PaperGang ‘Gemma Correll Take Over’ Box Review – June 2016

PaperGang 'Gemma Correll Take Over' Box Review - June 2016


The PaperGang is a handy monthly subscription box from the stationery experts at Ohh Deer that helps feed people’s deep-rooted obsession with all things papery and good, and this month they have put together an amazing line up of products from one of my all time favourite hipster artists and fellow Norfolk girl – Gemma Correll!  I have been lusting after this well designed box of brilliant stationery and paper items for a few months now, but have managed to resist the over whelming age to subscribe and give in to my inner stationary geek, but when I saw that they were doing a special ‘Gemma Correll Take Over’ Edition in June I just couldn’t say no any more!  With a selection of paper and stationary treats including greetings cards, notepads, pens and desk accessories, your box will always be filled to the brim with everything you need to keep your stationary addiction in check and with many items being exclusive to Ohh Deer and The PaperGang, you’ll be sure that you won’t find treats from your monthly PaperGang Box on the high street either which makes it a unique and quirky subscription that is both fun and functional too!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £9.95 plus £1.95 P&P

Total Value of Products – £29.13

This June The PaperGang have teamed up with one of their most popular artists and curated an amazing line up of Gemma Correll exclusives to keep their subscribers happy and organised throughout the Summer months which is exciting enough but with this being my first PaperGang Box I am even more excited than usual!

Your Stationary Treats

Gemma Correll Capugccino A5 Note Book – Full Size £7.95

PaperGang 'Gemma Correll Take Over' Box Review - June 2016

Get ready to doodle with Gemma Correll’s quirky illustrated Capugccino note-book this month!  Designed and manufactured in the UK, this fun note-book has a flexible matt finish cover and its handy wrap-around design comes complete with a cute little ribbon to help mark your page, keeping you super organised while looking super cool too.  This is a great sized note-book and has 128 pages of great quality lined paper to ensure you have plenty of space to write unlimited numbers of lists, take down all your important notes and numbers and doodle to your heart’s content, and its gorgeous pug design will have you smiling even when you’re busy working your way through a gruelling ‘to-do’ list!  I have just one word for this note-book – PUG-MAZING!  As a proud pug mummy anything with a pug on it usually grabs my attention, hence my total NEED to have this months Gemma Correll Edition of the PaperGang, and when it combines my second love – stationary, and in particular note books – yes….. I am an obsessive list maker – and you’ve got my idea of heaven!  Love this note-book so much!

Gemma Correll ‘Nope’ Square Greetings Card – Full Size £2.50

PaperGang 'Gemma Correll Take Over' Box Review - June 2016

We all know that it’s hip to be square and that’s just what this fun greetings card is!  Exclusive to Ohh Deer this hilarious Gemma Correll Slogan greetings card sums up how we all feel from time to time and is a quick and easy way to cheer up a friend or add a bit of fun to your pin board or book shelf!  I know from personal experience just a little note in the post always cheers me up when I am feeling more unwell than usual, and I can imagine a lot of fellow Spoonies will understand the sentiment of this card too so it will be winging its way to one of my fibro friends very soon to help make them smile when they may not feel like smiling is an option!

Gemma Correll Washi Tape – Full Size £6.00

PaperGang 'Gemma Correll Take Over' Box Review - June 2016

These awesome washi tapes designed by Gemma Correll are ideal for all sorts of occasions including everything from present wrapping to sealing a birthday card, so you’ll soon find a use  for these rolls of fun tape, and will enjoy adding your own unique Gemma Correll inspired touch to pretty much everything!  Ohh Deer have included three rolls of this fab and funky tape in this months PaperGang Box, one multi-purpose Red Stripe design roll, one Gemma Slogan design roll which features funny phrases including ‘nope, go away, happy birthday, pug off, congratulations! and Meh’ to cover all possible occasions, and one Dancing Pug design roll to make you smile every time you use it!  With 5 metres of tape on each roll you’ll be having fun for ages taping up as many things as you can just because you can!  I love these cute rolls of wash tape and have though about purchasing them in the past but could never find them on my local high street so finding them inside this months PaperGang Box is a great surprise!

Gemma Correll Dancing Pugs Pen – Full Size £7.95

PaperGang 'Gemma Correll Take Over' Box Review - June 2016

This high quality ball point pen is covered in Gemma Correll’s classic Dancing Pugs design and is super cute and super handy to have around too!  It’s a nice heavy pen that writes smoothly and is refillable so you know that even when the ink runs out – the fun doesn’t have to!  I am always losing pens (I lost 2 just last week….) and so this pug patterned pen is perfectly timed and will now take pride of place in my pen collection and help me keep track of my blog planning along side my new Capugccino note-book!

Gemma Correll Pug Party Gift Wrap – Full Size £1.75

PaperGang 'Gemma Correll Take Over' Box Review - June 2016

We all have a friend that judges you on the way you wrap their birthday presents so when you really need to ensure a gift looks super dapper get it wrapped with Gemma Correll’s quirky illustrated Pug Positions Gift Wrap!  Not only does it look amazing – it is also made from 100% recycled paper and made in the UK too so as well as impressing even the pickiest of present receivers it is also great for the environment and supports the UK Print Industry too!  I have to say though – this paper just looks way too cute to use and I think it may end up being used to upscale a beauty box into a puggy storage box for all my pens, pencils and stationary bits!

Bonus Treats

‘Hi I’m Drew’ Woven Patch – Pack of Three Patches £8.95

PaperGang 'Gemma Correll Take Over' Box Review - June 2016

Woven patches are a great way to make a boring bag, jacket or pair of jeans look fun and unique, and can help to cover wear and tear as well as add some quirky decoration too!  This fun patch is a great addition to this months PaperGang Box and although I would’ve preferred one of Gemma’s Pug Patches to be included instead as I would have found it much more useful and more my style, but this crazy little character is a cute addition to my busy little notice board!

Build your own Pug Packaging – Full Size £ Priceless!

PaperGang 'Gemma Correll Take Over' Box Review - June 2016

As this is a Gemma Correll Take Over Box – The PaperGang couldn’t go without including the famous Mr Pickles – the inspiration behind so many of Gemma Correll’s amazing art work!  This cut-out ‘build your own pug’ is part of this months PaperGang packaging and allows you to be the proud owner of your very of pug, and even though it isn’t quite as hairy and demanding as a real pug – it is a fun way to up-cycle your monthly boxes packaging and is a great idea to complete your June Box!

My Verdict

I have been looking at Oh Deer’s PaperGang Box for a few months now and thinking ‘Shall I?’ but for some reason never actually said yes, but when I saw June’s box was going to be a Gemma Correll Take Over Edition I had to subscribe straight away!  As a fellow Norfolk girl I am all too familiar with Gemma’s work and have been a huge fan for years now!  From my first ‘Pugs not Drugs’ Tote Bag bought back in 2010 to the cards and stationary I buy today I just can’t resist her quirky illustrations and super cute pug pictures!  I have been pug obsessed since I was about five years old and seeing Gemma bring them back into popularity like she has made her an instant hit with me, and as she lived close to me at the time I first discovered her designs, I often saw her out walking Mr Pickles round the streets of Norwich and said hello!  Since then she has gone from strength to strength and is now a regular on the shelves of big stationary giants like Paper Chase and has made the leap across the pond to America too!  Having a pug of my own officially makes me a crazy pug lady (fellow pug owners will totally understand this) and seeing Mr Pickles plastered across this box was just so much fun for me!  I am an obsessive list maker and I always make sure to take notes when I make ‘important’ phone calls so the pen and note-book in this box are perfect for me to keep organised and let my obsession run free!  The pug designs on both just add to the pleasure writing a good ‘to-do’ list gives me, and the addition of the cute washi tapes means I can add pugs and fun slogans to my note-book pages, lap top case, diary and blog planner to my heart’s content, as well as make my friends and family smile when they receive a letter or parcel from me that is sealed with tape that is super fun instead of being super boring, but still works to keep the contents in and the elements out!  The ‘Nope’ Greetings Card is another of my favourite illustrations by Gemma and as Spoonie it sums up how I feel a lot of the time so if it doesn’t get sent out to a fellow Spoonie to cheer them up on a bad day then it will take pride of place of my pin board to help me smile even when I am feeling bad, and the pug positions gift wrap is going to be up-cycled into a fab box covering to store my stationary hoard safely so my husband won’t be able to raid it as easily and will make use of one of the many empty beauty boxes I have laying around the house at the moment!  I wasn’t overly keen with the woven patch included in Junes box, but that is just a personal preference thing as I know Gemma has designed some really cool pug patches and hilarious slogan patches too which would’ve been much more usable for me, and could’ve patched the hole that has started to wear through my original Mr Pickles ‘Pugs not Drugs’ Tote Bag so I can keep using it for everything from shopping on the high-street to carrying my beach things when I am off to sunbathe by the pool when I am on holiday – yes this bag has travelled the world over the last six years – but the ‘Hi I’m Drew’ patch is still cute, just not MY kind of cute!  I have had lots of fun trying to ‘build my own pug’ from the bright packaging of Junes PaperGang Box, and although I didn’t do an amazing job, it certainly kept me entertained and made an excellent use of part of the box that would usually just end up in the recycling bin!    Overall I was really impressed with my first PaperGang Box and have really been enjoying getting to know more Lifestyle related subscription boxes over the last month!  This box was great value for money with nearly £30.00 worth of stationery for just over £10.00 and all packaged in a super cute Gemma Correll designed parcel too!  It’s a Perfect Puggy Paradise for this stationary addict!

My June Favourite

As a compulsive note taker and list maker my June Favourite has so to be the Gemma Correll Capugccino Note Book!  Not only is it a handy note-book to help keep my obsessions in check, it’s also super cute and features one of Gemma Correll’s signature Pug designs making it an instant hit with me!  I have already started using this gorgeous note-book – something I often find hard to do as I always want to keep pretty stationary in perfect condition – and have been enjoying writing a number of ‘to-do’ lists that I never seem to get round to completing!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to The PaperGang visit the Ohh Deer website!


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