The Melt Crowd Review – September 2016

The Melt Crowd Review - September 2016


August has been and gone and with September bringing the end of the Summer with it, ‘The Melt Crowd’ have put together a deliciously Summer inspired box of Melts that will soothe your Summer blues and help you ease into Autumn gently.  With a whopping nine melts in this months box, they have made sure that you have enough fabulous fragrance to keep your home smelling fabulous through until the fall really arrives and the temperatures begin to drop.  I love my monthly melt delivery from Flamingo Candles and this bumper box of bold fragrances and mouth-watering melts is a great example of why I continue to subscribe to ‘The Melt Crowd’ each month!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £10.00 including P&P

Total Value of Products – £20.95

I adore my monthly box of melts from ‘The Melt Crowd’ and have been a loyal subscriber for six months now so I cant wait to delve into my September Box and see whether they really have found the cure to my end of Summer blues!

Your Lifestyle Treats

September’s Box has a refreshing a fruity feel about it with a delicious selection of nine tempting and tasty sounding scents to choose from including some Summer classics like Green Apples and Thunderstorm along with a selection of Flamingo Candles High Tea inspired scents Blackcurrant Jam and Macaroon & Almond, the exquisite Rose & Marshmallow and Strawberries & Champagne plus an extra three melts which are all exclusive to ‘The Melt Crowd’ – Seville Orange, But First Coffee and Tangerine Mojito!  All September’s Melts will instantly help brighten your spirits and ease those end of Summer blues but with such a great selection of delicious fragrances to choose from – its hard to know where to start when it comes to picking which scent to savour first this month!

The Melt Crowd Review - September 2016

All ‘The Melt Crowd’ wax melts are made from 100% soy wax and give up to 30 hours of amazing fragrance, and with eight wax melts in each monthly box ‘The Melt Crowd’ provide more than enough melts to keep your home smelling sensational all month long!  Their melts are best used in a traditional wax burner, but they can also be used in electric warmers too making them super versatile and easy to use and with less chemicals than paraffin based candles and melts, these beautiful, hand-poured melts are the perfect choice for the more health conscious scent seeker and what’s more every melt is made in the United Kingdom too!

Bonus Treats

Exclusive Tangerine Mojito Scented Wax Melt – Full Size £2.00

The Melt Crowd Review - September 2016

Along with your eight delicious melts this month – ‘The Melt Crowd’ have also included an additional zesty cocktail of fragrance with this Tangerine Mojito Melt too!  With ‘The Melt Crowd’ they always reward loyalty so as well as the odd freebie here and there just because Flamingo Candles are feeling extra generous they also add a little treat to their regular subscribers every three months as an extra thank you and September is my sixth month with ‘The Melt Crowd’ they have added a celebratory Mojito Melt which smells so sweet it’s almost good enough to eat!

The Melt Crowd Review - September 2016

And if a bonus melt every three months wasn’t enough – every month ‘The Melt Crowd’ also give all their subscribers an exclusive 20% discount code to use on any purchases they make on the Flamingo Candles website during the month too which means if you fancy treating yourself to a few extra melts or a classic jar candle – ‘The Melt Crowd’ gives you the perfect excuse to do just that!

My Verdict

I have to say as soon as this months ‘The Melt Crowd’ Box came through my letter box I could smell the fragrances start to fill my house before I had even opened the box so I wasn’t surprised to see a lot of this months melts were fresh, fruity scents and tasty tea blends!  I love that they have hit us with a box full of Summer just as the nights start to draw in and the heat is dying off.  It makes the end of the best season of the year a little less painful and adds a delicious fragrance to your house that will keep you feeling like the sun is shining even when its less than appealing outside!  The mix of vibrant fruity fragrances and more mellow melts gives you plenty of variety and the exclusive scents are always a luxurious little treat!  I love the High Tea Melts in this months box – I have already tried their Blackcurrant Jam melt, so seeing that return was really nice as it really does fill your home with juicy goodness, and the decadent Strawberries & Champagne and Rose & Marshmallow are perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub or filling your bedroom with sweet scents that will help you drift off to sleep at night too!  This box is bursting with flavours that will have you thinking it’s still the height of Summer and the bold choices have gone down really well with me and although I am not overly keen on the But First Coffee Melt I am going to enjoy melting my bumper box as Autumn begins to show its face and Summer slowly slips away!  As always ‘The Melt Crowd’ have put together a real treat of a box this month and I think I may well have to cash in that 20% discount and stock up on some of these scents they are that delicious!

My September Favourite

It’s always a struggle to pick just one favourite with my monthly box from ‘The Melt Crowd’ but this month it has to be the Rose & Marshmallow Melt as it smells just like turkish delight with a hit of vanilla and it has been burning away in my bedroom and Beauty Room for the last few hours so my whole house smells like a rose garden which is just heaven for me!  I love this scent so much I think I may well have to get a couple of candles to make sure I always have this gorgeous scent on tap at all times!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the ‘The Melt Crowd’ Box visit the Flamingo Candles website!


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