House of Wonderland Rockin’ Claws Nail Transfer Review

House of Wonderland Rockin' Claws Nail Transfer Review


Wave goodbye to sad, boring naked nails and miserable manicures with a set of unique Nail Transfers from UK based brand House of Wonderland!  Their newest creation – Rockin’ Claws – gives you the perfect excuse to liven up your fingers, taking them from frumpy to fabulous quickly and easily and without the salon price tag!  As a nail technician I am always loathed to pay someone else o do my nails for me so these handy little designs are ideal for me to perk up my tired talons and make them stand out from the crowd a little this Summer!

About the Brand

Award-winning design company House of Wonderland was created in 2012 by British designer Tessa Shearer who has made it her mission to help support and endorse independent companies, designers and suppliers and with most of her materials coming from independent UK stores she is very proud to be able to provide a range of unique products that reflect the very best that Britain has to offer!  From her quirky card designs and pin badges, to her environmentally friendly shopping totes and jewellery club boxes – everything that Tess creates for her House of Wonderland Collections is as British as it can be, and when you buy from House of Wonderland you’re safe in the knowledge that not you’ll be supporting upcoming British designers and businesses as well as treating yourself to a new pair of earrings or a cute set of nail transfers!

House of Wonderland Rockin' Claws Nail Transfer Review

Key Product Benefits

With Nail Art becoming ever more popular and a Beauty Salon manicure coming with a hefty price tag attached with pretty designs not included, more and more people are turning to nail wraps and DIY Nail Art Kits to achieve the coveted art work they are after and with nail stickers not always staying put and often being more 3D in design wrapping your nails or adding a transfer design is the most popular and long-lasting option!  Enter House of Wonderland and their fabulous Rockin’ Claws collection – a selection of fun, funky and functional nail transfers that are not just easy to apply but are suitable to use on your bare nails, or as part of a regular or gel polish manicure making them really versatile and a great cost effective way to make your manicure stand out without causing any damage to your nails!  They are simple to apply and easy to remove too and with dozens of designs to choose from you’ll have plenty of options to mix and match designs for a unique and creative manicure!

How do they Work?

Rockin’ Claws Nail Transfers are really easy to apply – simply cut out your selected design, place the image into a bowl of lukewarm water and after a few seconds the image should begin to slide off the backing paper which means its ready to apply to your nail.  Carefully lift to transfer out of the water, making sure the backing paper is fulling removed then apply it to your nail – using a pair of tweezers can make this process easier and more precise – then simply seal the transfer on your nail with a clear nail polish.  This acts as protective top coat and means you can apply the transfers to painted nails, gel manicures and extensions as well as on to bare nails.  Remember some designs work best on natural nail or nails painted in a light colour so take this into account when choosing your pattern!

House of Wonderland Rockin' Claws Nail Transfer Review House of Wonderland Rockin' Claws Nail Transfer Review

Images courtesy of House of Wonderland

How much does it Cost?

Each set of 40 Rockin’ Claws Nail Transfers costs £5.00 plus P&P which will differ according to where you purchase your Rockin’ Claws from!  *

Where can I get it?

House of Wonderland Rockin’ Claws are available directly from the House of Wonderland website, on their Etsy Store and also via online market place!

My Verdict

I have always been a nail junkie and that’s probably why I became a nail technician but the problem with being a nail tech is that it sucks the joy out of having a salon manicure or pedicure and you end up filing, buffing and touching up every gel polish you have applied because you can see even the smallest of flaws, and when you’re making other people’s nails look pretty all day, the last thing you want to do when you come home is tend to your own talons so they often end up neglected and naked!  But I have recently discovered a couple of amazing products that have changed all that and turned my nail game from a poor loss to an epic win, and Rockin’ Claws from quirky design shop House of Wonderland is definitely one of them!  These transfers are not only fun to look at, their innovative designs are also really easy to apply and take no time at all transform your nightmare nails into full on funky, and you don’t need to be a nail technician to great results from these transfers either – all you need is some luke warm water, a pair of tweezers** and a bottle of clear nail polish!  It really is that simple!  I found the transfers lasted well on both my natural nail and over gel nail polish, but some of the designs didn’t work as well over darker shades of polish so I would recommend that you use light or clear base for the transfers as it says in the instructions for use, purely as it does give a better finish.  I found using them on top of a gel polish gave them more longevity than when I used them over a regular nail polish which makes sense as gel polishes tend to last longer generally but I  also found that using them on bare nails gave them a longer wear time too as they are able to resist the chips and peeling you get with several layers of regular nail polish.  The variety of designs available is also fantastic – with everything from pugs and unicorns to thunderbolts and rainbows, there is a Rockin’ Claws transfer ideally suited to everyone’s unique sense of style and as you get 40 transfers in every pack they are also great value for money and you can easily mix and match designs to create endless combinations and patterns and as they are made from eco-friendly, sustainably sourced paper and don’t damage the natural nail in any way they are also suitable for use on little ladies too!  I have loved using these quirky nail transfers and think everything from the ease of application, to the selection of designs and the safety of the transfers themselves makes them the perfect addition to any nail junkies ‘must-have’ list!

** Please note these aren’t necessarily needed but I personally found they made separating the transfers from the backing paper and applying them to my nails much easier and more precise.


If you would like more information about Rockin’ Claws or want to view the latest designs please visit the House of Wonderland website!

*  Please note this is a PR Sample


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