Little Bit Lavish ‘Sweet Dreams’ Box Review – October 2016

Little Bit Lavish 'Sweet Dreams' Box Review - October 2016


I adore my monthly subscription boxes, but all too often they are filled with disappointing products that are available in a selection of discount stores at a fraction of the value listed on the ‘handy’ box information insert, or they tiny sample sizes that don’t allow you to really try the product in the first place so you aren’t really able to make a fair judgement on whether you like it or not, but although this is common place in most big brand box, a new wave of Boutique Boxes like Little Bit Lavish are now taking the Beauty Box world by storm by providing full size, high-end and handmade beauty treats that not only offer you REAL value for money but also let you explore a selection of beauty brands that you may not have been familiar with in the past, or haven’t had the chance to discover in other beauty boxes.  This combination of boutique brands that are beautifully tailored to fit their on-trend monthly themes are exactly why Little Bit Lavish’s Launch Box proved so popular last month and with this months box looking to be just as successful it is an exciting time to be a Beauty Blogger, and I am very happy to see the Boutique Beauty Box is doing so well!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £20.00 including P&P *

Total Value of Products – £64.00

After last month’s highly anticipated ‘Mermaid Wishes’ Box was such as extraordinary success – Becky, the Beauty Guru over at Little Bit Lavish had a mammoth task on her hands to put together another product line up as unique and usable for October’s Sweet Dreams themed Box, so I am hoping that this selection of heavenly scented beauty treats are really as good as they smell!

Your Beauty Treats

Bloomtown Botanicals The Rose Garden Pink Himalayan Salt Soak – Full Size £10.00

Little Bit Lavish 'Sweet Dreams' Box Review - October 2016

Turn bath time into the ultimate pampering experience with this mineral-rich, beautifully scented Pink Himalayan Bath Salts Soak from Bloomtown Botanicals.  Enriched with vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil – The Rose Garden Pink Himalayan Salt Soak can help to draw out excess moisture and swelling from aching, over-worked limbs, and has the added benefit of aromatherapy oils which not only help this pink salt soak smell of luscious rose-strewn gardens – you can’t get much more quintessentially english really can you? – but they also have the ability to soothe the senses and relax the mind, making this decadent beauty treat the ideal companion to aid a good nights sleep!  All you need now is to put on some soothing tunes, pour yourself a large glass of Prosecco, and let this handcrafted salt soak get to work!  I love the scent of roses, but I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of herbal tea as it is often looked at as an old fashioned fragrance, but Bloomtown have managed to create a well balanced, modern floral blend that is simply divine, and although I am not always a fan of bath salts due to the fact they often end up leaving a layer of grit at the bottom of the bath which annoys me more than words can express, but these Pink Himalayan Salts dissolved really well so there was no salty sediment surprise to spoil my relaxing soak!

Kiss the Moon ‘Dream’ After Dark Balm – Full Size £16.00

Little Bit Lavish 'Sweet Dreams' Box Review - October 2016

Wide awake and need to sleep?  Then Kiss the Moon’s ‘Dream’ After Dark Balm may be just what you need as its blend of relaxing essential oils have been especially chosen to help soothe the soul and ease the mind helping you drift peacefully off to sleep the natural way, and its compact pot makes it perfect to pop under your pillow too, so adding a dash of this dreamy balm to your wrists or temples is quick and easy, making it ideal for nights when you just can’t seem to sleep, or when you are restless and find staying asleep more difficult than usual!  Kiss the Moon’s signature blend of After Dark essential oils are combined with nourishing shea butter and white tea seed oil making this beautiful balm not only amazing for relaxation but is also great for soothing sensitive skin too.  As a long suffering insomniac I have tried a lot of sleep balms over the years but with most of them being mainly Lavender based, I havent really found them that useful, but the fact Kiss the Moon blend the traditional sleep aid – Lavender, which can actually stimulate the mind when used in larger quantities, with the soft scent of Bergamot, sweet Cedarwood and soothing Roman Chamomile makes this balm a rich and well rounded product and the shea butter base is so much nicer to use than the mineral oil based balms I have tried before, making this pocket-sized pot my new bedtime BFF!

Tisserand Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist – Full Size £12.95

Little Bit Lavish 'Sweet Dreams' Box Review - October 2016

This natural mood enhancing mist contains a tranquil blend of Lavender, Sandalwood and Jasmine essential oils that together help ensure you can relax and unwind at the end of the day and when used as part of a regular bedtime ritual it can also help create a sense of serenity and calm, easing tension to help you get the perfect night’s sleep!  Made using 100% natural Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts this gorgeous mist from big name Aromatherapy brand Tisserand can be spritzed over your bed linen or used as a room spray to help ensure a restful nights sleep, and it fits perfectly with this months Little Bit Lavish Box theme!  I have used Tisserand products for years now, and as a qualified aromatherapist I know just how beneficial this kind of blend can be.  I love the fact that the delicate Jasmine isn’t overpowered by the stronger Lavender like in most ‘bed-time’ blends and the combination of essential oils leaves your home smelling fabulous long after you fall asleep, and is still lingering when you wake up too!  A great addition to October’s Box!

Siskyn Skincare Frankincense & Jasmine Night Facial Oil – Full Size £32.00

Little Bit Lavish 'Sweet Dreams' Box Review - October 2016

Blended using eighteen luxurious plant and flower oils, Siskyn’s Frankincense & Jasmine Night Facial Oil is a superstar blend with powerful healing and regenerating properties, giving you a good night’s beauty sleep in a bottle!  This nourishing oil combines vitamin rich Rosehip for its potent ability to increase collagen production with soothing Calendula to help even skin tone and exquisite Baobab Extract to help maintenance healthy, radiant skin.  Its 100% natural and organic formula has a high linoleic acid content making it ideal for all skin types, even oily/combination skin, so it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or overloaded, and as it is a specific night time oil it has been blended with a slightly slower absorption rate to help leave your skin feeling balanced and nourished in the morning and the combination of regenerative Frankincense, skin boosting Myrrh and hydrating Jasmine makes this oil a real skin care powerhouse that gently brightens and rejuvenates skin while you sleep!  I adore facial oils – I have used them for years now and have found them so beneficial for my oily/combination skin which most people don’t believe is possible, but the combination of hydrating, skin loving base oils and balancing essential oils really does leave my skin looking more radiant and healthier than when I used even the most expensive of night creams, and as this oil is also suitable to use around the delicate eye area too, it makes your bedtime routine quick and easy, giving you a few more precious minutes in bed each night too!

Your ‘Sweet Dreams’ Treats

Clipper ‘Snore & Peace’ Herbal Tea – Full Size £2.25

Little Bit Lavish 'Sweet Dreams' Box Review - October 2016

Us Brits love a good old cup of tea, but with most regular brews containing caffeine, no matter how comforting it may feel, it’s not always the best thing to drink before bed, which is where herbal blends like Clipper’s Snore & Peace come in to their own and thanks to Little Bit Lavish you can try this bedtime inspired infusion for yourself!  Not only does this herbal tea contain an organic blend of chamomile, lemon balm and lavender which is perfect for soothing and calming the body and mind, it also tastes delicious making it the perfect drink to enjoy before lights out!

Jasmine Scented Silk Eye Mask – Full Size £7.99

Little Bit Lavish 'Sweet Dreams' Box Review - October 2016

Who doesn’t love a Sleep Mask?  Well me for one!  I find they are always too big for my head and don’t fit comfortably across my eyes letting in unwanted light and leaving unsightly wrinkles on my skin when I wake up in the morning – not a good thing around your delicate eye area that automatically ages more quickly than the rest of your face, but this luxury silk sleep mask is made from super soft charmeuse silk and filled with mulberry silk floss for extra comfort and no wrinkles when you wake up in the morning either!  I don’t know the exact science behind it – but sleeping on a silk pillow is known to help boost circulation and prevent pressure wrinkling on the skin, which in turn helps slow the skins natural ageing process, and as this mask also fits comfortably and stays in place it also helps aid sleep by effectively blocking out light, even if, like me, you sleep on your side.  Delicately scented with Jasmine, this beautiful silk mask also has aromatherapy benefits too making it not just good for your regular bedtime routine, but also means it is ideal for travelling too!  Finally a sleep mask that doesn’t leave me more tired and restless than I would have been without a mask at all!

My Verdict

As I have said in previous beauty box reviews I’ve done, I am a strong believer in honesty and product quality where these type of subscription services are concerned purely because, as a fan of subscription boxes in general, it is hugely disappointing to open a box you’ve paid good money on to find that the products inside, whether they are beauty products, stationary or lifestyle goodies, or actually worth a lot less than they are being marketed at, or are just products that aren’t good quality in the first place, so when I see this new style of Beauty Box beginning to become more popular, it is easy to see why!  When so many of the more mainstream ‘high-end’ boxes are faking it – these boxes are busy making it with their combination of boutique, handmade and high-end brands, quirky themes and usable products!  Little Bit Lavish is one of these new style beauty boxes, that manage to maintain the surprise element of the traditional beauty boxes without compromising product quality of customer satisfaction!  Their first box – fantastically themed around Mermaids – was a run away success and its easy to see why – every item had been hand-picked with care to not only perfectly fit their ‘Mermaid Wishes’ Box theme but also to please their subscribers too, and their ‘Sweet Dreams’ box is exactly the same!  Everything in the box is well thought out and ‘usable’ – something which is all to often lacking in even the best of the mainstream beauty boxes – which makes your subscription fee a really good monthly investment instead of a waste of your hard-earned money.  Although the Little Bit Lavish Box does retail at a slightly higher price than some of the other beauty boxes I review each month, it gives you a fantastic selection of full size products that have been selected for a reason and not just because they can be bought in a the best price that month.  This, to me makes a huge difference and I would much rather spend a few pounds more to get a box that has been thought about and can be used in its entirety than receive a cheaper box that I only end up using two or three items if that.  I have loved this months Little Bit Lavish Box not just because it brings me more personal products than other boxes, but because the products inside the box really are amazing – a word that is very much over-used in blogging at the moment – and, more importantly, they are products that I may not have thought to buy myself but will actually use until they run out and then in many cases re-purchase as they are genuinely great little finds for me!  From the Beauty Sleep in a Bottle, through to the Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist, this box has everything you need to get a good nights sleep and ensures you spend some well deserved time out of your hectic day to relax, unwind and pamper yourself a little too!  Everything in the box smells amazing, and each product is crammed with naturally active ingredients that don’t just smell good, but they do good too – another big plus point for me, and with no harsh or harmful chemical in sight – this selection of relaxing remedies is a refreshing sight for my sensitive skin and means I can enjoy every carefully selected beauty treat in October’s Box too!  Another great Box from Little Bit Lavish and I really cant wait to see what they come up with for their November Box!

 My Beauty Favourite

My regular readers will know exactly how much I adore facial oils so it will come as no surprise that my October Beauty Favourite is the Frankincense & Jasmine Night Facial Oil by Siskyn Skincare Oils!  As well as balancing my oily/combination skin, the blend of essential oils in this luxurious night time oil also help brighten dull, tired skin so even if you haven’t slept that well, this rich, skin loving treat will give you the look of a good nights sleep no matter what!  It also smells lovely making it even nicer to use, and as a little goes a long way this rejuvenating facial oil will keep your skin fighting fit for months at a time!

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Little Bit Lavish - The Lavish Little Beauty Box!

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