The Big Top ‘Fright Night’ Box Review – October 2016

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016


If you read my recent review of Scent Circus’s fabulously fun selection of Turd Tarts, Magical Daydreams and Tea Room Treats you’ll know that I am already a huge fan of this quirky new company and their beautifully presented and deliciously fragranced wax melts, so it was no surprise that when I heard they were launching a monthly melt box, aptly called The Big Top Box, this October I was more than a little excited!  Combining two of my favourite things – super cute and gorgeously scented wax melts and monthly subscription boxes – was always going to be a recipe for sweet smelling success for me, but as each of their new monthly boxes contain a selection of melts that are not yet available on their website and the contents of each Big Top Box remain a total surprise it means they are not only a fun way to buy your home fragrance products, but you also get an exclusive sneak preview of Scent Circus’s latest scent combinations and melt designs too!  So expect to become a Circus VIP and Roll Up, Roll Up because the Big Top just opened and its ‘Fright Night’!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £7.50 *

Total Value of Products – £10.00

With their super spooky ‘Fright Night’ theme Scent Circus have certainly hit the ground running with their brand new melt box, and not only adore their existing wax melt selection – I am also a huge horror and halloween fan so I have really high hopes for this box and its scarily good melt mixture!

Your ‘Fright Night’ Melts

Included in every Big Top Box from Scent Circus is a selection of themed wax melts that are not currently available to purchase individually on their website and for this months ‘Fright Night’ theme they have created a ‘spooktacular’ line up of monstrous melts that will keep your home smelling sweet all month long!

This month their melt selection includes the following ‘Fright Night’ themed Melts:

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016

Witch Poop – A Blend of Amber Musk, Mandarin & Spices

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016

Cat got the Treat – A Sweet Smelling Vanilla Scented Melt that is Rich and Creamy enough to make every Kitty on the Jealous

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016

Cherry Bloodbath – As the name suggests this Melt is a ‘Bloodbath’ of Alcohol, Sweet Cherry, Cinnamon & Ginger

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016

Witches Crib – Presented in two Halloween inspired designs, these melts combine a Warm Medley of Frankincense, Plum & Amber with a hint of Smokey Tobacco

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016

Haunted Pumpkin – Another devilish duo – these Spooky Scented Melts are fragranced with Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Raison, Nutmeg & Roasted Chestnut

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016

Penny or a Sweet – This Sherbet Lemon scented Melt will transport you back to your Childhood & remind you of your Trick or Treating escapades in the process

Bonus Treats

As well as a whopping eight handmade Wax Melts in this months ‘Fright Night’ themed Big Top Box, Scent Circus have also included a Spooky Halloween Lolly to help satisfy your sweet tooth as well as ensure your home smells deliciously Autumnal during October so you’ll be getting a lot more from your first Big Top Box than you may have expected and remember with every Scent Circus Wax Melt being made from Eco-Friendly Soy Wax and fragranced with only the highest quality scents available you are guaranteed a safe and healthy way to make your home smell happy every month too!

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016

Exclusive Reader Offer: The lovely wax workers over at Scent Circus have been kind enough to offer all my readers and followers an exclusive discount code that allows you to receive a fantastic 10% off any of their amazing wax melts including their new Big Top Boxes and with November’s theme being Disney inspired it is an offer you will really want to take advantage of!  So to enjoy this generous discount just use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARYOFABEAUTYADDICT when you get to the checkout!

My Verdict

I have been obsessed with wax melts for quite a while now, and after an explosive incident with a Yankee Candle I began looking into other brands to help keep my home smelling good which is how I learned about the benefits of soy wax over traditional parafin wax products and I have been exploring the many creative and colourful eco-friendly options ever since, but none of the melts I have grown to love so far have been quite as cutely designed and perfectly formed at the melts made by Scent Circus!  Their range of Turd Tarts, Tea Room Treats and Whimsical Wax Melts are not only deliciously scented but they are also uniquely shaped to look like our favourite childhood biscuits, tiny piles of pretty poop and creatures from fairy tales, and if that wasn’t enough, they also make sure that all their melts are purse friendly as well as eco-freindly so when I heard they were bringing out monthly melt boxes filled with limited edition designs and seasonal scents I was one happy girl!  Their ‘Fright Night’ themed launch box has already completely sold out, and I am not surprised as it is filled with a whopping eight melts in six different scents and as they are all inspired by Halloween and fragranced perfectly for the Autumn they are a real treat to melt!  I love the variety of scents in this box – Scent Circus have picked a great selection for October with warm spiced scents, seasonal fruits, rich vanillas and musks as well as exotic essential oils and smokey tobaccos and boozy blends too making them ideal for the Autumn.  Each melt has a strong scent even before you begin melting them, but as with all their melts, the fragrances aren’t overpowering or heady, making them ideal to use as decoration before you watch the delicate designs melt away forever!  Although it is always such a shame to melt these beautifully made designs, the scent they provide is so good its worth the sacrifice!  I adore the theme this month too as I am a true horror fan and the film Fright Night was one of my favourite childhood movies – yes I was one of those kids that stayed up late when I wasn’t meant to to watch horror films in the dark – and as it is almost Halloween it is the perfect theme to begin their monthly Big Top Boxes with!  Another bonus for me is that unlike some other wax boxes available – the Big Top Box doesn’t require you to subscribe in order to enjoy each months box, and you can purchase a box as and when you like, although you will need to be quick if this month was anything to go by!  There is also the option to add extra melts from the Scent Circus website to your box delivery too so this box is not only great fun and great value for money, it is also super versatile as well making The Big Top Box one of my all time favourite monthly melt boxes around right now!

My ‘Fright Night’ Favourite

With so many delicious scents to pick from in this box, it is hard to pick just one favourite but I am always a real ‘sucker’ for anything that smells like Cherry so my ‘Fright Night’ favourite has to be Cherry Bloodbath as it not only smells amazing but it looks fab too and I love that how it fits with the Fright Night film reference as well as Halloween in general, although I have to say the Witch’s Poop comes a close second not only fragrance wise but also because I simply adore the range of Turd Tarts Scent Circus make!

Scent Circus The Big Top 'Fright Night' Box Review - October 2016

For more information about my Subscription Boxes please visit my ‘Which Subscription Box‘ Reviews and to find out more about this amazing company, their fabulous new subscription box and their quirky selection wax melts please check out my full review of Scent Circus’s Wax Melts or visit the Scent Circus website and Remember to use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARYOFABEAUTYADDICT to receive 10% off your Order!

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