Just Bee Honey Water – The Healthy Way to Stay Hydrated!

Just Bee Honey Water - The Healthy Way to Stay Hydrated!


I have to admit that I am a fizzy drink fiend, and always tend to choose a bottle of a certain popular branded Root Beer over anything mildly healthy when I pick a drink on the go, but this is mainly because water can be a little, well tasteless and flavoured waters are not only overly sweet – even for someone like me with a sweet tooth – but they are also just as bad for you as a bottle of my favourite fizzy drink but hide behind claims of being ‘healthy’ and BETTER than other alternatives.  Now I am not easily fooled by a label so I check things like sugar content, calorie content and the long list of added ingredients of anything that claims to be ‘healthy’ and ‘good for me’ as I know from past experience that so many healthy alternatives are actually worse than your sugar laden favourites and this new wave of Flavoured Waters are a prime example as they use many of the same artificial ingredients and flavours as the same sized bottle of a full fat fizzy drink does, and the sugar/artificial sweeteners used to make the water ‘sweet’ are also pretty comparable too, so although the calories may differ, the actual nutritional difference is non-existent, so after being caught between tasty and healthy for years, I have finally decided to look for alternatives that are both good for me AND taste good too, something I thought may be quite hard to do, especially on my local high street, but luckily for me new brand Just Bee have launched an exciting line up of truly healthy soft drinks that are made using nothing but natural spring water along with natural fruit juices, ‘puree’s and infusions and the magic ingredient – Honey!  Yes, that’s right Honey!  Exciting right?

About the Brand

Just Bee Drinks are a new UK Brand that has created a new twist on the traditional sugar laden flavoured water we are used to by using only natural ingredients, with no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners and a drop of pure honey they are the first drink of its kind to harness both the power of honey and a combination of natural fruits and herbs for flavour!  The spring water Just Bee use for their drinks is sourced in Somerset, where it has been naturally filtered through mineral-rich rocks that remove all impurities, giving you all the goodness nature intended but none of the nasties, and the fruit juices they choose are always 100% pure and never from concentrate making them tasty and nutritious too!  The final ingredient is their lovely mixed flower honey, which is always produced from British and European beekeepers because after all, Honey runs in Just Bee Family thanks to both the father and grandfather of Just Bee’s founder, Joe, are Beekeepers themselves and they even help supply some of the Honey used in each bottle made, making this brand a real family affair and makes them stand out from other commercial ventures in so many ways!

Just Bee Honey Water - The Healthy Way to Stay Hydrated!

What’s the Hype about Honey?

Made by bees from the nectar of flowers to feed their young, honey is the very essence of Mother Nature’s magic!  Made up of glucose, fructose, water and up to 180 different minerals and nutrients depending on where the honey comes from, this natural sweetener has been used for over 8000 years making it one of the oldest sweeteners around!  But as well as helping to naturally sweeten food and drinks, honey is also considered to be one of the superfoods we should all have as part of our everyday diet as a natural alternative to refined sugars and sweeteners.  Honey is also beloved to have many positive health benefits too and for years now has been used in alternative therapies, homeopathy and even through ‘old wives tales’ to help ease sore throats, reduce inflammation and pain, stabilise blood sugar and boost your immune system, but honey is also a powerful antioxidant making it a great all round health booster, and its natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and probiotic functions are known for helping everything from skin complaints like acne and eczema to burns, stomach problems and have even been known to improve healing times for both regular health complaints like coughs and colds, through to athletic recovery after training or competing too!  So you can see why Honey is such a great ingredient to have as part of a balanced diet, and why Just Bee decided to use it as part of their new range of Super Natural Soft Drinks!  for more information of the benefits of honey just click here!

Just Bee Honey Water - The Healthy Way to Stay Hydrated!

Key Product Benefits

Just Bee Honey Water is spring water infused with honey and other natural ingredients to make a light and refreshing soft drink with no refined sugar or artificial ingredients, and as well as the added health benefits of eating (or in this case drinking) honey, because it is sweeter than refined sugar and most artificial sweeteners commonly used, both the sugar content and calories are lower making each drink a light and tasty way to stay hydrated!  Just Bee have kept three things in mind while creating each of their three flavoured Honey Water Blends and they are the taste of the drink, the fact that they want all the recipes to be completely natural and that they want our drink to be healthy too, and this is why they use only natural ingredients and colourings in their drinks and all Just Bee’s Drinks come in a Tetra Pak Cartons instead of plastic bottles as they are better for the environment, easy to transport and will still fit into your hand bag or cup holder without spilling a single drop of honey water along the way!  At the moment Just Bee have three flavours available and all of them are less than 50 Calories per carton, making them a great alternative to fizzy drinks and a refreshing change to sugar filled, artificially flavoured waters!

Just Bee Honey Water - The Healthy Way to Stay Hydrated!

Apple & Ginger

A classic combination, but much more light and subtle than a Juice Drink or Ginger Ale, this is a refreshing twist on a British favourite!  Contains 86% Spring Water and only 49 calories per carton.

Lemon & Green Tea

Bitter lemon & Green Tea balanced are perfectly with a drop of honey to give a mellow and refreshing drink that is great for pre or post work-out hydration, as well as a tasty treat on the go!  Contains 92% Spring Water and only 43 calories per carton.


Mixing juicy Blueberries with a drop of Lemon Juice creates a super thirst quenching combination that reminds you of the traditional fruity cordials of days gone by but without the Syrup and sugar!  Contains 91% Spring Water and only 49 calories per carton.


Just Bee Honey Water - The Healthy Way to Stay Hydrated!



How much does it Cost?

Just Bee drinks cost just £1.69 per carton on the high street and are also available in money saving multipacks which start at just £4.99 plus P&P for a Three Flavour Trial Pack!  *

Where can I get it?

Just Bee Drinks are now available in selected retailers such as Boots, Holland and Barrett, Waitrose and Fortnum & Mason, as well as online via the Just Bee website!

My Verdict

Just Bee were kind enough to send me one of the Three Flavour Trial Packs to review so I was able to try each of their current Honey Water flavours, along with a packet of wild flower seeds as well, which when planted will to help support the natural habitat of British Bees which is a great touch as Bees are in decline in the UK so supporting Bee Friendly plants makes happy bees and a happy eco-system too!  The drinks themselves were all very tasty, and refreshing to drink, they have the same consistency as any other water-based drink, so apart from the sweet taste and handy boost in energy you get from each carton you wouldn’t know there was a tea-spoon of honey in every drink!  The three flavours are varied, so you have a taste to suit everyone, and although I am not a fan of Ginger at all, even the Apple & Ginger Drink was thoroughly enjoyed!  I preferred the Blueberry flavour out of the three as it tasted very much like a well-known cordial I drank as a child, and it suited my sweet tooth the best as it was the most fruity of the three too!  The blend of natural fruit juices, puree’s and herbal infusions made the drinks incredibly low in calories too compared to other flavoured water drinks, and none of them contain any refined sugars or artificial preservatives thanks to the added honey in each carton, making these drinks suitable for all the family to enjoy, not just grow-ups!  Packed with natural antioxidants too, these drinks are a naturally good way to boost your immune system, help improve your skin and also keep your body healthy and balanced too, and the fact they are available in most Boots stores nationwide is also a huge bonus as it means they’ve made it super easy to switch your sugary pop or flavoured water for something all together more healthy without having to head to a health food shop!  Genius!  And as they are available direct from Just Bee in multipacks too, you can stock up at home too which is fab if you fancy kick starting your day and super-charging your healthy start to 2017!  But apart from the fact the drinks taste good and really are good for you too, I have to say that I really love how Just Bee are more than just a brand of healthy soft drinks, they are an environmentally conscious company that is working with UK Beekeepers to promote our delicious natural honey and help support the declining Bee population in the UK too!  As an essential part of our eco-system, we need Bees to grow food, so the fact they support the Charity Friends of the Honey Bee and are giving away packs of Bee Friendly Seeds to help boost the bee’s natural food source is just an added bonus to what is a yummy drink that doesn’t give me a nasty sugar high and leaves me crashed and craving something sweet within a few hours!  I will definitely be picking up a Blueberry Just Bee Pack instead of my regular fizzy favourite going forward and I will also be planting my pack of wild flower seeds come the Spring time and keep my fingers crossed for a garden full of beautiful bees next Summer too!

For more information about Just Bee Drinks or to Claim your Free Wild Flower Seed Pack – Please visit the Just Bee website !

*  Please note this Post contains a PR Sample


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