YOU Beauty Box Review – August 2016

YOU Beauty Box Review - August 2016


With August almost over and the sun still shining my August YOU Beauty Box has made an appearance so I have spent a few days relaxing and enjoying their Beauty Solutions Shortlist!  With brands like NIP+FAB, Bloom and Blossom and Nügg Beauty to name but a few, I decided that this month I would upgrade my monthly box from the Bronze Membership I was on previously, to the new Silver Membership so I could enjoy three treats instead of just two this month and I cant wait to discover if the extra subscription cost is worth it!  The YOU Beauty Box still remains the best value beauty box in the UK but their new Membership options have opened up a whole new way to enjoy their amazing Beauty Shortlists each month!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £8.95 including P&P

Total Value of Products – £60.89

With this being the first time I have upgraded my Box from Bronze to Silver – I am hoping that the three products I have selected from their Beauty Solutions Shortlist are worthy of a Silver medal this month!  To read more about YOU Beauty’s new Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership options then please check my Membership Update and the YOU Beauty Box August Beauty Shortlist can be seen here.

Your Beauty Treats

This month I selected the following products from the YOU Beauty Shortlist:

Nügg Beauty Revitalising Face Mask – Full Size £16.50

YOU Beauty Box Review - August 2016

Get the radiant and energised complexion you’ve always wanted with Nügg’s Revitalising Face Mask.  The anti-antioxidant rich formula plumps the skin to revitalise and nourish giving skin a gorgeous, natural-looking glow and as it is made with 95% natural or naturally-derived ingredients including peppermint oil and flaxseed oil this single serving pod is perfect for even the most sensitive of skins!  The refreshing gel can be used straight out of the pod for a refreshing hit of hydration or for an extra cooling effect just pop it in the fridge before enjoying this award-winning revitalising face mask!  I have heard so much about Nügg Beauty Masks so when I saw this on the August YOU Beauty Shortlist I knew I had to take my chance to try it and I wasn’t disappointed!  Its formula is free from synthetic colours and fragrances and contains no mineral oil or chemical emulsifiers so this naturally rich mask was refreshing and soothing on my parched Summer skin!  The handy pods give you more than enough for product for up to two uses which I wasn’t expecting, but it advises against keeping excess product so I used it on my feet to help sooth them after a day at the beach and it left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed and my feet feeling fantastic!  I will definitely be trying more of the Nügg Range!

111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask – Full Size £20.00

YOU Beauty Box Review - August 2016

I am a little obsessed with sheet masks and I am so glad to see they have become more mainstream lately and easier to get hold of, and seeing this luxury mask was on the August Shortlist was a real treat!  The 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Mask utilises the most advanced mask technology on the market to deliver beneficial nutrients deep into the dermis.  The gel like structure of the mask will instantly cool and regulate body temperature.  The fibres of the masks are 500x finer than tissue masks so the bio cellulose instantly locks moisture into your skin and enables a deeper penetration of three key ingredients – Arbutin to brighten, Silk Amino Acids to condition and Centella Asiatica to stimulate collagen production.  This mask is just fabulous!  Its potent blend of antioxidants condition and nourish the skin while plumping and firming the skin at the same time!  As I said – I love sheet masks and this anti-ageing mask was a dream to use!  It left my skin feeling healthy and hydrated and glowing with natural radiance which is just what you need when your skin is tired and sun-exposed!

Bloom and Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz – Full Size £15.00

YOU Beauty Box Review - August 2016

Bloom and Blossom’s Rejuvenating Facial Spritz is the perfect Summer pick-me-up for dull, tired skin giving you a refreshing wake up call as and when you need it!  Its formula is crammed full of naturally active ingredients including horsetail leaf, lady’s mantle and gotu cola leaf extracts which refresh and revitalise the skin, along with aloe vera and lime oil which help improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles and boost skins natural collagen levels, improving skin tine, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and giving skin a new lease of life!  This handy dual action skin treatment spritz is ideal to carry with you on the go to keep your complexion looking perfect no matter where you are and is suitable for use on all skin types too! I love Bloom and Blossom products so had to upgrade my YOU Beauty Box so I didn’t miss trying this treat – but ironically it was also included in my Look Fantastic Box this month too so I have two of these versatile and refreshing little facial tonics!  Luckily they are the perfect size to pop in my bag on a day out to ensure my skin is healthy and hydrated at all times plus it helps cool and soothe my sun- exposed skin and smell amazing too!

Bonus Treats

Along with an exclusive selection of discount vouchers to use on the You Beauty Box Beauty Shortlist brands, each box will include an additional two beauty treats as an extra bonus!

YOU Beauty Box Review - August 2016

Plus each box, regardless of your membership type, will include the Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black toothpaste, a £5.00 Leonie Saliba Gift Card and a £20.00 BestSecret Gift Card.

My Verdict

I have to say I am so pleased with my first Silver YOU Beauty Box Edit!  The £2.00 you pay on top of the regular £6.95 Membership price (which is now know as Bronze Membership) has really been worth it for me!  Not only have I got to try three amazing natural skin care treats – I have also bagged myself over £60.00 worth of goodies for just £8.95!  Not bad if I do say so myself!  I loved their Beauty Solutions Shortlist this month, which is why I chose to upgrade to try three products instead of just two, and although one of my choices ended up being in one of my other beauty boxes this month too, I don’t have a problem with it as its a product I will continue to purchase as I love Bloom and Blossom products so much and their facial spritz is a Summer ‘must-have’ as it really cools and refreshes sun-exposed skin!  As well as the Bloom and Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz, I also chose two face masks this month because I love a good face mask and have been dying to try a Nügg Beauty Mask for AGES and simply can’t resist a sheet mask so these were truly essential for me!  I loved them both and so did my skin!  Each mask works very differently but both give amazing results and leave skin plumped, firmed and radiant which is what we all need when we’ve been out in the sun too long!  The cooling mask from Nügg Beauty Revitalising Face Mask was ideal to take away the redness and heat in my skin after a day by the beach and the 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask was the perfect tonic after we went camping earlier this month and I was denied the luxury of a comfy bed for four days!  I have used the Bloom and Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz through out the month on days out, while I have been pottering in the garden and when I have been feeling grotty and have had to stay in bed all day, so all in all this months YOU Beauty Box has been an amazing success for me and my parched Summer skin!  I always love this purse friendly beauty box but this month has been a great edit for me and I am looking forward to seeing what treats they have curated for their September Shortlist already!

My Beauty Favourite

I have to say although all three of my treats were fabulous this month – my August Beauty Favourite was definitely 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask!  It was a really luxurious little treat for my Summer skin, and left my face feeling so soft and smooth it was like I had just had an hour long facial not a 20 minute relax in my bedroom!  The fact the mask becomes a ‘second skin’ while you relax means it is able to push the creamy, nutrient rich blend of natural anti-ageing ingredients deep into the skin and gives you an amazing result every time!  Although a pricey option compared to some masks on the market – this was definitely one of the best I have tried so far!

For more information about the YOU Beauty Box visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Review and to subscribe please visit their website!


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