The YOU Beauty Box Beauty Shortlist – August 2016

YOU Beauty Box Shortlist August 2016


It’s that time of the month again already!  The August YOU Beauty Box Beauty Shortlist has been unveiled and YOU Beauty is thrilled as they are sure they have managed to curate the most fabulous shortlist so far with a selection of powerful beauty products to help make a visible difference to the way you look and feel, featuring brilliant beauty brands like likes of Bloom and Blossom, This Works® and NIP+FAB and a range of skin care heroes that will fit easily in to your Summer beauty regime keeping you glowing throughout August and beyond!  August’s shortlist is available for selection from 7am on the 1st of August and remember that the most popular products on the shortlist do tend to sell out fast, so don’t take too long deciding which of these powerhouse products you want in your revamped beauty routine this month and with YOU Beauty’s exciting NEW Membership Options, you will now be able to pick up all your Summer skin care essentials in one place!

The August Shortlist includes:

  • The Body Shop British Rose Body Butter (50ml)
  • The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil (7ml)
  • Sönd Revitalising Face Serum (5ml)
  • This Works® In Transit Camera Close Up (15ml)
  • Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde® Dramatic Repair® (25ml)
  • Bloom and Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz (40ml)
  • Bloom and Blossom Revitalising Leg and Foot Spray (50ml)
  • 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask (23ml, 1 mask)
  • NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads (5 pads)
  • nügg beauty revitalizing face mask (10ml)

Plus each box, regardless of your membership type, will include the Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black toothpaste (12ml), a £5.00 Leonie Saliba Gift Card and a £20.00 BestSecret Gift Card.

The YOU Beauty Box is still the best value box on the market with prices starting from just £6.95 a month including P&P and with their new Membership Options giving you the opportunity to choose which products you want to try from the selection on the monthly YOU Beauty shortlist as well as receiving an extra 2 – 4 bonus samples in every box, it’s now also a super flexible box too!

To read more about YOU Beauty’s new Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership options then please check up my Membership Update!

If you want to read any more about the YOU Beauty Box before making a decision on whether their service is for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes and check out their current promotions.

Visit the YOU Beauty website for more information or to subscribe to the YOU Beauty Box!


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