The Big Top ‘The Magic of Disney’ Box Review – November 2016

Scent Circus The Big Top 'The Magic of Disney' Box Review - November 2016


So last month the Scent Circus finally opened its Big Top for ‘Fright Night’ and sold out in just a few hours,  so it was no surprise that their second showing – ‘The Magic of Disney’ – did exactly the same thing as November’s Big Top Box is crammed with gorgeous Disney goodies that combine sweet smelling scents, pretty pastel colours and a sprinkle of glitter to ensure your home is turned into the Iconic Disney Castle for a few weeks!  Every melt in November’s Big Top Box will be 100% Exclusive to the Box too, so this is the only chance to get your hands on these designs making the Big Top Box not only a fun way to buy your home fragrance products, but it’s also a way of becoming a Circus VIP and this month they also teamed up with Wily Fox – the Vintage Queen – to give the first five people to purchase this months Big Top Box an exclusive Vintage Disney Pin Badge as well, making this box even better value for money than usual and even more fun too!  So once again I will invite you to Roll Up, Roll Up, because the Scent Circus is back in town and ready to light up your life with ‘The Magic of Disney’ this month!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £7.50 *

Total Value of Products – £10.00

As October’s ‘Fright Night’ Big Top Box sold out in a few hours, this months Box ‘The Magic of Disney’ Box has been eagerly anticipated by every wax addict around including myself, so I cant wait to see which Disney favourites the scent-sational Scent Circus team have been brought to life and covered in glitter for November!

Your ‘Magic of Disney’ Melts

Included in every Limited Edition Big Top Box you will find an Exclusive selection of Scent Circus’s handmade wax melts, and as each and every one has been created specifically to fit their chosen monthly theme – they won’t be available to purchase on their website alongside their regular melt collections making these cute creations even more fun than usual!  As November’s Box theme is ‘The Magic of Disney’  you will find your Big Top Box is full of Disney Delights that will make your home feel just magical as well as keeping it smelling like a princesses day dream all month long!

This month their melt selection includes the following ‘The Magic of Disney’ themed Melts:

Scent Circus The Big Top 'The Magic of Disney' Box Review - November 2016

Wish Upon a Star – Make a Wish as you melt this delicious double layered design that blends Soft Fruits, Hot Spice and Glowing Embers for a hint of Disney Magic

Scent Circus The Big Top 'The Magic of Disney' Box Review - November 2016

Dreaming of Disney – You’ll be caught in a Disney Daydream with the aroma of Cotton Candy, Sugared Strawberries, Lemon Frosting, Jasmine and Sweet Violets

Scent Circus The Big Top 'The Magic of Disney' Box Review - November 2016

The Forbidden Rose – A Beautiful Melt blended with Rose, Sparkling Cassis, Sweet Violet and a Whisper of Vanilla

Scent Circus The Big Top 'The Magic of Disney' Box Review - November 2016

Fit for a Princess – Fragranced with Powder Puff and Perfume…. This is the Scent of a truly Pampered Princess and perfect for any Disney Dreamer

Scent Circus The Big Top 'The Magic of Disney' Box Review - November 2016

 Minnie – A Fun, Fizzy and Mouth-watering Melt fragranced with the Classic ‘Love Heart’ Sweeties – The Perfect Tribute to Disney’s Original Heroine

Scent Circus The Big Top 'The Magic of Disney' Box Review - November 2016

Treasures Untold – Dive under the Sea with this ‘Mer-Mazing’ fragrance blended with Cool Sea Spray and enhanced with hints of Lime, Melon, Pine and Cedarwood

Exclusive Reader Offer: The lovely wax workers over at Scent Circus have been kind enough to offer all my readers and followers an exclusive discount code that allows you to receive a fantastic 10% off any of their amazing wax melts including their new Big Top Boxes and with November’s theme being Disney inspired it is an offer you will really want to take advantage of!  So to enjoy this generous discount just use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARYOFABEAUTYADDICT when you get to the checkout!

My Verdict

I loved last months ‘Fright Night’ themed Big Top Box – it was perfect for October and Halloween, and the selection of Melts were just delicious so when I heard that November was going to be Disney themed to help add a little magic to the first month of Winter and warm your heart with some classic Disney charm too!  I am a big Disney Fan – I love The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, they were my favourite films growing up and I still enjoy singing along to the soundtracks when I need cheering up or just to help make the housework go a little quicker – Mary Poppins was so right when she said a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down as a dose of Disney always makes your day brighter and more positive and Scent Circus’s selection of super girly, Disney Princess inspired melts are the ideal treat to help boost your happiness this month!  They have really pushed the boat out with this months melt selection and created six designs that any Disney Princess would be proud of, and with Belle, Ariel, Cinderella and Snow White all featuring along with the legendary Disney Castle and the Original Disney Female – Minnie Mouse, this is a real Girl Powered Box and the gorgeous smell of this perfumed parcel is amazing!  I love each melts design and the different blends cover florals, fruits, sweets and spices to ensure you get not only a selection of gorgeous wax melts, but also a good range of fragrances that are great for the colder weather.  Scent Circus have also started including VIP Circus Tickets with every Big Top Box you buy which means that when collect 10 – you can get an Exclusive Melt Box for Free, making November’s ‘The Magic of Disney’ Big Top Box even more fun!  You’ll also get a VIP Ticket with your regular Wax Melt Orders too, meaning that every time you shop on the Scent Circus website you’ll be earning yourself some free wax melts which isn’t a bad deal at all!  I love Scent Circus – their brand is so much fun and their eco-friendly soy wax melts are simply beautiful to look at and smell fabulous!  This months box is a real treat and as every single Disney inspired melt is Exclusive to this months Big Top Box, you won’t be able to get them anywhere else making this beautiful box even more special!  The scents are delicious and the pretty pastel colours are perfect for unleashing your inner Disney Princess!  What more can you ask of a Monthly Melt Box?

My ‘The Magic of Disney’ Favourite

Although The Little Mermaid is my one of two all time favourite Disney films ever – my November ‘The Magic of Disney’ Box favourite has to be The Forbidden Rose as its blend of Vanilla and Rose is just such a sweet fragrance and it delicately fills my Beauty Room with a romantic rose garden of scent that is an essential for every Disney Princess in the making, and as Beauty and the Beast is THE Disney film of the moment it is all the more fitting to see Belle featured in this magical Disney inspired Big Top Box!

Scent Circus The Big Top 'The Magic of Disney' Box Review - November 2016

For more information about my Subscription Boxes please visit my ‘Which Subscription Box‘ Reviews and to find out more about this amazing company, their fabulous new subscription box and their quirky selection wax melts please check out my full review of Scent Circus’s Wax Melts or visit the Scent Circus website and Remember to use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARYOFABEAUTYADDICT to receive 10% off your Order!

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