The Melt Crowd ‘Sparkle & Shine’ Box Review – December 2016

The Melt Crowd 'Sparkle & Shine' Box Review - December 2016


You can’t deny it – Winter is well and truly here and with frosty windows and lawns, iced up cars and sub-zero temperatures making us all turn up the thermostat this month I think we could all use a little bit of Christmas cheer right now, so say a BIG Hello to this month’s ‘Sparkle & Shine’ Edition of Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd!  Its filled with a shimmering selection of seasonal scents that will warm the cockles of even the biggest Scrooge, and keep your home smelling festive regardless of whether it is freezing cold outside!  I always enjoy my monthly boxes from The Melt Crowd, but ever since they started adding themes to their boxes back in October, it has made each month even more exciting and gives you a better, more well-rounded melt selection to explore, so after ‘Sugar v Spice’ and ‘Out of this World’ I am hoping ‘Sparkle & Shine’ is just as well put together and filled with magical Christmas melts that will have my house smelling like Santa’s Grotto well in to the new year!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £10.00 including P&P

Total Value of Products – £24.95

With my mind on Christmas and all the stress that comes with it, the last thing I want to be worrying about is my house smelling less than Festive, so I am pinning my hopes on a box full of Christmas Cheer and Festive Spirit from The Melt Crowd this month and I can’t wait to see what their December scent selection has in store!

Your Monthly Melts

December’s ‘Sparkle & Shine’ Edition of the fabulously Festive feeling monthly Melt Crowd Box from Flamingo Candles contains a ‘scent-national’ selection of seasonal scents and Winter wax melts that are ideal to help get you in the Christmas mood and give your house a touch of Christmas magic!  Every melt in this months Box has been hand-picked to ensure your house is smelling good for Santa come Christmas Eve and with six scents from Flamingo Candles 2016 Christmas CollectionChocolate Orange, Cinnamon Buns, Gingerbread, Christmas Tree Gin, Sherry Trifle and Bah! Humbug, along with best selling White Lilac & Rhubarb for a fruity tang, and a Melt Crowd Exclusive – Mulled Wine & Berries, you’re sure to impress in the scent stakes this year, which must be enough to get your name at the top of that highly coveted ‘Nice’ List right?

The Melt Crowd 'Sparkle & Shine' Box Review - December 2016

All ‘The Melt Crowd’ wax melts are made from 100% soy wax and give up to 30 hours of amazing fragrance, and with eight wax melts in each monthly box ‘The Melt Crowd’ provide more than enough melts to keep your home smelling sensational for the whole of November! Their melts are best used in a traditional wax burner, but they can also be used in electric warmers too making them super versatile and easy to use and with less chemicals than paraffin based candles and melts, these beautiful, hand-poured melts are the perfect choice for the more health conscious scent seeker and what’s more every melt is made in the United Kingdom too!

Bonus Treats

Exclusive Strawberries & Champagne Scented Wax Melt – Full Size £2.00

The Melt Crowd 'Sparkle & Shine' Box Review - December 2016

Along with my eight delicious Christmas inspired melts this month I have also received an additional fabulously fragranced wax melt too because as a long term member of The Melt Crowd, I am due a little reward!  It’s just one of the many bonuses of joining The Melt Crowd as Flamingo Candles always reward loyal customers, so along with the odd freebie here and there just because Flamingo Candles are feeling extra generous, they also add a little treat to their regular subscribers every three months as an extra thank you! December is my Ninth month with The Melt Crowd so they have added a celebratory Strawberries & Champagne Melt which smells so sweet it’s almost good enough to eat, and works perfectly with their Festive Box theme as who doesn’t love some Champs over Christmas!

Exclusive ‘Sparkle & Shine’ Acrylic Christmas Tree Decoration – Full Size £4.00

The Melt Crowd 'Sparkle & Shine' Box Review - December 2016

As I’ve already said, The Melt Crowd just LOVE to spoil their subscribers every now and then, and what better time to spread a little joy than Christmas?  So with this in mind, every ‘Sparkle & Shine’ Box will not only include a selection of fragrant wax melts, but it will also have a gorgeously girly Christmas Tree Decoration included too!  This press pink Christmas tree may not be to everyone’s taste but I love it and it will be taking pride of place on my mini Beauty Room Tree this Christmas!

The Melt Crowd 'Sparkle & Shine' Box Review - December 2016

On top of delivering a delicious selection of wax melts to enjoy every month, The Melt Crowd also give all their subscribers an exclusive 20% discount code to use on any purchases they make on the Flamingo Candles website during the December too which means if you fancy treating yourself to a few extra melts, a classic jar candle or adding to your Christmas Fragrance Collection – The Melt Crowd gives you the perfect excuse to do just that, and all safe in the knowledge to are saving some money too which on the run up to Christmas is never a bad thing right?

My Verdict

No I have to say I am not a big ‘Christmas’ person, and can be a bit of a Bah! Humbug! purely because it is all so commercialised and fake these days which, to me, takes away the heart of what Christmas is all about – Celebrating the family, friends and loved ones you’ve had the pleasure to share your year with and in some cases have been your support network and source of strength!  But there is nothing that gets me in the Christmas spirit more than the smells that come along with the Christmas period, and I am not talking left over turkey, over boiled sprouts and grandma’s napping indiscretions after Christmas Lunch!  I am talking Pine Tree, Christmas Cake, Mulled Wine, Cracker Bangs and Crisp Frosty Air and that is what The Melt Crowd have managed to capture and put into their box this month!

The Melt Crowd 'Sparkle & Shine' Box Review - December 2016

With a selection of Christmas Spices, Rich Sherry Trifle, Warm Gingerbread, Classic Christmas Tree and Refreshing Peppermint hitting your nose as soon as you open the box, this months box has a great variety of fragrances to choose from and the quirky names are just as great as the fragrances themselves!  It is a well balanced, nicely put together box as usual and has a great bonus treat and bonus melt to add a bit more value for money to an already exceptionally priced monthly subscription box, and add to that the gorgeous pink and gold ‘Sparkle & Shine’ theme this month I have to say this is easily one of my favourite Boxes Flamingo Candles has released and The Melt Crowd, once again, has ticked all the boxes and delivered a fabulous and Festive little box a wax just in time for St Nick to climb down the chimney and fill your stockings with presents!  Perfect!

My December Favourite

Although I adored my Bonus Melt this month as it one of my all time favourite fragrances from Flamingo Candles, My December Favourite has to be Bah! Humbug because not only do I love the name, and not just because it is my nickname at this time of year, but I love the fresh peppermint fragrance as it sits above all the warm, cozy spiced blends and fruity mixes this month and adds a crisp top note to the box and reminds me of the cold Winter weather as well as the yummy Butter Candy Sweet!

For more information about ‘The Melt Crowd’ visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Review and to subscribe to their Box please visit the Flamingo Candles website!


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