Moi-Même Launch Box Review – July 2016

Moi-Même Launch Box Review - July 2016


After what seems like an eternity waiting – Moi-Même’s Launch Box has finally arrived on my doorstep and I have to say I am more than a little excited, and with a selection of gorgeous beauty and lifestyle treats curated from across the UK and Europe Moi-Même’s first box, aptly named ‘The Adventure Box’ will ensure you’ll be able to look chic and stylish, getting the most out of every adventure you have planned this Summer regardless of whether you are lucky enough to be sunning yourself on the tropical shores of Bali, living La Vida Loca in the Balearics or simply enjoying the best that Britain has to offer by rock-pooling along the Norfolk Coast or camping in Devon countryside!  This months box sees Moi-Même partnering with some amazing brands including one of my favourite quirky high-street haunts Lisa Angel and French Living Heritage Company Laurige France, along with some luxury organic beauty products and a personalised travel journal from Moi-Même themselves so you can keep track of your adventures for years to come!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £49.95 including P&P *

Total Value of Products – £80.00

With such an exciting theme and a range of amazing partnerships and personalised treats I am really excited to explore ‘The Adventure Box’ Moi-Même have put together this July and I am pretty sure I won’t be the only one smiling when they open this little treasure trove either!

Your Lifestyle Treats

Lisa Angel Peacock Feather Summer Scarf – Full Size £12.00

Moi-Même Launch Box Review - July 2016

Lisa Angel is one of my favourite boutique high-street brands and as they hail from my home town in Norfolk I own more than a few of their gorgeous scarves and unique jewellery creations, and wearing these treats always makes me more than a little homesick, so when I opened my first Moi-Même Box to find not just one but two items from this inspiring fashion-led company!  The selection of three summer scarves included in July’s box make the perfect addition to your Summer wardrobe, adding a touch of chic to any outfit, helping keep the chill off during a day at the beach or when the sun goes down and the humidity falls, as well as making a pretty sarong if you’re enjoying an adventure further a field!  I received the Peacock Feather Scarf which has a beautiful blue and white pattern, and although I LOVE the Aztec Scarf too, pom poms and all, it would still have been my first choice if I was visiting the Lisa Angel store back home in Norfolk as blues feature heavily in my Summer wardrobe so it matches my style perfectly!  Its 100% cotton, so super soft to the touch, and means it won’t weigh you down on a warm Summers day either, so I am loving the first item Moi-Même have chosen for me and can’t wait to start using it!

Lisa Angel Slim Wrap and Beads Bracelet – Full Size £8.00

Moi-Même Launch Box Review - July 2016

Another gorgeous addition to Moi-Même’s Adventure Box is a beaded slim wrap bracelet, also from Lisa Angel, and is another fantastic example of why this brand has been such a success since launching back in 2005!  This functional, everyday piece of jewellery is typical of what Lisa Angel stock, and its simple design means you can wear it just as easily with your high heels on a night out as you would with just a pair flip-flops and a sun dress!  The bracelet I received has a pearlescent silver cord and silver plated beads making it ideal for my cool skin tone and preference for white metal jewellery and its size has been chosen by the Moi-Même from my dress size, making it the perfect fit for tiny wrists too!  I love this gorgeous wrap bracelet and it will be getting a lot of use this Summer and makes a great alternative the chunky metal jewellery I usually wear!

Laurige France Leather Passport Holder – Full Size £20.00

Moi-Même Launch Box Review - July 2016

Travel in style this Summer with this gorgeous hand-crafted Passport Holder from luxury French accessories brand Laurige, a brand available in just a few exclusive locations with in the UK, with Moi-Même being the latest!  Made from beautifully soft leather each classically styled passport holder gives you plenty of room for both your passport and your boarding pass making it easy for you to look chic while checking in for you flight this Summer and with twelve colours to choose from theirs a shade to suit every possible travelling outfit you can think of!  I received the Aubergine Passport Holder, which is a classic colour and although my eyes are always drawn to the hot pink in any colour palette, purple is a colour I actually tend to wear rather than accessorise with, so will work well with my Summer wardrobe as well as my classic leather handbags which are all very dull shades of tan, black and chocolate!  I never expected such a luxe leather accessory to be included in July’s Moi-Même Box, so this handy travel essential is a fabulous surprise that will get plenty of use over the next few months, and as it is such amazing quality too, it will be my travel companion for many years to come too!  I will just need to make sure the kind guys at airport security don’t stick my boarding stickers on it like they did my last passport holder, as I won’t be happy if this little beauty gets ruined!

Moi-Même Personalised Travel Journal – Full Size £20.00

Moi-Même Launch Box Review - July 2016

What adventure-inspired box would be complete without a travel journal to record all your favourite destinations, ensuring you keep all your precious holiday memories safe and in one place so the creative lovelies over at Moi-Même have created a beautiful personalised journal to do just that!  Each journal has been lovingly hand-made and hand finished adding a beautiful personal touch to the first Moi-Même Box and giving you a gorgeous place to store all your postcards, ticket stubs and other holiday souvenirs safely and securely, and what’s more – once you’ve filled your Journal you can simply remove the hand-made fabric cover and transfer it to a fresh notebook and begin your travel adventures all over again without losing your personalised cover in the process!  This is such a great idea, and I have thought on many occasions about starting a travel journal but have never found one that I really fell in love with, but this personalised journal is perfectly put together and is finished to an amazing standard making it not just practical, but beautiful too, and the fact you can refill it makes it even better!  A great first product from Moi-Même’s in-house brand and with such a great beginning to their in-house line, I am very much looking forward to seeing what Moi-Même release in their next quarterly box!

Your Beauty Treats

Moi-Même have chosen UK based Organic Beauty Brand Evolve to help get your beauty routine Adventure ready this month and with two artisan treats to discover they have really pushed the boat out, making sure you feel well and truly spoiled!  The Tropical Blossom Range is enriched with Tahitian Monoi, Coconut and Shea Butter to intensely nourish your skin while buffing and polishing it to perfection!  Every product Evolve produce is made in small batches to ensure they are not only 100% vegan and cruelty free, but also packed full of the freshest natural and organic ingredients from around the world, including rich oils, hydrating butters and vitamin packed superfoods giving you all the goodness mother nature has to offer but with out the fuss and fancy packaging of some other more well-known brands!

Evolve Organic Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Butter  & Body Polish – Full size £20.00

Moi-Même Launch Box Review - July 2016

This deliciously soft body butter blends nourishing organic Shea Butter and natural Tahitian Coconut Monoi, along with exotic Gardenia Blossom to create an intensely hydrating and amazingly fragrant moisturising cream that makes the perfect treat for sun exposed skin, and skin that has been dried out with the Summer humidity.  Best used after the Tropical Blossom Body Polish, a little goes a long way with this luxurious body butter, leaving you with soft, smooth and healthily hydrated skin that smells good enough to eat!  As a huge natural beauty fan and someone who suffers with dry, eczema prone skin, this large pot of pure body butter is a great addition to the first Moi-Même Box!  I love the small of the Monoi and the rich Shea Butter melts into my sensitive skin beautifully!  A big thumbs up from me and my troublesome skin for this tropical treat!

Moi-Même Launch Box Review - July 2016

  To go with my full size Tropical Blossom Body Butter, Moi-Même have also included a travel sized pot of Evolves matching Body Polish to buff away dead skin cells to leave you glowing from head to toe with natural radiance!  Made using organic sugar not the environmentally awful micro-beads that are found in most high-street exfoliators, this fragrant body polish works hard to remove hard, rough skin and is particularly good for your feet, knees and elbows.  The soap-free formula melts from a clear balm into a creamy milk with just a little warm water and is easily rinsed away leaving you with clean, fresh and healthy looking skin that smells like a tropical paradise and feels silky smooth and soft to the touch!  This vegan and cruelty free body polish is a great addition to your Summer shower routine to keep your skin happy and healthy during the warmer weather, and will also help prolong your natural tan and give you much better results if you prefer to fake it when it comes to getting that coveted golden glow too!  I like to exfoliate my skin as often as I can as it really helps keep my eczema under control, and often use my own home-made sugar and honey based mixture so I avoid the harsh chemicals and toxic micro-beads in most high-street products, so this organic polish is perfect for my sensitive skin and is another great choice for a Summer Adventure Box!

My Verdict

Wow!  What a box this is!  I must admit I had really high hopes for the Moi-Même Box as I have been lucky enough to speak with the team at Moi-Même directly during the period prior to their launch, but I actually think they have out done even my highest expectations with the mix of jewellery, fashion accessories, beauty treats and stationary!  I love the theme they have chosen – The Adventure Box is a perfect Summer theme as during the warmer months we always seem to be able to make an adventure out of every single moment of free time we have, and the selection of treats they have curated sit ideally with this exploratory theme!  They’ve mixed together a great line up of beauty and lifestyle treats which makes a really well balanced box, and the brands they have chosen to include in the launch box are perfect for the stylish adventurer about town!  Lisa Angel is one of my favourite quirky high-street brands, and I have been building a waste collection of her on-trend accessories and jewellery since she launched her shop in Norwich a few years ago!  Since moving away late last year, I have missed home a lot and I have especially missed the selection of shops we had including of course my go-to scarf shop – Lia Angel – where a lot of my spending money used to go every time I popped in to town (I honestly think I have more Lias Angel scarves than I do pairs of socks and they even have their own dedicated draw in my wardrobe!  Yes!  I really have that many!) so seeing that Moi-Même have chosen not just a gorgeous Summer scarf from my shopping weakness but a pretty little wrap bracelet too was a real reminder of home and I love the scarf pattern they chose for me as pretty much most of my basic Summer wardrobe is shades of blue, grey and white with some hints of coral and pink thrown in!  I loved the peacock feather print, and its so soft and light-weight too – it’s an ideal addition to my Summer essentials!  The bracelet is also a great Summer essential too – I always wear silver or white metal jewellery, but ditch my chunky bracelets in the Summer as they are just too heavy for the heat and humidity, so this dainty wrap style bracelet with silver beads makes an ideal substitute for my usual jewellery staples!  As well as jewellery and fashion accessories to make you look chic this Summer, Moi-Même have included two essential travel companions to their Adventure themed Launch Box – A luxury leather passport holder from French Heritage Brand Laurige and a gorgeous personalised travel journal made by Moi-Même themselves!  I love these fabulous travel companions!  I have always thought a travel journal was a great idea for keeping all my holiday souvenirs safe and in one place, but never found one that I really loved, but thanks to the creative team over at Moi-Même I now have a beautiful personalised journal that I can use over and over as the unique fabric cover is removable so it can easily be transferred to a new journal every time you fill your current one with happy memories!  I am so impressed with the leather passport holder too – its amazing quality and the rich purple is a stylish choice and will keep both my passport and my boarding passes and tickets safe while I am travelling.  I love this addition to my first Moi-Même Box and it will be with me for many years to come as I plan on seeing as much of the world as I can in the next few years!

Moi-Même Launch Box Review - July 2016

To finish this beautifully thought out box, Moi-Même have also included two organic beauty treats to ensure that you’re not only super stylish and organised when you’re on the go, but that your skin is on top form too!  I am a huge fan of natural beauty products so this handy duo from Evolve Organic Beauty are a perfect addition to Moi-Même’s July Box and have left my skin looking and feeling deliciously soft and smooth and glowing from head to toe!  Great for when you are showing off a little more skin this Summer!  Did I mention they also smell good enough to eat too?  Evolve have managed to create that unforgettable ‘on holiday’ fragrance and used it in their Tropical Blossom skin care range leaving me smelling like a tropical paradise and reminiscing on my honeymoon to The Maldives, wishing I was back there for just one more week…..  Over all I cannot fault Moi-Même’s launch box at all!  I have loved every part of it, from the crisp pink and white packaging to the range of treats inside it has ticked all the Summer Adventurer boxes and then some!  With an actual value of £80.00 its also great value for money and gives you more than enough seasonally inspired treats to keep you going until their next box is released in October, and add to that the fact you can exchange some of the items in your box for different sizes, designs and colours makes it a super flexible box too!  I am more happy with all my treats I received but having the ability to adapt your box to suit your personal preferences after its been delivered is a great idea and one that is unique to the Moi-Même Box, making it a box that really is all about you!  I really can’t recommend this box highly enough right now and cant wait to see how they evolve both their subscription box and their online store over the next few months!  Definitely a company to keep you eye on especially if you love fashion and beauty, and want a selection of surprise treats delivered to your front door every quarter!

My July Favourite

With most boxes I review I choose just one monthly ‘favourite’ but with the Moi-Même being such a diverse box that contains both Lifestyle and Beauty Treats in every box, this has proved to be a really tricky task!  So after much deliberation I have chosen the gorgeous Lisa Angel Peacock Feather Summer Scarf as my July Moi-Même Box Favourite purely because it is exactly the sort of thing I would purchase myself and as a HUGE Lisa Angel fan it really did make me smile to see a brand born from my humble home city included in this luxury subscription box!  Everything in this box has been perfectly curated though and I could have chosen every single item for my box favourite this month!

Exclusive Reader Offer:  The lovely team over at Moi-Même have been kind enough to give all my readers a fantastic introductory offer to celebrate the launch their new subscription box !  So if you want to receive £5.00 off your first Moi-Même Box just use my Exclusive discount code – BEA5  at the checkout to when subscribe to their new quarterly box service!


For more information about the Moi-Même Box visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Review and to subscribe to this box please visit their website and Remember to take advantage of my Exclusive discount code while you’re there!

*  Please note this is a PR Sample


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    • 18th July 2016 / 2:35 pm

      Kathy – I ADORE this Box so much! I always avoid my regular bracelets in the Summer as they are just too heavy and chunky so I love the wrap bracelet! Its so easy to put on and take off too as there isn’t a clasp or lobster claw to fiddle around with which is fab! I am so glad other people are love this box as much as I am as I think it really fills a gap in the UK market! xoxo

  1. 25th July 2016 / 12:42 pm

    What a fantastic box! I love the wrist candy & scarf. The personalised travel journal is lovely and a fab touch! As for Evolve, I’ve sampled some of their products and fell in love with their products, great prices for natural beauty products that deliver. Cool box 😉
    Heidi x

    • 25th July 2016 / 12:59 pm

      Heidi – Yes – Evolve are AMAZING! I am now an avid fan of their products and must try more! I have loved Lisa Angel since she opened her first shop in Norwich a few years back and I have a whole draw dedicated to her fab hats and scarves! Moving has saved me a lot of money on my shopping addiction if nothing else! 😉

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