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If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you may well have read about of the latest addition to the Period Subscription Box family in my monthly Subscription Box Reviews, but just in case you haven’t heard about them – Ms Flow combines all the benefits of a Luxury Beauty with the convenience and practicalities of a regular Period Subscription bringing you an amazing line up of high-end and boutique beauty treats and delicious speciality sweet treats along with a selection of your preferred ‘Period Essentials’ which are available from a variety of popular brands including Always, Tampax and organic brand Natural-Care!  With their unique understanding of what women need during their monthly period they’ve created a premium subscription service that not only delivers your monthly ‘must-haves’ but also gives you everything you need to get through your period without all the normal pains!

What’s does it Cost?

Ms Flow has various subscription options which can be tailored to your monthly period needs and they offer both a rolling month-to-month subscription and a three month subscription as well to make sure you have both flexibility and value for money too!  Their Light Flow Box costs just £12.99 per month or £35.07 for three months, their Regular Flow Box costs just £13.99 per month or £37.77 for three months and their Heavy Flow Box is £14.99 per month or £40.47 for three months.  All three month subscriptions work on a pre-paid basis and P&P for each Box is £2.95 just like with the rolling month-to-month option and you can easily change your subscription options to suit your changing monthly needs too!  Remember Ms Flow often have some awesome introductory offers on their monthly subscriptions so it is always worth visiting their website to check these out.

Exclusive Reader Offer: The lovely team over at the Ms Flow Luxury Period Box have been kind enough to offer all my readers and followers an exclusive discount!  Just use my Exclusive Discount Code WELCOME30 at the checkout to receive 30% off your first Ms Flow Box!

Am I a Subscriber?

I am not currently a regular subscriber to the Ms Flow Period Subscription Box but I have been in the past and have been lucky enough to have reviewed most of the boxes they have prepared this year and hope to begin reviewing them again in the New Year!

The Pro’s and Con’s

Ms Flow launched in April this year and hit the ground running with a line up of Luxury Beauty Brands including Miss Patisserie, Lord & Berry and Time Bomb Cosmetics, along with small boutique brands and hand-made items too.  This mix of high-end beauty products and speciality sweets, chocolates and teas makes Ms Flow’s Subscription Box the perfect pampering treat for your time of the month, and with their selection of Period Essentials including a variety of Tampon and Sanitary Towel brands that cater for all menstrual needs you can be that they have you covered on time, every time and unlike your monthly period, Ms Flow will make sure you are comfortable and feeling good when your body is working its hardest to leave you feeling bad!  With three Flow Options, a wide choice of Sanitary items including organic Tampons, Towels and Liners, plus a delivery date perfectly timed for your monthly cycle, Ms Flow offers a very personal service which makes it much more luxurious box than some other boxes available on the market at the moment and adds an extra bit of TLC to your time of the month with thoughtful additions like heat patches, hot chocolate and scented candles which all help you relax and unwind when you need to most!  I’ve tried a few Period Subscription Boxes and while they’ve all been good value for money, some lack the organic options for tamping and towels which is a big plus side for me as I always opt for organic brands where I can as they are a much healthier option and gives me greater peace of mind while my period is playing havoc with my hormones!  Their beauty choices are always well placed and cover everything from bath and body to make-up and skin care so as well as giving you your monthly period Essentials, Ms Flow also cover your monthly beauty needs too!  Their monthly boxes do cost more than other period subscriptions on the market but the fact they offer an organic option for tampons and towels, as well as their choice of boutique beauty brands make them stand out from the crowd as does the inclusion of the additional items!  I’ve really loved my Ms Flow boxes and the fact that you can ensure your box fits your period needs perfectly each month and adapt your box every month if necessary is a real plus for me too and as you can skip a month when you need to as well, they give you amazing flexibility over your time of the month so even when your body may be out of control your beauty box won’t be!  A really premium service, Ms Flow is a great box for someone wanting that little bit more from their Subscription Box and likes the convenience and discretion this particular monthly visitor brings with it!

Ms Flow Box

If you want to read any more about Ms Flow before making a decision on whether it’s the right service for you, then I review all my monthly boxes in the ‘My Subscription Boxes’ Category of my Blog or you can visit their website which has reviews from other subscribers as well as information on previous boxes, their online shop and details on their current promotions.  I would also always advise that you read the full T’s & C’s before subscribing to any monthly or yearly subscription service to make sure you are confident that you’re choosing the right subscription to meet your monthly needs!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to subscribe to the Ms Flow Luxury Period Box visit their website and Remember to use my Exclusive Discount Code WELCOME30 to receive 30% off your First Box when you subscribe to the Ms Flow Luxury Period Subscription!


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