BomiBox Review – September 2016

BomiBox Review - September 2016


Ok – So I have a little confession to make – although I may have used quite a few sheet masks over the past few months, I am still technically a true K-Beauty Virgin so I have been more than a little excited waiting for my first BomiBox to arrive all the way from America so when it finally landed on at my front door I was one happy beauty addict!  BomiBox is a brand new beauty box that brings you a selection of the best Korean Beauty products around along with some new and emerging brands too, so you get a varied selection of at least eight Korean Beauty Goodies to enjoy every month which is perfect if, like me you are a K-Beauty Novice or you are a more experience K-Beauty Enthusiast like the lady responsible for my ‘education’ in this amazing range of advanced skin care treatments, the one and only Sarah from Boxnip – go check her out of you javent already – and I like that as not everyone who buys a beauty box is a beauty expert and when you learn a little with each box you receive, you end up getting more out of every product too, so the fact BomiBox not only brings you fantastic Korean Beauty products – it also helps educate subscribers about why the products are so beneficial and gives you a whole Bomi Community to interact with too has me a very happy beauty addict that cant wait to open my long awaited launch box and dive in!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £30.25 ($37.00) plus £10.62 ($12.99) P&P  **

Total Value of Products – £57.75 ($70.63)

BomiBox only launched in September, so this is their first ever beauty box edit and from the pretty pink package and the sheer amount of products it looks like its going to be an epic way to pop my K-Beauty Cherry and see exactly why there is so much hype around K-Beauty and K-Skincare at the moment, as with SO MANY people singing its praises, it has to be good right?

Your Beauty Treats

COSRX Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser – Full Size £10.20

BomiBox Review - September 2016

A cult favorite among Korean skin care fans, COSRX utilises their ten years of experience in the industry to continuously deliver functional, ingredient-rich cosmetics and they focus on producing high quality products made using only the best and most effective extracts and compounds to create skin care that is targeted for specific skin concerns ensuring no matter what your skin type – there is a COSRX product that is perfect for you!  As one of the biggest names in K-Beauty at the moment it is fitting that BomiBox have included products from this iconic brand in their first box!  Their Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser is ideal for my combination/oily skin as the active ingredient BHA melts away dirt and impurities, including excess sebum, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean but also healthy and hydrated too, something which doesn’t always happen when you use products targeted at oily skin types.  This cleanser was gentle on my sensitive skin, and effectively controlled my oily skin and improved the appearance of my hormonal breakouts so a great addition to my first BomiBox and a product that is now a firm favourite in my bathroom cabinet!

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner – Full Size £11.90

BomiBox Review - September 2016

To compliment the COSRX Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser, BomiBox have also included the AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner which completes your daily cleansing routine and helps ensure that your skin is perfectly cleansed and treated so stays healthy, radiant and spot free for as long as possible!  The handy spray bottle design makes this toner easy to apply to your skin as part of your daily beauty regime or to refresh your face on-the-go!  Enriched with 10% pyrus malus or apple water, this gentle toner doesn’t just prepare skin for your moisturiser, it also works as a gentle exfoliator as well to help get rid of dead skin cells and excess oil to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh and ready to face the day!  Again – another perfect product for my oily/combination skin and I love how gentle it is on my skin as most of the clarifying treatments I have tried to tame my troublesome hormonal skin dry and strip my skin leaving it irritated and unbalanced where as this is soothing and hydrating as well as helping control the excess oil on my skin too!  Great little toner and as this is big full size product it will help keep my skin sparkling and spot free for ages!

Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream in Sudachi – Full Size £5.31

BomiBox Review - September 2016

Innisfree has offered skin care that harmoniously combines pure and natural ingredients with an eco-friendly exterior for fifteen years now and the brand’s vast array of masks, toners and creams are known for making use of vegetable, fruit and mineral extracts to tackle specific skin care concerns, and as they also engage in fair trade practices they promote environmental sustainability as well as producing nourishing skin care solution!  In September’s BomiBox I received Innisfree’s Jeju Sudachi Hand Cream – a moisturising hand cream that deeply nourishes your skin and smells deliciously tangy too!  I am a hand cream addict, so this is a great addition to my ever growing collection of creams and leaves my hands feeling soft and hydrated for hours at a time!  Its handy size also makes it ideal to pop in your handbag to keep your hands healthy on-the-go too!

COSRX Holy Moly Snail Mask – Full Size £2.45

BomiBox Review - September 2016

Another addition from COSRX – this Sheet Mask is enriched with everyone’s favourite K-Beauty ingredient – Snail Mucin along with Red Ginseng Water instead of regular water to make this amazing mask nourish and moisturise the skin like nothing else!  Snail Mucin delivers long-lasting nutrient rich support to the skin, plumping, firming, elasticising and hydrating for a healthy, youthful look, while Camellia Japonica Seed Oil soothes the skin and helps boost this pretty masks antioxidant properties while you sit back, relax and enjoy this nourishing skin care treat!  I adore sheet masks, so this nutrient rich mask was a real treat to use.  It was great for my sensitive skin and left my face feeling fresh and hydrated without feeling overloaded or sticky and the excess cream left over after you remove the mask makes a great treat for your hands and décolletage too!

Laneige Hand Sleeping Ball – Full Size £1.00

BomiBox Review - September 2016

Based on the fundamental principle that water, the source of life, is the key to maintaining youthful and radiant skin, Laneige is continually setting new beauty trends and delivering high-quality products through innovation. This premium Korean beauty brand is very popular amongst young women and is dedicated to beautifying and instilling confidence in its devoted customers on all levels.  In this months BomiBox I received their Hand Sleeping Ball, a handy single use sleeping mask that helps make rough, dry hands feel nourished and moisturised over night and as each handy pot contains exactly the right amount of product for one application, you really can’t go wrong!  Just apply, fall asleep and wake up to soft, smooth and supple skin that feels healthy and looks visibly more youthful!  As I have said – I love hand creams and this is mainly because I have very dry skin which is made worse by frequent hand washing so this overnight treatment is ideal for me and made me skin feel fabulous and the results lasted a lot longer than a normal hand cream which makes this a great treat for my hands!

Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask – Full Size £2.45

BomiBox Review - September 2016

This super cute mask from Mediheal utilises I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule technology and contains stabilized vitamins A & E, mulberry root extract and arbutin to help with skin-toning and brightening, along with a rich blend of premium whitening ingredients to boost your skin’s radiant glow for a healthier, more radiant appearance.  This medicated mask also specifically targets dark spots and acne scars to help your skin achieve a fairer and more even complexion making it ideal for prematurely ageing skin as well as skin that needs a radiance boost.  Although I do have a little bit of sun damage, I am not overly keen on the idea of skin lightening treatments as I prefer my paler skin to have a little bit of colour to it, but this mask helped even out my pigmentation with out ‘bleaching’ my skin making it a gentle and effective anti-ageing treatment as well as a refreshing mask to help you relax and unwind for a few minutes and that packaging – SO CUTE!

MISSHA Line Friends Edition All Around Safe Block Mild Sun – Full Size £12.90

BomiBox Review - September 2016

Korean skin care brand MISSHA, makeup need not be expensive, and skin care should be seen as an essential instead of an indulgence meaning that they offer over 600 products that are both high quality and purse friendly and the fact they have made affordable, high-quality products available to women everywhere has helped MISSHA a globally successful brand.  The name MISSHA stands for “Miss” (young women), Sexy, Healthy, Active” – qualities that are also symbolized by the MISSHA love flower logo so including one of MISSHA’s best selling ‘Friends Edition’ sun care products is the perfect choice for September’s BomiBox!  The All Around Safe Block in Mild Sun us a light-weight, naturally active sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ that contains 100% mineral UV filter containing making it ideal for sensitive skin like mine.  This mild sun screen contains minimal ingredients and is ideal for use on babies and children as well as people with sensitive skin, and as it isn’t sticky or heavy on the skin, it is easy to wash off with soap and water but remains water-resistant during use making it a really versatile sun screen to have!  I love the cute packaging of this product and as I have suffered with skin cancer on my face I always wear a sun protection product on my face, even during the winter months, so this is a great addition to this months BomiBox and the hypoallergenic, mineral formula is great for my easily irritated skin!

Heimish 5-Colour Mini Lipstick Palette – Full Size £2.89

BomiBox Review - September 2016

Heimish is the newest addition to the Korean Department Store brands currently available and its vision on natural skin care and mineral makeup makes it very popular.  This cute mini palette contains a vibrant selection of lipstick shades from two of Heimish Lipsticks collections – their Daily Mineral-Rich Lipstick and their Daily Serum Rouge.  The shades included are Working Day and Lovely Day from the Daily Mineral-Rich Range and Morning Calm, Morning Glow and All Night from the Daily Serum Rouge Range giving you a good selection of colours and finishes to choose from and makes this handy sized palette a great on-the-go product to keep your lips looking good throughout the day.  Heimish lip colours are extremely wearable and have a smooth texture, moisturising formula and great staying power too.  This is a great addition to this months BomiBox and I love that they have decided to include some make-up as well as the all important skin care in their launch box as although K-Beauty is all about the right skin care first, K-Beauty novices like myself may still need the help of a little bit of powder and paint to make sure we look glowing and radiant at all times!

Bonus Treats

As well as a selection of full-sized skin care and make-up treats in this months BomiBox – they have also included two fantastic bonus treats to make sure you really get the most out of your first box.  Inside this box are the following bonus treats to enjoy:

Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in 02 Cherry Ade – Full Size £7.90

BomiBox Review - September 2016

Established in 1995, Korean brand Etude House develops high quality skin care and cosmetic products at affordable prices.  Created with young women in mind, the brand offers a wide colour palette and whimsical packaging that call to the young girl’s sweet and romantic nature and their new version of their Classic Dear Darling Lip Tint makes a great addition to September’s Box!  The sweet tint is available in three sugary shades and I received 02, Cherry Ade, a dark pinky red that gives my lips a pretty pop of colour that can be built up from a sheer flush of colour to a bright and bold lip look!  The long-lasting, moisture rich tint is a good for me as I am obsessed with applying lip balm to my dry lips, especially now the winter weather is beginning to show up, and its staying power matches that of products I have tried in the UK, but with out the drying and feathering I have noticed in most long-wear lip products around!

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence – £14.90

BomiBox Review - September 2016

The second bonus treat is another COSRX treat which gives you an entire skin care regime in a box and gives you a great selection of products from this cult Korean Brand to sample too!  Containing as much as 96% of snail mucin concentrate, Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence adds intense moisture to skin to heal and relieve damage from within, resulting in a rejuvenated and refreshed complexion.  Created using nutritious, low-stimulation filtered snail mucin and other great ingredients your skin will be kept moisturised and hydrated throughout the day and as a little goes a long way, this sample lasts a lot longer than you’d think and the results on my skin were really positive!

My Verdict

Wow!  Where do I start summing up this beauty box?  I am honestly so impressed with this box, from the pretty packing (which arrived in perfect condition all the way from America) to the well thought out contents, this box is a real winner for me!  As a K-Beauty newbie – I was really excited to see what the hype about the latest beauty craze is all about and after delving into my first BomiBox I can see why people are raving about these advanced skin care solutions!  I love the cleanser and toner duo from COSRX as they are perfect for my oily skin and the sample of one of their moisturising essences along with a fabulous sheet mask from this iconic brand let me really explore their products and they are great for skin that is both sensitive but spot prone too as they are affective at neutralising excess oil with out drying the skin and causing irritation.  I can see why this is such a popular choice in the K-Beauty world!  I loved the balance of products too as you have an entire skin care routine, from cleansing through to sun protection BomiBox have you covered, and they have also included a selection of make-up treats to enhance your newly glowing skin, as well as some hand care to make sure that while your face is looking youthful and radiant, your hands don’t tell another story!  The intensive moisture mask from Laneige helps kick-start the repair process while the Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream helps maintain your hands, keeping them soft, supple and smooth at all times.  I am really impressed with the fact everything apart from one of the bonus treats in this box is full size too as well, which gives you amazing value for money and even though you do need to pay shipping if you live outside the USA, the value of the products inside the box is well in excess of the subscription charge and the International Shipping combined and the fact BomiBox provide subscriber support in their BomiTribe as well as a selection of amazing skin care and make-up items every month shows this is a company that cares about their customers as much as they love the K-Beauty products they are making available!  A great little box and a wonderful addition to the beauty box market!  I am now very much a K-Beauty Convert and will really enjoy getting to know even more about the world of K-Beauty from the future BomiBoxes I receive!

My Beauty Favourite

With such an abundance of beauty products to choose from it wasn’t an easy task to choose just one, but my September Beauty Favourite was the COSRX Holy Moly Snail Mask as it was just so nourishing on my skin and left me with radiant, refreshed and glowing skin.  It is also the first time I have really tried a Snail Mucin based product so I am really surprised that it really does help even out skin tine, and plump fine lines and wrinkles without a chemical in sight!  It also gives you a good excuse to relax and unwind for 20 minutes as you can’t possibly do anything but put your feet up and chill with a good book or a gossip magazine when you have a face mask on right?

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BomiBox Review - September 2016

For more information about BomiBox visit my ‘Which Subscription Box‘ Review and to subscribe to the Ultimate Korean Beauty Box visit their website and Remember to use my Exclusive Reader Discount Code BOMIDBA to receive LIFE TIME Subscriber Discount when you sign up to the Ultimate Korean Beauty Box!

** Please Note that All Prices are Correct as per the Exchange Rate on the 23rd of October 2016


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