Little Bit Lavish ‘Wakey Wakey’ Box Review – November 2016

Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016


It’s no secret that I have been a HUGE fan of Little Bit Lavish and have fallen totally in love with the their fabulous monthly themes and natural product selection over the past couple of months so after sending me to sleep (in a good way) in October, getting out of bed has become even more difficult over the past few weeks which makes their November Box a sight for sleepy eyes as this months theme is ‘Wakey Wakey’ and the contents have a very different job to do when you compare them to last months lazy line up, but with the darker mornings and colder nights, I can imagine that even the most regular riser is struggling with their morning duvet battle at the moment which makes me feel a little better about being terrible at waking up as well as going to sleep all year round!  In all seriousness though, suffering from M.E. does have a lot of negatives and one of which is tremendous fatigue, and getting out of bed in the morning really is a battle for me so I am very excited to see what the line up of luxury, boutique brands Little Bit Lavish have curated this month have up their sleeves that will not only help persuade me to leave my warm and cozy bed, but will also help uplift and energise me enough to make the fact it is still dark outside a little less painful and the start of my day a little more easy and productive!  Little Bit Lavish have perfected the combination of well known and emerging brands in their last two boxes, and they’ve chosen some amazing products too, making this new Box on the Block a real force to be reckoned with!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £20.00 including P&P *

Total Value of Products – £32.04

So last month Little Bit Lavish successfully managed to help me drift off to a peaceful nights sleep, but it also had the added disadvantage of making leaving the warm comfort of my duvet even more difficult than usual so I am very excited to see what November’s ‘Wakey Wakey’ Box has in store to coax me out of bed, especially when its dark when my alarm goes off and the house has plummeted to sub-zero temperatures over night!

Your Beauty Treats

Miss Patisserie Wake Shower Steamer – Full Size £3.70

Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016

Created by Aromatherapist Charlotte Ridgewell in 2019 Miss Patisserie was founded on through both great passion for beauty and wellbeing and her love art and design.  Inspired by a ‘DIY’ Bath Bomb Kit, Charlotte decided to take her passion to the next step and created her unique line of luxury bath and body products which are all themed around the things closest to Charlotte’s heart.  So armed with her chic Parisian inspired designs and her knowledge of the benefits of essential oils and how important good quality, skin loving ingredients are, Miss Patisserie was born!  As a trained Aromatherapist myself and someone who suffers badly with allergies to some of the chemical ingredients in certain bath and body products, when I was first introduced to Miss Patisserie earlier this year I was so happy to see that quality didn’t have to come with an expensive price tag and a boring label!  Charlotte’s beautiful Cup Cake Bath Bombs have been a form favourite of mine ever since I received one as part of another beauty box and I am very excited to see another one of Miss Patisserie’s range appear in this months Little Bit Lavish Box as I always prefer to have a shower as although soaking in a bath does have its plus sides, the time it takes to prepare compared to the time you get to enjoy it is not one of them, so a Shower Steamer is right up my street!  Packed with essential oils Miss Patisseries’s therapeutic shower steamers are perfect for creating an extra special shower experience, and their Wake Steamer contains Spearmint and Peppermint Essential Oil which have a multitude of therapeutic properties including the relief of headaches, migraines, nervous strain, fatigue and stress and they can also benefit the respiratory tract, helping with asthma, bronchitis, catarrh and sinusitis while stimulating the mind and body, preparing you for the day ahead!  This sounds like the perfect morning shower treat to me as you literally just need to pop it on the shower floor and turn the shower on, it is not only amazing at perking you up when you’re still dreaming of your duvet, it is also super easy to prepare and use so no messy morning disasters to deal with when you’ve just woken up either!  I loved this Shower Steamer, and the fact this is the first time I have come across such a product has made me a very happy Beauty Addict as I will be treating myself to a few more of these to help ensure my showers are more like a home spa on a regular basis!

Balm Balm Rose Geranium Face Balm – Full Size £8.95

Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016

One of my favourite Organic Beauty Brand, Balm Balm makes one of the multi-tasking beauty products around and I have been a loyal customer of theirs since I discovered their stall at the first Olympia Beauty Show I ever attended back in 2006!  Add in several awards and a huge expansion of products and you have the amazing brand you see today but much as I love their cleansers, toners and other skin care items, for me their original Face Balm will always be my favourite must-have beauty buy so I was super excited to see my favourite fragrance of this multi-award winning balm in November’s Little Bit Lavish Box!  Rose Geranium is one of my all time favourite scents and the rich blend of natural shea butter, sunflower, beeswax, jojoba and Calendula oils are the perfect base for this delicately fragranced essential oil and gently melt together to create a deliciously soft formula that soothes, moisturises and nourishes your face and neck, but can also be used anywhere else that might need a little more TLC thanks to the Winter chills!  With its delightfully uplifting, feminine fragrance, Balm Balm’s Rose Geranium Face Balm is an organic treat that will soon become a Winter handbag hero product as it not only nourishes the skin on your face and neck, it also acts as a soothing nose balm when you’ve got a cold or runny nose, helps hydrate dry Winter hands and keep cuticles from cracking and saves lips from getting sore and chapping when the temperatures begin to drop!  A real Winter must-have for me – this is a fabulous addition to this months Little Bit Lavish box!

Evolve Beauty Citrus Blend Aromatic Wash – Full Size £4.00

Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016

After hearing a lot of great things about Evolve Beauty I finally got to sample some of their products in Moi-Même’s launch box earlier this year and have been a huge fn ever since so I am really excited to see their refreshing Citrus Blend Aromatic Body Wash in this months Little Bit Lavish Box as not only do I love the brand, but all to often I am stuck using boring fragrance free shower gels due to the vast selection of harsh chemicals contained within most drug-store buys so seeing an organic product that both soothes and moisturises the skin while cleansing it sounds utter heaven to me!  Made using a blend of uplifting essential oils including mood lightening Lime, refreshing and detoxifying Lemon, stimulating Basil and Juniper, along with organic Aloe Vera to calm irritation and natural Coconut and Sugar Extracts that gently cleanse the skin while maintaining its natural pH balance making this the perfect way to help kick-start my mornings and keep my skin feeling fabulous in the process!  Another great addition to this months box and another bath and body product I can add to my list of ‘skin friendly’ products that won’t leave me with an unpleasant eczema flare up or skin that feels so dry not even the richest body butter can soothe the irritation!

Skin & Tonic London Gentle Scrub – Full Size £9.00

Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016

If opening November’s Little Bit Lavish Box to find a selection of some of my all time organic beauty favourites wasn’t enough, this month they have also included a fantastic treat from beauty brand Skin & Tonic too – which is a brand that I have wanted to try for such a long time as not only have I heard Beauty Bloggers rave about but it’s packing is probably some of the cutest and most pretty around, and as a big fan of Gin & Tonic the play on words this brand has chosen to name itself after is far from lost on me!  But with a large G&T being a little bit OTT for first thing in the morning this fabulous little face scrub has now given me even more reasons to get out of bed every morning as it is packed with nourishing Oat Bran and Rosehip, purifying French Pink Clay and Probiotic Yoghurt Powder to help you start each day healthy, glowing skin that is both cleansed and nourished and feels naturally soft and sparkling!  Easy to use this gentle scrub can be mixed with warm water to form a paste for simple cleansing, or with honey or yoghurt to form a detoxifying face mask that hydrates as well as cleanses the skin for a perfect complexion the natural way!  I love face scrubs, but find even some of the natural products can be a little harsh and rough on the skin, so this multi-purpose scrub and mask is a great way to keep my oily/combination skin under control without causing irritation or leaving my skin looking dry, dull and lack-lustre!  Fragranced with Geranium Leaf Oil, it also smells delicious and I love that you can use it as a quick complexion booster in the morning or as a deep cleansing clay mask in the evening!  Another new must-have product and another great choice for this months ‘Wakey Wakey’ themed box!

Your ‘Wakey Wakey’ Bonus Treats

Stoats Raspberry & Honey Porridge Oat Bar – Full Size £0.89

Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016

Handmade with premium Scottish oats, tangy raspberries and sweet honey, this delicious Raspberry & Honey Porridge Bar makes a tasty treat to have first thing in the morning when you don’t have either the time or the inclination to prepare a proper breakfast that will keep your energy levels up and prevent sugar crashes until lunch time!  I love snack bars like this but know that all too often they are just as sugar filled and unhealthy as the chocolate bars they claim to be ‘better’ than, so it is a happy relief to see this all natural UK based brand pop up in this months Little Bit Lavish Box and I have to say this premium breakfast bar is not only tasty but it is also as filling a regular bowl of porridge too meaning you won’t be reaching for the sugary snack throughout the morning thanks to the delicious blend of Scottish porridge oats, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raspberry pieces and local honey in every bar!  Yum!

Megan Louise Ceramics Hand Made Dish – Full Size £5.50

Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016

Based in Southampton on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, Megan Louise Ceramics specialise in creating beautiful hand-made ceramics which are not only all hand finished using hand mixed glazes but are also made with out the use of a Potter’s Wheel making them both unique and individual pieces that make a functional but beautiful addition to anyones home, so finding one of these stunning dishes in this months Little Bit Lavish Box was a fantastic little treat!  Perfect for dips, nuts and condiments, or whatever takes your fancy this simple little bowls are made in small batches and as they are all individually made they will vary slightly in colour and texture which adds to their quirky charm and makes them ideal for both food and face mask mixing, so this gorgeous little dish is the perfect partner to your Skin & Tonic London Gentle Scrub and will also make a great jewellery dish to have on your bedside cabinet or bathroom shelf to ensure your precious pieces of bling don’t get lost or damaged during the night or while you’re soaking away in the tub one evening!  Not something I would expect to find in a beauty box, this beautiful hand-made bowl prices once again that Little Bit Lavish are more than just another Beauty Box, they are a holistic Box that gives you everything you need to pamper yourself every morning and get ready for the day ahead in style!  A thoughtful and very useful little addition to November’s Box and another great UK based company to support if you’re looking for anything ceramic this Christmas!

My Verdict

So November’s Little Bit Lavish Box had a refreshing ‘Wakey Wakey’ theme and a selection of uplifting and energising beauty treats to help blow away those Winter cobwebs and leave you feeling fresh and ready to face the day which for a self-confessed nap-addict is never a bad thing, but unlike some other ‘themed’ boxes available Little Bit Lavish put a lot of thought in to everything they add to their monthly subscription box, so you are certain that they not only suit the theme but work to help you feel more ‘Mermaid’, sleep better or in this case, feel alive and kicking when the mornings are more like the middle of the night still!  I love this careful attention to detail and it really shows that with a little effort anything is possible with a beauty box and that you don’t need to be a corporate giant to create a beautiful box full of personalised treats that would have even the laziest lounger loving the morning alarm clock!  I have loved both the previous Little Bit Lavish Boxes, and their third edition is no different as it is crammed with natural and organic beauty treats and themed bonus treats to help give you a truly holistic pamper package without relying on small sample sizes, or bargain shop beauty finds to pad it out!  The inclusion of the shower steamer from Miss Patisserie is perfect for the morning as not many of us have the time to have a bath in the morning, and its refreshing minty scent helps to clear the mind as well as uplift and refresh the spirit too!  Wait can also help if, like me, you suffer with those pesky seasonal illnesses such as coughs, colds and flu as it helps stimulate the respiratory system and make breathing that little bit easier when your nose is blocked and your chest is heavy, so not only a great addition to a ‘Wakey Wakey’ themed box, but also great for the time of year as well!  I loved the fact you have a full morning shower and skin care routine in this box, with a refreshing steamer, invigorating body wash, detoxifying face scrub and a nourishing face balm to ensure you’re not only wide awake and ready to take on the world each morning, but you’ll be doing it looking naturally radiant and perfectly primped too!  The addition of a tasty pride bar is a lovely thought too, and the beautiful ceramic dish by Megan Louise Ceramics is a lasting treat that will be enjoyed for many years to come!  I loved the brands in this months box, Balm Balm, Miss Patisserie and Evolve Beauty are already firm favourites of mine, but it is good to try new products from their extensive ranges, and I have finally managed to sample Skin & Tonic and I am more than a little impressed with their multi-tasking face scrub and will be keen to try more of their products in the future!  Over all November’s ‘Wakey Wakey’ Edition of Little Bit Lavish’s Beauty Box is another success for me, and I have loved getting to pamper myself with this months treats!  I really cannot fault their subscription box at all as each one so far has been equally imaginative and quirky and full of fabulous products that really encapsulate the theme and with everything being full size or deluxe travel size, you are sure to be enjoying most of your Little Bit Lavish treats for months at a time, so just sit back, subscribe and let the pampering begin!  Perfect!

 My Beauty Favourite

As with the past two Little Bit Lavish Boxes, I have really struggled to pick just one Beauty Favourite for the month as I have loved all the products included in these uniquely themed beauty boxes, however I have to choose the Wake Shower Steamer from boutique brand Miss Patisserie as all too often we get bath bombs and bath melts inside beauty boxes, but nothing for us girls who love a nice long shower to relax and unwind or wake ourselves up on the morning, so this quirky and colourful steamer was not just beautiful to look at but it was also a really different addition to this months box and I will definitely be looking at purchasing more of these Shower Steamers as they are a fantastic way to make your shower in to a spa and at just £3.70 they are an absolute bargain too!

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Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016

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