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I will be the first to admit I am not one for plain black socks, in fact I have a slight aversion to anything that is mono-tonal in the ankle and foot covering department which means I have a rather large selection of rather ‘loud’ and mainly pug related socks that in some cases have seen better days, so when ChattyFeet sent me an email about their fabulously fun range of not-so-serious Socks, I couldn’t resist trying a pair on for size!

About the Brand

ChattyFeet was created by Gil and Humberto who, like me think that being a grown up can be a little too serious at times, so decided to make it their mission to inject a little fun into people lives through their quirky and creative Sock Characters!  Originally their cheery designs were meant for adults, with the likes of Prof. Brian Sox, Mr. Grrrril, Miko and Murdoc shaking up the sock drawers of men and women across the UK, but they thought why should adults have all the fun?  Kids would love ChattyFeet too right?  So they expanded their range to include a ‘mini-me’ pair of every character they have created which makes ChattyFeet a great place for funny footwear for all the family!  With 29 quirky designs, each with their own unique personality, the ChattyFeet Family is growing fast and with the help of some fantastic designers from all over the globe, there are plenty more Sock Adventures in the pipeline for 2017 too!

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Each pair of ChattyFeet Socks is more than just a bit of fun though –  Every pair is produced in Europe from combed cotton which makes them super soft and uber comfy for all-round tootsie happiness and encouraging more good sock days and less sad feet days than ever before!  These fabulously fun foot faces are the perfect excuse to kick off your shoes and unleash your inner diva, rock star or superhero, and they also make amazing and unusual gifts too – banishing the disappointment of socks under the Christmas Tree for good and creating smiles and giggles all round!

My Socks

With 29 different designs to choose from it isn’t easy to pick just one pair of ChattyFeet but I whittled it down to the gorgeous Yoko Mono because I loved the bright colours of her outfit and her beaming smile, but I could easily have chosen Kate Middle-Toe or Frida Callas just as easily!  I think I could really spend a fortune on the ChattyFeet website!

Other Designs for Women

As I said – there are 29 Designs in total at the moment, but this is spread across both the Mens and Woman’s Ranges, so to help show you exactly what is available to transform your tootsies – here are all the designs available in Woman’s Sizes which are either a Medium which fits UK Sizes 4 – 8 or a Large which fits UK Sizes 9 – 12.

Remember these designs are also available in the Children’s Range as well, so if you fancy matching with your real life Mini-Me with a Sock Mini-Me too, then this is the perfect place to start shopping and with Mother’s Day just around the corner it could also be your one stop shop for the perfect fun gift to make your Mum smile this year!

How much do they Cost?

A pair of ChattyFeet’s wonderful Woman’s Socks costs £8.00 plus £2.00 P&P however, if you spend over £30.00 on the ChattyFeet website P&P is Free!  *

Where can I get them?

ChattyFeet Socks are available via the ChattyFeet website!

My Verdict

What can I say?  These socks are just too fabulous for words!  I know they may not be everyones cup of tea, but not only do they instantly put a smile on my face, they also feel gorgeously soft and comfy to wear and as they are made using high quality cotton, they don’t leave my feet feeling hot, sweaty and overheated either!  I love the range of designs ChattyFeet have available for Woman and the fact you can buy matching socks for your Children is also a big bonus too – seeing co-ordinated socks on big and little feet is seriously super cute and a great idea to help make getting dressed in the morning more fun too!  The fact they come in several fun designs means you can mix and match yourself too, and they look great combined as an ‘odd sock’ couple too which will not only drive conservative sock wearers crazy, but also add to the fun factor when you get your ankles out or fling off your shoes and show off your feet!  I love these socks and will definitely be adding to my crazy sock collection with a few more ChattyFeet Characters over the next few months and with their website also stocking some cute totes, pin badges and pillows along side their famous socks, you have a fabulous selection of fun goodies to shop from and can create a unique sock wardrobe that will be the envy of all your slightly less grown up friends and family members too!

For more information about ChattyFeet – Please visit their website!

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