UK Blog Awards 2017

UK Blog Awards 2017


I recently got an email that not only brought a smile to my face instantly, but also helped me make an important decision that I had been mulling over for a couple of months and that email was from the UK Blog Awards, telling me that my Blog had officially been nominated for their 2017 Fashion & Beauty Blog Awards and that I was through to the Public Voting Stage!  I am guessing you can see why I was more than a little excited now right?  And that decision I was pondering on?  It was all about which direction to take my Blog in the future and whether my Blog working, not just for me but for my readers and the general public too, and that email has finally ticked the ‘carry on as you are, just keep getting better’ box and so here I am posting about an Award Nomination and calling on all my wonderful readers and followers to help me take my Blog to the next step, and vote for me in the 2017 UK Blog Awards!  In all honesty I still can’t quite believe I am actually able to say that, and I can’t begin to express how honoured and humbled I am to be typing those words, but from now until December the 19th I need your support more than ever as I am up against some BIG Bloggers, some fantastic photographers, people who have been in the industry a lot longer than me and of course, in some cases, some of my very good friends too, so if you are reading this post, I would love it if you could scroll to the Vote Here’ Icon and take two minutes (or less) to Vote for me and help me hit 2017 running!

About the UK Blog Awards 2017

So some of you may not be aware that there are several Awards Ceremonies for the Blogging Industry, and all sectors of the Blogging Community have their own individual Awards, but most of the more general Blogging Awards tend to forget about the little guys like me and concentrate on huge industry leaders like Zoella, Tanya Burr and a favourite of mine, British Beauty Blogger, and although this is understandable, we all know they don’t give away an Oscar to just anyone who has made a film in the last twelve months, it is nice when the little guy DOES get the chance to be recognised every once in a while and that is why the UK Blog Awards are so special as they are open to everyone who blogs, no matter how many followers, how often you post or how good your photography is!  Founded in 2014 the Awards are an exciting and uplifting way to recognise talent comes in all shapes and forms and all too often real talent does go un-noticed by the mainstream world, so the UKBA thought it was about time that individual Bloggers and companies received recognition for all your well earned innovative opinions and content, as well as recognise true viral style and creative excellence across a variety of 16 UK Blogging Industries, as well as awarding a further two awards –  Best Storyteller and Most Innovative award too!


UK Blog Awards 2017


How do the UK Blog Awards 2017 Work?

The UK Blog Awards works just like any other Awards Ceremony or Competition, and has several stages, the first of which was the Entires & Nominations Stage which is when you could Nominate your favourite Blog, or enter your own Blog to go forward for the Public vote later that year, now that has already happened and I am officially through to the Public Vote Round which is live from December the 5th 2016 through to December the 19th 2016 – and this is where I need your help, as to get through to the next round which is when the Judges from the relative Blogging Industries start to scrutinise everything from my Social Media, How I interact with my Audience and of course of they think my Blog is actually any good, I need your votes!  Every vote counts and the more I get the more chance I have of hearing my name announced as a Finalist not a Nominee on January the 2nd 2017!  The Awards themselves will be decided by a panel of the best our industry has to offer and the winners will be announced at the UK Blog Awards Evening on Friday the 21st of April 2017!

Why I need your Vote!

Just as I said, in this kind of process every vote really does count and as the UK Blog Awards works off a general Public Vote after nominations have been accepted, it means it is not only a much more fair way of judging which Blogs should be shortlisted and brought to the Judges attention but it is also a great way for me, as a Blogger to encourage my current followers to get more involved in my content and to get me out of my Blogging comfort zone and promote myself a little more!  After all, they do say, the people voice is the most important and that is why I need to hear your voice and have your vote right now!  Only 10 Blogs from each Industry Sector can go forward from the public vote so if you want to see my name on that Shortlist – Please hit the button below NOW and share this page with your friends so they can do the same!


UK Blog Awards 2017


Please make sure you go through and Vote BEFORE 10.00am on Monday the 19th of December 2016 as this is when the Public Vote is over and the Judges Shortlists begin to be prepared!  Thank you!

Further information can be found by clicking here!

Voting Information

  1. The Public Vote for the UK Blog Awards 2017 starts at 8.00am on Monday 5th December and finishes at 10.00am on Monday 19th December at 10.00am.  The calibre and standard of candidates who have entered and been nominated has raised the bar for another year so it won’t be easy for me to get through to the net round so please help me get to through and become one of the UK’s content heroes and heroines of 2017!

2. Voters can cast one vote for your entry with the same email, as well as voting for other entrants who are included in the process once. Using the same email to vote multiple times for your entry will not count. This enables the process to be fair and will avoid you asking your following to vote multiple times for your entry.

3. I am nominated in two categories, so my voter’s will have the option of voting for both of your categories or just a single category on the same voting page – Just choose from the drop down bar when making your vote!

4. If I am lucky enough to make it past the Public Vote my Blog will be judges on the following criteria, Design, Style, Content, Marketability and Usability so if you have any feedback for me during the Public Voting process – Please feel free to help me build a better and more successful Blog that works for you as well as me!  I would love to hear what you think!

Further information about the Judging Criteria can be found here!

UK Blog Awards 2017

So please let me Thank You one last time for taking the time to read my Blog and supporting me over the past year – It really does mean so much and your Vote really is important!


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