Michael Bublé ‘By Invitation’ Eau de Parfum Review

Michael Bublé 'By Invitation' Eau de Parfum Review


When ever I go on holiday, or my husband has to travel for work, one of the first things I think about is the selection of perfumes they have in the duty-free shop and which one (or two) I will be treating myself to because for as long as I can remember I have been a real ‘scent snob’ and love adding to my collection of beautiful bottles and fabulous fragrances so when Hayley from London Beauty Queen and We Are Thirty Plus contacted me to see if I wanted to review Michael Bublé’s first fine fragrance for women – ‘By Invitation’ – I jumped at the chance to extend my collection and explore a fragrance I may not have thought to try normally as I have had a few bad experiences with so called ‘celebrity’ scents in the past – but in all honesty I have to admit that when I heard that the king of the crooners had created a ‘scented love letter’ I was never going to leave it unopened was I?  I just hope it is as ‘Hollywood’ as it sounds!

About the Brand

Self-declared ‘hopeless romantic’ Michael Bublé has branched out from the music industry to help create a range of luxurious fine fragrances for woman and his first scent – ‘By Invitation’ – launched in the UK back in late August this year.  Created through a close collaboration with French perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, the new Michael Bublé Perfume Range has been designed to encompass everything that makes a woman feel feminine and as a scented tribute to his loyal army of female fans, ‘By Invitation’ was born!  From its opulent bottle, embellished with gold, through to its heady blend of florals and musks, this fragrance is an invitation to all woman to celebrate who they are and empower them while enjoying a beautiful scent made using only the finest ingredients as well!  Described by Michael himself as ‘love in a bottle’ this perfume wraps you in a deliciously warm and comforting scent that lasts beautifully on the skin without being overpowering, and along with its selection of complimentary products this sensual signature scent will make sure every woman enjoys a fabulous feminine fragrance that smells as good as it looks, and with this being his first venture in to the world of fine fragrance, ‘The Best is Yet to Come’……  Sorry I just had to add another a classic bit of Bublé somewhere didn’t I!

Michael Bublé 'By Invitation' Eau de Parfum Review

About the Fragrance

Like Michael’s music, ‘By Invitation’ is both modern and timeless and captured with in a stunningly simple yet beautifully elegant bottle which is suspended in a shimmering golden bracelet giving it a luxurious look and feel while making it stand out from other fragrances with its classic atomizer design and seamless styling.  The fragrance itself is a crisp floral oriental which sparkles with light, fresh top notes of red fruits and bergamot, before developing into classic floral heart notes of lily of the valley, elegant rose, wild jasmine and spicy peony and enveloping you with its warm blend of sandalwood, white amber, musk and vanilla praline along with exotic patchouli at its base leaving you feeling wrapped in a well balanced, addictive and elegant fragrance that is both classic and iconic, while remaining exquisitely feminine too.

How much does it Cost?

Michael Bublé’s new ‘By Invitation’ Eau de Parfum is available in four bottle sizes and prices start at £25.00 for the 30ml Purse Spray, £29.00 for the standard 30ml bottle, £39.00 for the 50ml bottle and the 100ml bottle costs £55.00 with Free Delivery with in the UK.  Please note a selection of matching ‘By Invitation’ home and body products also available to purchase and prices for these items start at just £12.00 for the Luxury Shower Gel.  *

Where can I get it?

You can purchase the full range of ‘By Invitation’ products from the new Michael Bublé Perfume website along with other major fragrance retailers like The Fragrance Counter and The Perfume Shop.


Michael Bublé 'By Invitation' Eau de Parfum Review


My Verdict

As I use perfume on a daily basis, even if I am having a lazy day at home, discovering new fragrances and brands is always exciting for me, and although I tend to stick to my favourites most of the time it is exciting when you find a new favourite to add to your collection and even better when it is a fragrance you wouldn’t normally think of trying and that is exactly what happened when Hayley from London Beauty Queen sent me a bottle of Michael Bublé’s new perfume ‘By Invitation’ – It’s not a brand I would have even considered previously as it wasn’t from one of my go-to designers or beauty counters, and I tend to avoid ‘celebrity’ scents as they always tend to smell less than appealing but this is no ordinary celebrity brand!  ‘By Invitation’ has been created with French perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni making it every bit the fine fragrance you’d usually expect from the likes of Dior or Dolce & Gabbana but without the designer price tag!  Its rich, feminine scent makes it a gorgeous fragrance to wear and it warms beautifully on the skin.  It lasts for hours at a time, and is strong enough to only need a single spritz to leave you smelling heavenly all day long, without being overpowering or heady.  Great for both day and evening use, this crisp floral oriental blend is very different to the lighter floral fragrances I usually choose but suits my style well and is a pleasure to breathe in!  I have to say trying this fragrance has totally changed my mind about trying other ‘celebrity’ scents as it is such a good quality perfume and smells so good, you would never imagine it didn’t come with a designer label attached!  Over all I have loved experimenting with my scent snobbery and have really enjoyed getting to try this feminine fragrance that is perfectly suited for the festive season with its rich undertones and warm base notes that linger beautifully on your skin and clothing!  It has now become a firm favourite and with such a beautiful bottle too, it looks stunning on my dressing table too!  I would definitely recommend this fragrance to any woman who likes a richer, more intense scent and for anyone put off by the ‘celebrity’ brand like I might have been – don’t be!  It really does smell amazing!

For more information about the ‘By Invitation’ Fragrance Collection – Please visit the new Michael Bublé Perfume website!

*  Please note this is a PR Sample


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