Ms Flow Box Review – September 2016

Ms Flow Box Review - September 2016


So September has arrived which means that ‘that’ time of the month is also fast approaching but luckily my Ms Flow Box has arrived on time, as always, and with all my monthly essentials covered I am excited to see what Ms Flow have lined up to keep my spirits up when my body is fighting against me this month!  With their selection of luxury sweet treats and teas to curb those period cravings and a box full of beauty treats to help restore a sense of calm to my body’s raging hormones and insane temperature fluctuations – who’d be a woman on her period when the humidity is this high right? – and as Ms Flow always manages to include at least one product that gives you the perfect excuse to take a well deserved moment of ‘me time’ when you need it most you really can’t argue with the way they help you deal with the monthly monster that is your period!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £12.99 plus £2.95 P&P *

Total Value of Products – £26.14 Approximately

This months box has a cooler, more earthy feel about it with a deep forest green theme and a box crammed with excessive amounts of sweet treats and natural beauty products that are just what you need to tackle ‘that’ time of the month in style and after such a vibrant Summer box in August – I hope September brings as many exciting beauty discoveries that make your period a little more bearable than normal!

Your Period Essentials

No matter how long your cycle is, or how light or heavy your flow is, Ms Flow will provide you with more than enough of your chosen sanitary products, whether that be tampons, towels or liners, or even a combination of all three, which means you will never run out of your monthly period essentials!

Ms Flow Box Review - September 2016

They have a selection of big brands to choose from including the organic brand Natracare, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that Ms Flow have got everything covered!  Their boxes do vary slightly in price depending on the amount of sanitary products you need each month but prices start from £12.99 per month plus £2.95 P&P.

Your Beauty Treats

Lord & Berry 20100 Maxi Crayon Lipstick in Intimacy – Full Size £10.00

Ms Flow Box Review - September 2016

Say hello to vibrant and kissably soft lips with this Lord & Berry 20100 Maxi Lipstick Pencil!  The smooth, silky texture of this neutral pink lip crayon ensure it glides effortlessly and gives your lips a seamless, long-lasting coverage that is highly pigmented and super shiny too.  It is easy to apply as the chunky design gives you optimum grip and control while the tapered point allows for accurate and precise application.  I have several Lord & Berry Lip Pencils in my make-up bag so I usually don’t like finding another in my beauty boxes, but I received this lovely pink shade in another of my monthly subscription boxes this year, and it is a good colour for my skin tone so will replace the original when it runs out!  It lasts relatively well on my lips for a gloss finish pencil, and the colour is soft enough for everyday use making it a useful addition to any make-up collection.

Miss Patisserie Sugar Heart Bath Bake – Full Size £4.60

Ms Flow Box Review - September 2016

This sweet smelling and creamy textured bath melt from boutique brand Miss Patisserie contains a blend of nourishing skin loving ingredients that will help keep your body looking and feeling great from top to toe and its fragranced with a blend of sugared pomegranate and candy floss for a deliciously sweet bath time experience!  Simply peel off the cupcake wrapper and drop the whole Bath Bake in the tub for a fantastic fizzy explosion of sugary scent and as a little bonus – once the base of the bake has melted away you can use the top as a gentle exfoliator to keep that pesky dry skin at bay!  Each Miss Patisserie Sugar Heart Bath Bake is hand-made to look just like a real cupcake and is sprinkled with cosmetic grade glitter then finished with a dried flower which means it doesn’t only make a fragrant and therapeutic bath time treat, it also looks super cute and almost good enough to eat!

Witch Naturally Clear Cleansing & Toning Wipes – Full Size £1.19

Ms Flow Box Review - September 2016

For more than 40 years, Witch has used nature’s clever ingredient Witch Hazel as a natural cleanser which also tones and soothes oily/combination skin leaving it perfectly balanced, refreshed and looking healthy too!  Dermatologically tested – these handy wipes are ideal for use during your month cycle when even the driest of complexions is prone to breakouts and they quickly remove dirt and impurities leaving skin clean and soft while Witch Hazels natural astringent properties tighten pores to help prevent further breakouts and blackheads appearing!  These handy 2-in-1 wipes are ideal to use on the go and are gentle on even the most sensitive of skin types making them the perfect partner to your normal period driven skin.  Although this pack only contains five wipes (a full size pack contains twenty-five) this handy pack of ‘on-the-go’ cleansing wipes is a great addition to this months box and will be a refreshing way to keep my skin looking a feeling fresh even when a full cleanse and tone is too much for my poor Spoonie body to deal with!

Tea and Sweet Treats

As well as the fantastic beauty treats in Ms Flow Box, you will also receive a selection of speciality or luxury tea bags and some sweets or chocolate from both well know and emerging confectionary brands to help your period a little more pleasant.

Ms Flow Box Review - September 2016

September’s treats include a packet of Perry Court Farm Air Dried Tangy Apple Crisps, a snack sized bar of Montezuma’s Organic Butterscotch Milk Chocolate, a Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Biscuit Break from Nairn’s and an Organic Green Tea and Manukau Honey Tea Bag from Award Winning Tea Company Heath & Heather!

Bonus Treats

Ms Flow Herb Garden Soy Wax Candle – Full Size £6.00

Ms Flow Box Review - September 2016

This months Herb Garden Scented Soy Wax Candle is fragranced with a subtle blend of Rose, Basil and other Herbs to help uplift your mood, clear your mind and relax your body making it perfect for when your body is working overtime and your mind is a little more hazy than usual thanks to your monthly gift from Mother Nature!  Essential oils are great to use during your period as they can help you feel more ‘Yay!’ and less ‘Meh!’ and this cute little candle, which provides up to 10 hours of fabulous fragrance, is the perfect way to breathe in these calm, relaxing oils and also makes the partner to your morning shower or dozy day under the duvet!

My Verdict

Ms Flow never fail to surprise me with their monthly beauty treats and selection of delicious teas and sweet treats to keep you going during your monthly period and I love the fact they use a variety of boutique and well known brands including high-street heroes as well as boutique brands and high-end finds.  It gives them a greater flexibility over what they do with their boxes each month and means their subscribers get to experience a wider variety of brands than they would with the more mainstream period boxes on the market plus they supply a whole range of natural, organic sanitary items too which again is not something other period subscriptions offer at the moment.  Although I have to say  have missed the addition of their handy heat patch again this month and also missed their ‘Yoga Position of the Month’ insert too – this by no means takes away from the selection of high-end and boutique brand they have curated across their beauty and sweet treats this month!  I adore Montezuma Chocolate and their Butterscotch Bar is one of my all time favourites, and the addition of some healthy snacks too made my period binge more guilt-free than guilty this month!  I liked the Manukau Honey Tea Bag and the bumper selection of sweet treats was a real added extra this month!  Although I am not overly sold on the colour scheme it does fit with the changing season and the beauty treats give you a good variety of products to choose from.  I love the addition of Miss Patisserie to this months box as it is one of my favourite brands and the Sugar Heart Bath Bake was divine to use!  I was a little disappointed with the travel sized pack of Witch Cleansing Wipes, but the Lord & Berry and Miss Patisserie products more than compensated for this and the extra sweet treats made up for the Heat Patch being MIA again!  Overall although I would love to see the heat patch become and permanent fixture and have more full sized items appearing in my Ms Flow Box – their pretty packaging and unique selection of perfect period time products makes their box a joy to receive and I am hoping that they continue to improve their box each month as they have been and become a real contender for the best period subscription box here in the UK!

My Beauty Favourite

My September Beauty Favourite was so easy for me to choose as I simply adored the Miss Patisserie Sugar Heart Bath Bake!  I loved the Bath Melt I received in a Beauty Box from earlier this year so to get to try another was such a great treat and I really must look into their bath and body range more in the future as they not only leave my sensitive skin feeling soothed and nourished but they smell divine and look like an actual cupcake which is so unbelievably cute I can’t put it into words!  I love this brand and will definitely be looking to feature it more on my blog over the coming months!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the Ms Flow Box visit their website!  Remember you can get 30% off your first Ms Flow Box when you use my Exclusive Discount Code SPECIAL30!

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