The Melt Crowd ‘Out of this World’ Box Review – November 2016

The Melt Crowd 'Out of this World' Box Review - November 2016


With Autumn fast slipping into Winter, November’s Box from The Melt Crowd is inspired by Bonfire Night and is packed full of Winter Treats to be enjoyed on the ever colder, darker evenings and nights, along with a little nod towards Christmas of course as we can’t really forget that the Festive Season is almost upon us can we?  Their fun ‘Out of this World’ theme has given Flamingo Candles a chance to showcase not only a selection of their new Autumn/Winter Candle Collections but also add some well loved favourites too, and they all add up to a warm, cosy box that could taste as good as they smell and are just the ticket to de-frost your fingers and warm your cockles after a day (or night) in the cold, wet British Winter weather making this box of wax melts my new BFF!  I cannot wait to get cracking on November’s Melt Crowd Box and see if it’s as ‘Out of this World’ as it sounds!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £10.00 including P&P

Total Value of Products – £18.95

With Halloween over and done with and Christmas fast approaching there isn’t much to look forward to in between apart from the fireworks and fun of Bonfire Night and that is why Flamingo Candles have chosen this as their November Box inspiration!  It’s packed with specially wrapped melts that hint to their latest Candle Collection as well as the changing seasons and with plenty of exclusive previews to enjoy – November won’t be short of scents to keep your home smelling sweet and soften the blow of the fact you have to turn the central heating up this month!  Bbbbrrrrrrrr!

Your Lifestyle Treats

November’s ‘Out of this World’ Edition of Flamingo Candles fabulous monthly Melt Crowd Box contains a selection of intergalactic aromas that are ideal for the first month of Winter and fit the colder weather and longer nights perfectly!  With three melts Exclusive to The Melt Crowd and three featuring in their new Autumn/Winter Candle Collections there is plenty of choice this month and the Exclusive ‘Out of this World’ Packaging is just so fun and works well with their newly launched Candles of the same name!  With Hot Fudge (from the new ‘Good Unicorn/Bad Unicorn’ Collection), Strawberry & Geranium (from the new ‘Dark Florals’ Collection), Black Raspberry & Vanilla (from the new ‘Out of this World’ Collection) and Popcorn all being Exclusive Melts this month you have a mouth-watering selection of preview melts to tempt you, along with some equally tasty traditional melts from Flamingo Candles too including fruity Banana Pancakes and Rhubarb & Pear, Festive Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon and warming Chai Tea Latte making this months The Melt Crowd Box a truly seasonal mix that will have you humming Christmas Carols and enjoying Bonfire Night all month long!

The Melt Crowd 'Out of this World' Box Review - November 2016

All ‘The Melt Crowd’ wax melts are made from 100% soy wax and give up to 30 hours of amazing fragrance, and with eight wax melts in each monthly box ‘The Melt Crowd’ provide more than enough melts to keep your home smelling sensational for the whole of November! Their melts are best used in a traditional wax burner, but they can also be used in electric warmers too making them super versatile and easy to use and with less chemicals than paraffin based candles and melts, these beautiful, hand-poured melts are the perfect choice for the more health conscious scent seeker and what’s more every melt is made in the United Kingdom too!

Bonus Treats

There’s no ‘Bonus Melt’ in this month’s box but REMEMBER……..

The Melt Crowd 'Out of this World' Box Review - November 2016

On top of delivering a delicious selection of wax melts to enjoy, The Melt Crowd also give an extra bonus treat to all their subscribers every month meaning you can always enjoy an exclusive 20% discount code to use on all purchases made on the Flamingo Candles website during November too!

The Melt Crowd 'Out of this World' Box Review - November 2016

So if you fall in love with any of the fragrances in your ‘Out of this World’ Box and want to expand your fragrance collection or maybe just want to buy some of their latest Candle Collections and gorgeous Jar Candles – you can do so safe in the knowledge to are saving some money which on the run up to Christmas is never a bad thing right?

My Verdict

After last months ‘Sugar V Spice’ themed Box that supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The Pink Ribbon Foundation, I was expecting The Melt Crowd to go back to their regular presentation style but instead they have put together another themed treat that is perfect for the Fireworks of Bonfire Night and all the warming treats we indulge in now the nights have begun to draw in and the temperatures dropped!  I love that this box has previews of their new Autumn/Winter Collections as sometimes its hard to decide on a full blown candle purchase when you’re not 100% sure if its going to be the right scent for you, so these limited edition wax melts are a great idea, and the fact they have themed the whole box around their latest ‘Out of this World’ Collection is even more fun for me as it makes the whole box more fun and exciting than usual!  The warming scent selection is great for me as it has a good mix of florals, fruits and flavours which is what I love to see in a melt box, and I think that the fragrances fit well with both the theme and the season so make this months box perfectly put together!  I always love getting my monthly boxes from The Melt Crowd but I really like the last two months because of the fun themes and unique packaging as they feel more like a subscription box and more ‘exclusive’ than before which is never a bad thing!

The Melt Crowd 'Out of this World' Box Review - November 2016

I love the fact Flamingo Candles always choose a good mix of fragrances too and include a good variety so no matter what smells you like, you won’t find a box full of melts you won’t use.  I never manage to work my way through all the melts in every Melt Crowd Box every month either meaning I have a fab little stash to dip into when I need a perfumed pick-me-up as each melt lasts for days at a time in my burners and even though I have one in almost every room I never manage to finish an entire box making each box they send me great value for money as well as making my house smell fabulous and I have loved the sneak peek into the Autumn/Winter Collection this month and will definitely be buying yet more candles after smelling some of their latest releases in this box!  Be sure to look out for my latest Flamingo Candles Haul Review which is coming soon as I treated myself to some of the newly launched ‘Mermaid Shack’ Goodies late last month thanks to my Melt Crowd discount and they are absolutely stunning!

My November Favourite

I am guilty as charged when it comes to being a Chocoholic, so my November ‘Out of this World’ Favourite has to be the Hot Fudge Melt which is a preview of Flamingo Candles Halloween inspired Good Unicorn/Bad Unicorn Candle Collection and as it smells like a big mug of Hot Chocolate with sprinkles and whipped cream I think I am going to have to give in and buy the full-sized Jar Candle to match it – I was planning to add it to my order of Mermaid Shack Candles last month but resisted – as it just too delicious not to have ready to burn when ever my sweet tooth gets the better of me!  Sooo chocolatey! Sooo Good!

For more information about ‘The Melt Crowd’ visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Review and to subscribe to their Box please visit the Flamingo Candles website!


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