Perfect Pout Natural Lip Enhancer Review

Perfect Pout Lip Enhancer


Kiss your thin lips goodbye with Perfect Pout® Natural Lip Enhancer this Summer andante that POW Pout you’ve always wanted!  This advanced lip plumper will instantly enhance the appearance of your lips giving you a pain free alternative to plastic surgery thats safe and simple to use, and is a fabulous tool for creating a beautiful full lip look, giving you a natural confidence boost as well as boosting your pout appeal!

About the Brand

Perfect Pout® make an range of natural lip plumpers that help enhance the shape, contour and appearance of your natural lips instantly without the need for painful injections or chemical filled plumping glosses which can both leave you with unwanted and unpleasant side effects, making the Perfect Pout® Lip Enhancer the perfect way to kiss your thin lips goodbye and hello to pouty perfection!

What’s the Hype?

In a world full of Kardashians, Jenners and Real Housewives showing off their ‘naturally’ perfect pouts all over TV and Social Media its hard to remember a time when full lips weren’t the must have for any fashion conscious Beauty Addict out there.  But with fillers and implants being painful (on both your lips and purse) and sometimes quite dangerous, its easy to see why the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ went viral last year and seeing people risking permanantly disfiguring themselves in the name of beauty became a regular sight on Instagram and FaceBook, but with time thankfully this phase has pretty much died out now, and thats partly thanks to handy little devices like the Perfect Pout® which promises to perfectly plump your lips in just a few seconds, without the pain, price tag or the risk of any permanent side effects that come with traditional injectables and the now all too infamous ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’!

Key Product Benefits

Perfect Pout® offers a quick, simple and safe way to achieve fuller lips without reaching for the fillers and injectables and adds instant volume for a naturally plumper looking pout!  With no need for painful surgery or injections and the added bonus of reducing those pesky fine lines that can plague the delicate skin surrounding your lips – this cute pink pot can transform your lips in as little as 30 seconds making it the ideal beauty tool to have around when you want your lips to look voluptuous and kissable, and its compact design means it can be used on-the-go too, keeping your lips looking perfect at all times!

Perfect Pout Lip Enhancer

How Does it Work?

The Perfect Pout® Lip Enhancer comes in three sizes meaning no matter whatever the shape and size of your  natural lips – theres a Perfect Pout® thats perfect for you!  The sizes available are Small Oval, Medium Round and Wide and are easy to use by following five simple steps which are on the packaging and depending on what lip size you have, or what look you want to go for you can use just one of a combination of all three Perfect Pout® sizes to create your very own perfect pout!  So to start plumping you simply apply some lip salve or lip balm to prep your lips before popping your lips into the centre of the device and beginning to draw in short breaths, gently sucking until the Perfect Pout® has locked firmly in place but make sure doesn’t feel in any way uncomfortable.  Once you have the right level of suction – stop drawing in air and leave the lip plumper on your lips for 15-30 seconds depending on the look you want, repeating this process until the desired effect is achieved, then simply pop the device off by breaking the suction with your finger and POW your lips will be looking perfectly plumped and ready to apply your favourite lipstick or gloss!

How much does it Cost?

The Perfect Pout® Lip Enhancer cost just £9.99 – quite a difference when compared to those pricey and painful fillers and injections don’t you think?  *

Where can I get it?

Perfect Pout®’s online store will be launching very soon but in the meantime the new Perfect Pout® Lip Enhancer is available exclusively from Arch Angelz Beauty Bars which are located within selected Debenhams and New Look Stores across the UK, and they will soon be available in Sephora branches too.  To find your closest Arch Angelz Beauty Bar please check their website for more information, or visit Perfect Pout®’s Social Media to keep up to date with their upcoming website launch and new product releases!

Arch Angelz Beauty Bar

My Verdict

Now I have to say although I have always loved the plumped up lip look and although I am lucky enough to have relatively full lips naturally, but I do have an issue with my lip being a little uneven due to a scar on one side of my bottom lip which, although doesn’t cause me any issues generally, does mean if I want to go for a bold lip look I need to over line part of my bottom lip to ensure they look symmetrical which isn’t always ideal but I would never consider lip fillers due to the awful horror stories I have seen all over the press about them going badly wrong, so so when I was asked to review the latest Lip Plumper from Perfect Pout® I was more than a little excited to see what sort of results were really possibly and whether all the hype around these natural lip enhancers is really true!  I have seen a few of these plumbers previously on Social Media but it wasn’t until I received my Perfect Pout® that I realised that they are actually a 100% safe to use and actually a lot more user friendly that I expected too!  I received their Medium Round Plumper, which I thought was going to be too small to fit my lips in, but was actually the perfect fit, and its cute pink design makes it not just comfortable to use, but also super cute to look at too!  I followed the simple steps shown on the Perfect Pout® box and found that you only need a tiny dash of lip balm for the plumper to work best, as too much and it makes the right amount of suction harder to achieve, but if you don’t use anything it can leave you lips feeling a little tight after you’ve plumped!  I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting much at all from this cute little product so I was pleased to see that after following the five step plumping routine three times (taking me just over two minutes in total) I could see a real noticeable difference in the size and volume of my lips without them looking like I’d been punched in the face, or tried an unsuccessful ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ for a bit of fun, and once I had applied lip gloss they looked perfect!  I also tried using a bold lipstick after using the Perfect Pout® too as I wanted to see the difference compared to my regular over-lining trick and it really helped even out my lips and made them much more symmetrical naturally and I no longer needed to fill in one side to compensate for my scar.  Although not a product I would use on a daily basis as I don’t feel that conscious about the size of my lips, I will definitely be using it when I want to boost my kiss appeal on a day or night out and when I want to wear a full cover lipstick or lip stain to ensure I get a gorgeous symmetrical pout without the maintenance over-lining requires!

For more information about The Perfect Pout® Lip Enhancer – Please visit their Social Media Feeds and look out for their upcoming website launch too!  You can find their Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook links here:


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