skin Care ship worldwide! *

Where can I get it?

Georgia May Skin Care’s Heaven Scent Body Oil is currently available exclusively via their website!

Georgia May Skin Care Heaven Scent Body Oil Review

My Verdict

For many years now I have been a huge fan of facial oils and have always preferred to use natural, organic skin care and body products where I can as I find they suit my sensitive, eczema prone skin much more than products I buy from high street chemists and drug stores, and as a trained complementary therapist and aromatherapist I know the health benefits of using essential oils and base oils on the skin, so I was extremely excited to receive my parcel from Georgia May Skin Care!  All their products are hand-blended using the highest quality base and essential oils and have a phenomenally long shelf life for 100% natural and organic products!  I received a full size bottle of the Heaven Scent Body Oil along with samples of all their Facial Elixirs which was an amazing treat, and although my review is primarily of the Heaven Scent Body Oil, I have to say I loved trailing the facial elixirs too and I especially loved the Clear Sailing Elixir for Acne Prone and Oily Skin as its blend of vitamin rich oils and aloe vera help to balance skins natural oils levels, claiming redness and inflammation and promoting the skins natural healing process leaving you with less break outs and more good skin days – but back to the main feature – The Heaven Scent Body Oil!  This rich, nourishing body oil is the perfect tonic for dry, parched skin and its blend of luxurious base oils deeply penetrates the skin leaving it healthy and hydrated, soothing my sensitive, dry skin leaving it feeling soft, supple and super comfortable!  I have been using this oil for about a month now, and I use it straight after I get out of the shower to lock in moisture and preventing the irritation showering often causes my skin.  It smells delicious and the natural Jojoba Oil simulates the skins natural oils meaning your skin isn’t left overloaded and greasy, while the Coconut and Avocado Oils instantly hydrate parched skin and sooth sensitivity!  The selection of essential oils in this Elixir also have soothing and healing properties as well as being natural antiseptics with amazing antibacterial and astringent properties too, meaning your skin will not only feel good and smell good, it is also left protected and toned too!  Over the last month I have noticed a real improvement in my skins texture, the dry patches and eczema flare ups have almost vanished and I no longer use my prescription body lotion twice a day or risk suffering severe irritation and raw patches developing on my arms and legs which is just amazing!  I have used a few natural creams in addition to this gorgeous body oil during the time I have been trialling it and have found that they have just worked to enhance the results of the oil and further reduced the few patches of dryness that have remained on my knees and elbows (where my eczema and irritation tend to be most prevalent) but I am sure another month using the Heaven Scent Body Oil would help heal these areas too as it can take up to six weeks to see the full benefit of any skin care products, so I will definitely be continuing to use this luxurious body oil from organic brand Georgia May Skin Care and am very glad to have been introduced to such an effective natural line of skin care products!

For more information about Georgia May Skin Care please visit their website!

* Please note this is a PR Sample


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