Ms Flow Box Review – August 2016

Ms Flow Box Review - August 2016


Take a refreshing break from the Summer heat this August with Ms Flow’s zesty orange themed beauty box  and its mouth-watering line up of citrus inspired beauty products and fruity sweet treats and teas!  With everything you need to take care of your monthly cycle, plus handy beauty treats to pamper your body and relax your mind when you need it most, this months box has thought of everything you need to make the hot, hormonal horror story that Summer periods seem to be a refreshing day-dream instead, and with everything from the packaging to the products being bright and orange inspired this month – you’ll be sure you’re not only getting a mood boosting parcel of pampering this month, but you’ll also be getting a boost of well needed vitamin C to help keep your hormones in check and your immune system strong this Summer too!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £12.99 plus £2.95 P&P *

Total Value of Products – £34.72 Approximately

Lets face it – no one likes their period but my monthly Ms Flow Box has everything I need to make the best of my ‘time of the month’ and Augusts bright orange themed box is no different so I cant wait to get pampering and preening with their citrus selection of beauty products, sweet treats and teas!

Your Period Essentials

No matter how long your cycle is, or how light or heavy your flow is, Ms Flow will provide you with more than enough of your chosen sanitary products, whether that be tampons, towels or liners, or even a combination of all three, which means you will never run out of your monthly period essentials and with several big brands to choose from including the organic brand Natracare, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that Ms Flow have got everything covered! Their boxes do vary slightly in price depending on the amount of sanitary products you need each month but prices start from £12.99 per month plus £2.95 P&P.

Ms Flow Box Review - August 2016

Cura-Heat All Day Pain Relief – Full Size £4.49

On top of your monthly period essentials Ms Flow have also included an All Day Pain Relief Patch from Cura-Heat to help with those horrible period pains. This is a lovely addition to a period subscription box and was sadly missed last month and it really does prove its the little things that make the most difference when it comes to that time of the month as no matter how many beauty products and sweet treats Ms Flow include each month, nothing is going to fix a stomach cramp quite like the humble heat patch! With up to 24 hours of healing heat in every patch, this is a true time of the month ‘must-have’ and isn’t something I have seen is period subscription boxes before!  It is also suitable to wear overnight as this patch can be worn on a close fitting item of clothing rather than being applied directly to the skin, making it the perfect warming bedtime soother for those of us who end up suffering most of our cramps during the evening and into the night too!

Your Beauty Treats

Time Bomb Hand to Hand Combat Cream – Full Size £7.25

Ms Flow Box Review - August 2016

Our hands are constantly exposed to the elements and without the proper care they can instantly give away your age, no matter how young you look and can even make you appear older than you are so Time Bombs Hand to Hand Combat cream helps fights the ageing process with a unique and revolutionary combination of Aromatherapy Oils, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids and Argan Oil making this luxuriously rich hand cream not only fantastic for plumping and smoothing dried out hands but it also serves as a mini-manicure by helping keep cuticles soft and under control too!  I have heard so many good things about Time Bomb products but until now I have only ever tried their Take the Time Off Cleanse & Buff daily exfoliator as it was in my May Ms Flow Box, but I really love it and use it as a treat when my skin needs some TLC, so i was really happy to see this hand cream in my August box so I can try more of this anti-ageing skin care brands range!  I love hand cream and have so many now but this nourishing, easily absorbed cream is deliciously rich without leaving my hands greasy and smells wonderful so is my new BFF for the Summer!

Tara Smith Working Curls Tool Kit – Full Size £12.50

Ms Flow Box Review - August 2016

We all suffer with the occasional bad hair day, especially when our hair has been exposed to the Summer heat, but when you have curly or wavy hair, there are often more bad hair days than good thanks to the infamous Summer frizz break outs so this handy kit from Tara Smith is a natural answer to those annoying frizzy, flyaway issues us curly girls have to deal with on a daily basis!  The specific combination of products intensely hydrates the hair while enhancing softness, taming texture and adding gloss which will make both you and your hair very, very happy.  The kit contains Tara’s unique three-step routine which naturally takes care of your tangled tresses.  The Feed the Root Shampoo, Conditioner and coveted Base Coat Serum contain a range of hair loving natural active ingredients including Borage Oil and Rosemary Extract, and are also 100% cruelty free and vegan too which gets a big thumbs up from me!  Having annoyingly thick hair that enjoys tormenting me during the Summer months with its unruly behaviour and frizzy finish this simple three-step treatment is a great treat for my post-wild camping holiday hair, and although I wasnt over impressed with the shampoo and conditioner the leave-in serum really helped tame and define my curls, allowing me to leave the straighteners alone for a few days and let my natural locks look good instead!

Birch Lea Soaperie Orange & Rosemary Bath Tea – Full Size £2.00

Ms Flow Box Review - August 2016

Birch Lea Soaperie’s skin care products are all handmade using natural and sustainably sourced ingredients and combine a luxurious blend of essential oils, herbs and epsom salts to create a relaxing and indulgent bath time experience that is ideal for when you need some ‘me time’ during your monthly period!  Each Orange & Rosemary Bath Tea Bag has been blended specifically to infuse your bath with a fresh and fruity scent that will uplift your mood while natural epsom salts to sooth your aching muscles giving you some refreshing relief when you need it most!  This handmade sachet of bath salts smells heavenly and the natural epsom salts don’t irritate my sensitive skin making it the perfect treat for me to indulge in this Summer!

Tea and Sweet Treats

As well as the fantastic beauty treats in Ms Flow Box, you will also receive a selection of speciality or luxury tea bags and some sweets or chocolate from both well know and emerging confectionary brands to help your period a little more pleasant.

Ms Flow Box Review - August 2016

August’s treats include a large and very scrummy bar of Green & Blacks Organic Blood Orange Infused Milk Chocolate which fits perfectly with this months zesty theme an Orange Spicer Tea Bag from the London Fruit & Herb Company!

Bonus Treats

Ms Flow Mimosa & Mandarin Soy Wax Candle – Full Size £6.00

Ms Flow Box Review - August 2016

This zesty mimosa and mandarin fragranced soy wax candle smells like you’re walking through a sunny orange grove or sipping a delicious champagne cocktail and instantly uplifts your senses, clearing your mind and balancing your mood making it perfect for when your body is working overtime and you may find relaxing and focusing more difficult than usual!  Essential oils are great to use during your period as they can help refresh your mind and body making you feel more ‘Yay!’ and less ‘Meh!’ so this cute little candle, which provides up to 10 hours of fabulous fragrance, is the perfect partner to your morning shower or dozy day under the duvet to keep you feeling calm, relaxed and ready to go!

My Verdict

Augusts bright and zesty Ms Flow Box is full of fabulous, fruity delights to treat your body and mind during your monthly period and with a whopping three full-sized beauty treats and a large bar of Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate to enjoy on top of all your monthly period essentials they’ve made sure you’ll be looking and feeling fabulous even when your hormones are telling you the opposite!  I love that Ms Flow like to curate their beauty treats from boutique and niche brands that aren’t well-known on the high street – not only does this expand a whole new range of beauty products to me every month but it also helps support smaller, upcoming UK brands giving them the helping hand they deserve to succeed!  I always enjoy their natural beauty products as I have such sensitive skin that most bath and body products are no good for me to use, but I always know Ms Flow will have found a natural bath soak or shower gel for me to try, and I am never disappointed!  I also love that Ms Flow add a handy heat patch in every box these are as much a period essential as a tampon or sanitary towel to me and even in the warm August weather the relief these provide are the only thing that gets me through my ‘time of the month’ sometimes!  The treats in this months box are ideal for the warm Summer weather too with a frizz fighting hair care kit, non-greasy hand cream and relaxing bath salts and the fresh, fruity fragrance is simply mouth-watering!  Ms Flow have also included a handy Yoga Tutorial as well this month which will help you to relax, unwind and focus your mind and is a useful relaxation aid through out the month not just while you’re on your period and adds a thoughtful and personal touch to the box, something which is missing from some more well established beauty boxes available at the moment!  I love Yoga so will definitely be enjoying practising my Butterfly Position thanks to Ms Flow!  Overall this vibrant Summer edition of my much loved Ms Flow Box is another fabulous treat for my time of the month and I have loved exploring the burst of citrus they have added to Augusts box.  If you’re looking for a personalised period subscription with a selection of handmade and organic treats to help pass the time during your monthly cycle then look no further than the fabulous Ms Flow!

My Beauty Favourite

With a variety of well chosen treats to choose from this month my August Beauty Favourite has to be the Time Bomb Hand to Hand Combat Cream as it one of the best hand creams I have tried in a long time and is definitely a product I would buy again.  I love how rich and nourishing the formula is, and how easily absorbed it is especially in this heat and humidity!  It smells lovely and is ideal to keep my hands looking and feeling good all day long without leaving them greasy or oily either!  I cant wait to discover what more products Time Bomb have to offer as they really are fantastic quality and show real results too!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the Ms Flow Box visit their website!  Remember you can get 30% off your first Ms Flow Box when you use my Exclusive Discount Code SPECIAL30!

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