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Little Known Box


Little Known Box is the UK’s newest Subscription Beauty Box and its aim is to provide its subscribers with a truly flexible and luxurious beauty experience to enjoy in their home every month!  They are passionate about featuring and introducing their subscribers to breakthrough products from upcoming, niche and independent brands they have hand-picked so they are sure you will love every item included in your monthly box as much as they do!  They deliver five or six products each month ranging from skin care and hair care to beauty tools and make-up and specialise in niche fields such as natural and organic beauty, vegan friendly, cruelty free and free-from brands, and offer a mixture of both full size and sample size products in each box to ensure you not only get a great selection of treats to try, but are also getting great value for money too!  With fab brands like The Vintage Cosmetics Company and HJ Manicures already being featured you’re sure that this new Beauty Box already has all the brand appeal of its more established rivals!

What’s does it Cost?

Little Known Box has two main subscription options – A monthly rolling subscription and a selection of pre-paid packages which cover three, six and twelve month periods.  Their monthly rolling subscription costs £14.95 per month plus £3.75 P&P with in the UK, and as with all beauty boxes this is the most flexible, but the most expensive way to enjoy this beauty box.  The pre-paid packages offer better value for money with the three month package costing at £14.45 per box, the six month package costing £13.95 per box and the twelve month package costing £12.45 per box but although you are saving a lot per month they are all pre-paid with P&P on top which is also £3.75 per box making it a lot to pay out in one chunk, and means you are tied to at least three months worth of boxes.  While I always like the pre-paid options remember all these packages are auto-renewing which means you’ll automatically be re-charged for the same term when your current package ends so be aware of this if you want to change to a more flexible option or go to a better value pre-paid package up on your plans renewal!  One-Off Boxes are also available and these cost £15.95 plus the £3.75 P&P which is great if you want to try before committing to a full subscription!  Remember Little Known Box do have some awesome introductory offers on their monthly subscriptions so it is always worth visiting their website to check these out.

Am I a Subscriber?

As it’s a very new Beauty Box I am not currently subscribed to Little Known Box – However I am always changing my subscriptions so I get a good mix of boxes to review over the year, so plan on trying one of their boxes in the near future!

The Pro’s and Con’s

If you love all things beauty, you will already be familiar with most commercial and high street beauty ranges available and that these are the brands that make up the content of most of the UK’s current Beauty Boxes, but Little Known Box want to show their subscribers something different and change how they discover new beauty products whilst helping supporting the new and upcoming brands, which often offer some of the most effective and innovative products on the market but are sadly under-represented with in the Beauty Box world!  I love that Little Known Box have chosen to break away from the normal Beauty Box format and recognise emerging and small luxury brands are often forgotten when it comes to the Beauty Box market, and the fact they are aiming to introduce their subscribers to some fantastic little known brands is a great plus point for me!  I am all for supporting smaller niche brands with in the beauty industry and with natural/organic, vegan friendly, cruelty free and free-from beauty brands becoming much more available and popular too – it’s a great way to get more people to see the plus side to going natural or avoiding the mass market brands for a while!  Their featured brands are carefully selected and include both full and sample size luxury products each month which offers great flexibility for subscribers and with their products ranging from skin care, make-up, hair care, body products and grooming tools to nail care, nail art and lifestyle and beauty accessories (with the occasional surprise thrown in for good measure!) you certainly won’t be missing out on quality, quantity or product selection with Little Known Box!  They do sometimes feature some more well known brands too, but they will only ever be little known products or new launches and not best sellers, ensuring you get to experience the best of every brand not just the products with the most hype surrounding them!  With all these plus points the only down side is the price of the P&P which at £3.75 on top of the £14.95 subscription fee makes it a pricey box to subscribe to, and I would love to see some postage discounts on the pre-paid packages to make them less daunting and more appealing, especially to Beauty Box newbies and people on a tight budget!  I think the subscription fee itself is fair though and the value for money I have seen by looking at previous boxes has been really good and although there have only been three so far as its so new to the market, I can see this beautifully finished box becoming a firm favourite amongst Beauty Box devotees across the UK as it offers something not currently available here and adds a bit more of a surprise element to each months box which is never a bad thing when you’re looking to broaden your beauty horizons

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If you want to read any more about Little Known Box before making a decision on whether it’s the right service for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes, their online shop and details on their current promotions.  I would also always advise that you read the full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly or yearly subscription service to make sure you are confident that you’re choosing the right subscription to meet your monthly needs!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the Little Known Box visit their website!


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