Thai Square Spa iMantara Siamese Sole Foot Care Duo Review

Thai Square Spa Siamese Sole Foot Duo


I love nothing more than a little bit of luxury and what better way to relax and unwind is there than visiting your local day spa for a pamper session, and with so many spas now offering their own line of beauty and skin care treats for you to take home, your spa experience can now last longer than ever.  Thai Square Spa is a premium day spa in the heart of the city of Westminster that offer its clients a traditional Thai Spa Experience in the middle of London’s bustling metropolis.  Its opulent decoration and eclectic mix of Thai, Roman and Turkish decor gives you a five-star spa experience that channels the authentic Thai Spa Ritual in a luxurious but tranquil environment.  Thai Square Spa’s in-house brand – iMantara – has a newly launched line of spa inspired products created by Thai Square Spa to help you enjoy the opulence of their spa in the comfort of your own home, so when they contacted me to review a selection of their fabulous foot care I just couldn’t resist!

About the Brand

  Created in 2010 when Thai Square Spa first opened – the iMantara range has recently launched a range of ‘take home’ products designed to help their clients continue their Spa experience in the comfort of their own home.  Fusing centuries of Thai massage therapy techniques and expert holistic knowledge to create a luxurious and exquisitely blended range of bath, body and lifestyle products that have been born out of Thai Square Spa’s passion for the authentic Thai experience.  Paying homage to Thailand’s rich aromatherapy traditions this new product range features everything from hair care and body products, to foot care and home fragrance, ensuring that theirs always a little bit of Thailand in the heart of every home.

What’s the Hype?

iMantara fuses the traditional Thai therapies with the modern, holistic approach to life we are all familiar with to create a line of luxurious but accessible products that help you achieve spa quality results in the comfort of your own home, and with a large selection of products to choose from there is a spa time treat to suit everyone!  Part of their luxury product line up is the Siamese Sole Foot Care Duo which helps you tap into the authentic Thai spa rituals to ensure your feet are looking fabulous in time for Summer using a selection powerful natural ingredients and blooming botanical extracts.

Key Product Benefits

The iMantara Siamese Sole Foot Care Duo consists of their Siamese Sole Foot Scrub and Siamese Sole Foot Lotion which are both enriched with natural Tea Tree Oil to keep feet feeling fresh and looking good no matter how much pressure they are put under every day!  The naturally gentle foot scrub buffs feet to a beautiful, sandal-ready condition in minutes while showcasing one of Thailand’ s best-kept aromatherapy secrets – Plai Oil – which is wonderfully healing on the soles of even the most tired and neglected of feet.  Tea Tree and Peppermint Oils refresh and Walnut exfoliates to leave feet feeling soft and free from hard, dry skin while Thai Jasmine Flower extract adds a beautiful floral scent to make exfoliating your feet a relaxing and fragrant experience.  To finish your spa pedicure experience is a luxuriously rich foot lotion that effortlessly sinks into heels and toes leaving them refreshed, revived and ready to go!  While  Thai Camphor energises and cools, Thai Coconut oil delivers intense moisture and Tea Tree, a natural anti-fungal and antiseptic, and Grapefruit invigorates and deodorises feet leaving them feeling regenerated, healthy and happy and looking Summer ready straight away!

How much does it Cost?

Thai Square Spa’s new iMantara Siamese Sole Foot Scrub retails at £12.95 for 230ml and the Siamese Sole Foot Lotion retails at £12.95 for 100ml  *

Where can I get it?

The iMantara Siamese Sole Foot Care Duo, along with all the new Thai Square Spa Products are available exclusively through the Thai Square Spa in London or via their website!

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My Verdict

I always enjoy pampering myself, whether it be in a luxury spa or in the comfort of my own home, and one of my favourite treatments is a foot massage and pedicure to get my feet feeling fantastic and looking flip-flop ready, especially after a long winter hidden away inside thick socks and my mandatory pair of Ugg Boots!  This fabulous Foot Care Duo from iMantara makes the perfect treat for unloved winter feet and the combination of natural ingredients helps naturally soften and hydrate hard, dry skin and gently buff it away to melt away dry, cracked heels and those pesky rough areas we all end up with leaving behind smooth, moisturised feet that are nourished with Coconut Oil – the multi-tasking miracle product of the moment – and refreshed and revitalised with Thai Camphor, Peppermint Oil and Grapefruit Extract.  Tea Tree and Jasmine Flower deodorise to leave feet smelling as good as they look and enhance you aromatherapy experience while using these high-end spa inspired products.  I have really enjoyed using the Siamese Sole Foot Care Duo and noticed instant results from both the scrub and the lotion, and when combined with a foot soak and a buff and polish you’re left with the perfect Summer ready feet that look as good as they feel!  I have been using the foot lotion regularly as an overnight treatment as well as with the foot scrub so my feet have stayed free from hard skin build up and look healthy and hydrated at all times!  So come rain or shine, I know my feet are always ready to bare all and with both Siamese Sole products having a gorgeous floral fragrance they really are a pleasure to use!  I am a beauty therapist by trade, but I have always specialised in reflexology and am a qualified nail technician too, so this handy little duo is the perfect product for me to have tested and I can see why the iMantara range is getting amazing reviews from the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan as they really are amazing quality products that really do offer the results you want!  They are also amazingly good value for money too which for such high-end spa branded products is a rarity, and they also come in a beautifully presented gift box too which makes your experience even more luxurious!  I have really enjoyed using this handy foot care duo and would definitely recommend both products to anyone looking to get their feet ready for Summer and I especially loved the Siamese Sole Foot Lotion as its rich, nourishing formula helped melt away all traces of winter neglect from my feet and made a great overnight treat for my tired toes too!

For more information about the iMantara Range from Thai Square Spa – Please visit their website!

* Please note this is a PR Sample


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