BomiBox – Your Ultimate Korean Beauty Box

BomiBox - Your Ultimate Korean Beauty Box


If you haven’t already caught the K-Beauty Bug then let me introduce you to the latest way to get your monthly beauty fix the Korean way!  BomiBox is a new monthly subscription box that is filled with eight full size and deluxe sample size Korean Beauty Products that will include Korean skin care, makeup and body products as well as some handy beauty tools too making this the ultimate way to discover the newest beauty phenomenon or indulge in your K-Beauty obsession!  With a selection of the most popular Korean Beauty brands along with new and emerging brands they have got all your beauty needs covered!  The brainchild of Ru – a self-confessed K-Beauty Addict herself – BomiBox has been created to target all skin types, including sensitive and problem skin and include a selection of products that everyone will be able to enjoy and see amazing benefits from using!  There’s a saying in the Korean Beauty world – Less Make-Up, More Skin Care and you’ll soon see why when you open your first BomiBox and begin your K-Beauty journey – Destination: Naturally Fresh and Glowing Skin!

What’s does it Cost?

BomiBox has four different subscription options to choose from – a basic rolling monthly plan which works on a pay as you go basis and can be cancelled at any time, and a selection of three pre-paid options which cover three,six and twelve month periods.  As BomiBox ships from the USA the pricing on their website is in Dollars so to help you see the price breakdown more easily I have given you cost in both USD and the current price in GBP too, but please note the price in  GBP is approximate and will be subject to change according to the exchange rates.  If you want the flexibility of the monthly rolling subscription this will cost you £28.17 ($37.00) per month but if you want to save some money and purchase one of their pre-paid plans you have three options to choose from!  Their three month plan costs £82.23 ($108.00) which works out at £27.41 ($36.00) per month, their six month plan is £159.90 ($210.00) which works out at £26.65 ($35.00) per month and their twelve month plan which costs £310.67 ($408.00) which makes your box just £25.88 ($34.00) per month.  Shipping is free with in the USA and costs just £9.13 ($12.00) to the UK which is really affordable and with BomiBox having some awesome introductory offers on their subscriptions it is always worth visiting their website to check these out too.

Am I a Subscriber?

 In a word – Yes!  As BomiBox is a brand new box and not launching until mid September I have pre-ordered their launch box making me a K-Beauty Subscriber in the making!

The Pro’s and Con’s

Thanks to my friend Sarah over at Boxnip (check her out when you get a chance) I have already been exposed to the benefits of Korean Beauty and her little obsession has made me more than a little curious to try it for myself, but apart from the occasional sheet mask there isn’t a whole lot of it readily available in th UK as yet, so when I saw that BomiBox was launching with really affordable shipping costs to the UK, I couldn’t resist looking into it a little further!  Korean Beauty is huge right now and with big K-Beauty brands like Etude House, COSRX, Nature Republic, TheFaceShop and Missha already on board, BomiBox is making the latest beauty trend available to everyone and at an amazing price too!  Each box will include eight products, most of which will be full size, and they will cover all areas of K-Beauty making BomiBox a great way to explore the world of Korean Beauty without breaking the bank!  I love the few Korean inspired beauty products I have tried recently as their technology has finally started to trickle in to the Western market but I honestly haven’t tried any authentic Korean products yet so I am super excited to see if they work as well for me and my super sensitive and annoyingly spot prone skin as they have for other K-Beauty enthusiasts I know!

BomiBox - Your Ultimate Korean Beauty Box

I love that each box has a good number of products to try and that they have english insert cards so you know exactly what you have, what to do with it and when to use it – my Korean isn’t up to much – and although the box is more pricey than the boxes you can get in the UK, it is a niche that hasn’t been explored over here yet, so I think it is worth spending a little extra on your monthly box to get the real benefit of the Korean technology which is around twelve plus years ahead of some regular skin care brands we rely on in the UK!  The contents of each box remain a surprise, just like most beauty boxes, although everything BomiBox choose for their monthly box will be suitable for all skin types and as BomiBox offer a Happiness Guarantee – if you really don’t like the products in your box, they will give you a replacement free of charge so you have nothing to lose but dull, lack-lustre skin!  In addition to the wonderful skin care and concept – I also love that when you subscribe to BomiBox you also become part of their exclusive daebak Bomi Tribe – a Forum where you can meet fellow Korean Beauty enthusiasts, share your tips and tricks, unboxing videos and pictures as well as enjoy automatic entry into all the BomiBox giveaways and competitions too!  This gives you a great way to get to know more about K-Beauty if you’re a K-B newbie, and access to lots of bonus treats and product swaps if you are a seasoned K-B warrior!  I cannot wait for this Box to launch so I can finally explore the world of K-Beauty!

BomiBox - Your Ultimate Korean Beauty BoxIf you want to read any more about BomiBox before making a decision on whether it’s the right service for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes, their online shop and details on their current promotions.  I would also always advise that you read the full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly or yearly subscription service to make sure you are confident that you’re choosing the right subscription to meet your monthly needs!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to BomiBox visit their website!


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