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The K-Beauty phenomenon and in particular their pioneering Sheet Mask technology becoming more and more popular with Beauty Lovers across the world, so it’s no surprise that companies outside of Korea are quickly creating their own unique products and formulas that rival any of the K-Beauty brands and Beauty Stones have produced a line of premium sheet masks that are packed with skin loving, naturally active ingredients that are both high quality and ethically sourced, and as their new Gem Stone Mask Series comes in a selection six targeted treatments, they are ideal to use on all skin types including even the most sensitive of skin like mine, so when Beauty Stones approached me to review two of their most popular masks – I jumped at the chance to indulge my skin and enjoy getting to know another natural beauty brand a little better and super-charge my skin care in 2017!

About the Brand

Beauty Stones is a Canadian based Beauty Brand that specialise in premium, high quality, all natural beauty solutions that will fulfil all the beauty needs ons desires of their customers, helping them unearth their inner beauty naturally.  Their passion for their customers is the foundation on which their business has been built and for this reason they have made it their mission to provide their customers with not only the world’s best beauty products but also unrivalled customer service which ensures the customer always comes first thanks to their Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  They also believe in being 100% transparent with their customers so you will find a full list of all the ingredients they choose to use on every single product they make so you will always know exactly what you are putting on your skin – something which I find really useful as I suffer with a lot of skin sensitivities and can’t use certain products due to the ingredients they contain!  So with only high quality, naturally active ingredients being used and a ‘No Quibble’ Money Back Guarantee, Beauty Stones really do keep their customers at the heart of everything they do!

Key Product Benefits

Beauty Stones New Gemstone Sheet Mask Series comprises six uniquely blended facial masks and with each mask being created for a specific skin care concern, and I was lucky enough to try their best-selling Green Tea and Honey Masks which is ideal for me as they both suit my sensitive but oily/combination skin type, which is not only prone to hormonal breakouts but is also easily dried out and dehydrated.


Beauty Stones Jade Series Mask is perfect for all skin types, but is targeted to combat acne and unwanted blemishes thanks to the natural Green Tea Extracts.  This antioxidant-rich mask not only helps clear breakouts and the reduce redness and inflammation associated with spots and acne, it can also help even out skin tone, soothe irritation and boost skins natural radiance as well thanks to the unique fibre sheet which allows maximum absorption of the active ingredients.  Hyaluronic acid helps replenish skins moisture levels, while reinvigorating and conditioning dull, tired skin giving you a natural, healthy looking complexion.


Their Topaz Mask is infused with natural Honey Extract and is aimed at more sensitive skin types, but can be used on other skin types too as it is packed with natural skin loving ingredients that help balance and tone the skin while the nutrient-rich formula reaches deep beneath the skin’s surface to nourish, soothe and hydrate leaving you with healthy, velvety soft skin that feels refreshed and revived.  Natural Honey Extract is also anti-bacterial which helps prevent irritation and break outs, and is the perfect way to boost parched, dehydrated skin without leaving skin clogged or heavy afterwards.  The unique fibre sheet ensures maximum absorption of the organic honey based mask so your skin is drenched in refreshing moisture while antioxidant Vitamin E and Aloe Vera soothe and calm dry, easily irritated skin for a clearer more healthy complexion!

How does it Work?

Each mask comes in its own single use sachet so is super easy to open and apply to the skin, and masks are best used after cleansing your skin, but before moisturisers or serums are used so your skin can benefit from the intense treatment their natural fibres and key ingredients offer.  Masks do not have to be refrigerated but can be if you wish to enjoy a cooling effect as well as the regular benefits each mask provides making them get to take on holiday or to use after a long day in the sun!  As each mask is a single use treatment, any excess product left in the sachet after you’ve applied the mask can be used to on your neck and décolletage and even your hands to boost your pampering experience and the masks soft, natural fibre sheeting makes it comfortable to wear and easy to adjust for all face shapes too.  After you have applied the mask and it is comfortably in place just sit back, relax and enjoy 15 – 20 minutes of ‘me’ time while the powerful natural ingredients get to work, then once you’re happy you’ve had enough time relaxing, simply remove the mask’s sheet and massage any remaining serum formula into your skin instead of your regular moisturiser and enjoy healthy, naturally radiant skin!  Beauty Stones recommend you use your chosen mask 2 – 3 times per week as part of your regular skin care routine for optimum and longer lasting results, but you can use them more or less depending on how your skin responds and what your skin care concern is.

How much does it Cost?

Beauty Stones Gemstone Sheet Mask Series come in Packs of 6 Masks and each pack costs £16.92 plus P&P of £8.11 ($10.00) to ship the UK!  *

Exclusive Reader Offer: The lovely team over at Beauty Stones have been kind enough to offer all my readers and followers an exclusive discount code that allows you to receive a fantastic 15% Off any of their amazing new Gemstone Series Sheet Masks when you order from their new website!  To take advantage of this generous offer just use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARY15 when you get to the checkout!

Where can I get it?

All Beauty Stones Natural Gemstone Series Sheet Masks are available exclusively on their website!

Beauty Stones Green Tea & Honey Facial Mask Review

My Verdict

Over the past few months I have been able to enjoy a lot more K-Beauty inspired skin care and these all natural Sheet Masks from Beauty Stones are a great example of how the West is catching on to some of the most popular K-Beauty trends and technologies!  Not only is each mask infused with targeted natural ingredients that help calm, soothe and nourish the skin, the unique natural fibre sheet the mask is made from ensures that these powerful ingredients are fully absorbed by the skin, giving you better, more effective results than a regular facial mask gives.  I love the sheet mask technology as it is miles ahead of the face masks we have been used to here in the UK and they not only leave my skin looking amazing, but they are less messy, easier to store and as each mask is in its own single use sachet then you will never have to worry about wasted product or messy application every again!  These masks are infused with Green Tea and Honey – both ingredients that are great to help sensitive and spot prone skin, which is what I suffer with, and while the Green Tea Mask left my skin feeling clean and fresh and my blemishes reduced, the Honey Mask also soothed irritation, reduced redness and its anti-bacterial properties helped prevent further break outs while leaving my skin soothed, healthy and hydrated too!  As I have said I have been able to sample a selection of Sheet Masks this year, some K-Beauty inspired like these Canadian Masks, and some from Korea and Japan, the heart of the Asian Beauty Industry, and I have to say these masks do give amazing results that are easily as good as their Korean counterparts and with no strange ingredients or animal extracts that I know have put some of my readers and followers off trying out the more traditional K-Beauty brands, beauty Stones have created a great alternative mask collection that gives targeted and long-lasting results!  The prices of these masks are also really competitive, so unlike some masks currently available to purchase in the UK from bigger beauty brands like Star Skin, which are great but expensive, Beauty Stones Gem Series Masks offer affordability and quality in one handy all natural package!  I noticed a real difference on my skin after using these make, and the handy head band they sent was a real godsend as I am always having to wash some sort of mask out of my hair at least twice a week, so this is my new masking BFF as not only does it keep my hair clean, it is also a super cute pink that goes perfectly when you are enjoying a good pampering session!  I would definitely recommend these masks, and would love to try the other masks from their Gem Stones Series as both the Aloe Vera and Pomegranate Masks also look as though they would suit my troublesome 30+ skin that still likes to behave like a teenager from time to time and is also overly sensitive like a teenager too!  It’s a big thumbs up for these masks from me but out of the two I would highly recommend the Topaz Series Mask with Honey Extract purely because it tackled both of my main skin care concerns as well as helping boost my skins natural radiance, calming my break outs, clearing my complexion and even helped to banish those pesky little fine lines and wrinkles I hate which makes it an all round miracle mask for me!

For more information about this fabulous new selection of Natural Sheet Masks please visit the Beauty Stones website and Remember to use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARY15 to receive 15% off your Order!

* Please note this post contains a PR Sample


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