Simple Candle Co. Melts Monthly Box Review – September 2016

Simple Candle Co. Melts Monthly Box Review - September 2016


Simple Candle Co are an East London-based home fragrance company specialising in small batch wax melts, candles and reed diffusers, and their unique range of fragrances and contemporary designs make their hand-poured 100% pure sustainably sourced soy wax melts not only smell amazing but they also burn cleanly and evenly giving you up to 20 hours of fragrance from each melt!  Their Melts Monthly Box is a great way to sample their selection of fragrances at an amazing price and with eight wax melts in every box, they give you more than enough melts to last you the entire month!  I am slightly obsessed with wax melts and candles, and love anything that makes my home smell good enough to eat so I cant wait to open my September Box and see what scents I have to enjoy inside!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £10.00 including P&P  *

Total Value of Products – £22.95

This is my first Melts Monthly Box and from the smell that is coming from the closed box I think I am going to enjoy opening it up and letting the gorgeous scents fill my home!  I am amazed how delicious this box smells without even being opened so I can only imagine how long these wax melts will last when I begin to warm them!  So exciting!

Your September Fragrance Selection

September’s Melts Monthly Box has a great range of fragrances inside and on top of the eight melts you’re guaranteed to receive in every box, this month they have also included a deliciously Autumnal bonus melt for their subscribers to enjoy too, and as this is my first box they have also been kind enough to pop a personalised melt shaped into a ‘V’ as well, which is a lovely personal touch!  This months melts include exotic Mandarin & Bamboo, Arabian Musk and Heavenly Gardens, delicious Strawberries & Cream, Orange & Honey and Cherry Slush, along with classic Fresh Linen and sugar-filled Bubblegum!  The Bonus melt this month is Strudel & Spice which, as I said, is perfect for the change in season and the selection of fresh, fruity and fragrant melts gives you amazing variety of scents that will keep your home smelling delicious and good enough to eat all month long!

Simple Candle Co. Melts Monthly Box Review - September 2016

All Simple Candle Co. Wax Melts are made from 100% Soy Wax which is all natural and comes from a renewable source, making it eco-friendly and it also contains none of the toxins that regular paraffin wax does making it much safer to use than some other well know wax melts on the market!  It also burns for longer giving you more time to enjoy the fragrance and as it burns cleanly – your warmers can easily be cleaned ready to re-use with just soap and water – no scrubbing required!  As well as being made with all natural Soy Wax – each Simple Candle Co. Melt also contains a maximum fragrance ratio to allow a stronger, more effective aroma and because of the nature of soy wax the warmed melt will gently fill a room with long-lasting fragrance but without being smoky or overpowering, and as they heat up quickly, fragrance release is almost instant too making them the perfect to freshen up your home!

My Verdict

I love using wax melts to fragrance my home as they allow me to change my fragrance when ever I like, without worrying about wasting wax or losing fragrance quality so I was really happy to receive my first Melts Monthly Box from Simple Candle Co.  I am really impressed with the selection of fragrances included in September’s Box, and I love the personalised Bonus Melt they added too!  With a whopping ten melts to choose from this month, their scent selection includes a combination of old favourites, current scents and new yet-to-be launched scents, which gives you an exclusive preview of upcoming product launches along with an exclusive discount code to use on any purchases made on the Simple Candle Co. website during September too!  The Melts Monthly Box is great value for money at just £10.00 including P&P and with at least eight melts in every box, you will find a great range of fragrances to enjoy no matter what your perfume preference which is always good to see!

Simple Candle Co. Melts Monthly Box Review - September 2016

The fragrance from September’s Melts Monthly Box is simply delicious!  As soon as the box hit my door mat I could smell the mix of fresh fruits and warm autumn fragrances and the rich scents filled my whole house once I opened the box, which was an amazing first impression and I love the mix of fragrances they have chosen, and the fact they have chosen a wide range of fragrances that cover musky vanilla tones through to sweet cherries and apples, and fresh florals there is a scent to suit every mood and every room, and I love the beautifully named Bubblegum and its bold aroma that filled my entire house with a mouth-wateringly intense fragrance that lasted for hours after the tea-light went out!

Simple Candle Co. Melts Monthly Box Review - September 2016

With up to 20 hours of fragrance from each melt and the versatility to use each melt in either a traditional wax/oil burner or an electric warmer, Simple Candle Co. Wax Melts are so easy to use and are great for people who don’t like the idea of having a naked flame or traditional candle in their home, and I love the fact you don’t need a full melt to fill a room with fragrance.  I have really enjoyed trying another company’s wax melts, and have found their melts rich fragrance blend offers an intense boost of scent that lingers in the air long after the wax has cooled!  I will definitely taking full advantage of the 20% Melts Monthly Discount and stocking up on a few candles from Simple Candle Co. to make sure I get to enjoy their long-lasting  fragrances for many months to come!  I am so glad I got to try Simple Candle Co.’s Melts Monthly Box and I would definitely recommend it to any home fragrance or candle addict!

My September Favourite

It is going to sound quite obvious of you have read any of my other posts on home fragrance and beauty products, but my September Favourite has to be the Cherry Slush!  I adore anything cherry flavoured or cherry scented so this fresh, fruity melt is the perfect match for my cherry obsession and it really does smell like a Cherry Slushie on a hot Summer day!  Delicious!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the Melts Monthly Box visit the Simple Candle Co. website!

*  Please note this is a PR Sample


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