Scent Circus Magical Daydreams & Unicorn Poop Wax Melt Review

Scent Circus Magical Daydreams & Unicorn Poop Wax Melt Review


If you’re anything like me – your home is your castle and when you also work in that castle you want it to be a pleasant environment to be in at all times which is why I have a real obsession for home fragrance – well that and the fact I own a boisterous little pooch who is my constant shadow and seems to leave an excessively long trail of magical fibres of joy (dog fur to non-pet owners) where ever he goes!  But having a pet and being a sensitive spoonie who cant tolerate many of the harsh chemicals used in regular air fresheners and candles I have sough out safer, more eco-friendly, non-toxic options to keep my home smelling nice not niffy, and when I came across Scent Circus on Instagram recently I was really excited to see if their selection of soy wax creations smelt as good as they looked!

About the Brand

Scent Circus specialises in premium quality handmade soy wax melts that not only smell fantastic but look amazing too making them a fun way to fragrance your home and add a little bit of fairy dust to your day!  As well as looking and smelling fabulous – all Scent Circus melts are also 100% cruelty free and never tested on animals and are all handmade in the UK – Yorkshire to be exact –  using only eco-friendly soy wax and natural fragrance oils meaning they are jam packed with delicious scents and good for the environment too making them the perfect way to keep your home smelling good with out the nasty chemicals in more traditional home fragrance products!

Scent Circus Magical Daydreams & Unicorn Poop Wax Melt Review

Key Product Benefits

As I have said – all Scent Circus melts are made completely by hand, from mixing the scents to pouring and decorating the the finished melt its all done in the Yorkshire based Scent Circus workshops, and as they only use the highest quality soy wax and natural fragrance oil these fun melts are both eco-friendy and cruelty free, and because they are all handmade from start to finish they are also 100% vegan too and with every melt being packed in their signature organic cotton dolly bags and posted in recycled cardboard boxes Scent Circus are a truly eco-friendly brand!  Each of their marvellous melts will also give you around 8 hours of fantastic fragrance and unlike some more mainstream and expensive melts on the market, they can be used in both regular tea light powered burners and the new electric warmers too making them really versatile and safe to use when you have pets and children in the house and don’t always want the worry of a naked flame!

Scent Circus Magical Daydreams & Unicorn Poop Wax Melt Review

How much does it Cost?

These super cute wax melts from Scent Circus start at just £1.00 for a pack of two ‘Turd Tarts’ and £1.50 for one of their slightly larger Magical Daydreams, Lushies and Tea Room melts.  You can also lay your hands on one of their Oopsy Daisy Boxes which contain a selection of ‘mis-shapen’ melts for just £5.00 when they are available and P&P is just £1.95 within the UK and £4.95 internationally!  *

Exclusive Reader Offer:  The lovely wax workers over at Scent Circus have been kind enough to offer all my readers and followers an exclusive discount code that allows you to receive a fantastic 10% Off any of their amazing wax melts when you order from their new website!  To take advantage of this generous offer just use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARYOFABEAUTYADDICT when you get to the checkout!  There’s no minimum spend required either so all you need to do is decide which melts to try first!

Scent Circus Magical Daydreams & Unicorn Poop Wax Melt Review


Where can I get it?

All Scent Circus Wax Melts can be purchased on their fantastic new website as well as through their existing Etsy Shop!

Scent Circus Logo

My Verdict

Wow!  If you’d asked me last week if I wanted big a pile of unicorn, pixie and mermaid poop piled up on my desk in the Beauty Room I would probably have told you where to go – but these brightly coloured, heavenly scented pops of perfumed poop, deliciously divine biscuits and fragrant fairies have made me a want to run away and join the Scent Circus!  I love them!  From the vibrant colours to the intoxicating flavours and overload of glitter and sparkles these eco-friendly wax melts are simply perfect!  They instantly catch your eye and look so fun!  Their fragrance is delicate but powerful giving you around 8 hours of ‘burn time’ fragrance and more if you ‘display’ them first – they made my house smell fabulous while they were sat in the Beauty Room being photographed long before they came in contact with any of my burners – but they are not overpowering like some home fragrance products can be and their are a variety of scents to choose from too.  I tried these melts in my regular oil burner and my electric wax warmer, and found they worked equally well with a generous release of fragrance coming from each melting method, but did find the electric warmer gave a more consistent scent delivery purely because it stays at a more consent temperature and its also safer as your are reliant on a naked flame to provide heat.  Each melt is also quite easy to remove from a warmer/burner once you are finished with it, and you can easily store the solidified wax to use again if you just fancy the scent pixie poop instead of damson in distress that day, so you’ll never need to waste good wax ever again!  Their packaging is as cute and quirky as their wax melts and also eco-friendly too, and with names like Chocoholics Anonymous, Skinny Dippin’ and You Sexy Fig, you cant help but smile while you are shopping on the Scent Circus website!  Over all these intoxicatingly delicious little treats are just amazing and I am so happy to have discovered them while scrolling through Instagram earlier this month!  They will definitely be getting a lot of repeat business from me, and I am looking forward to seeing how their company grows over the next few years as their products are perfectly priced and their customer service is second to none!

Scent Circus Magical Daydreams & Unicorn Poop Wax Melt Review

For more information about this fabulous new company and their selection of quirky new products please visit the Scent Circus website and Remember to use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARYOFABEAUTYADDICT to receive 10% off your Order!

*  Please note this is a PR Sample


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