Some Exciting News to Share……. I’m Expecting a Baby!


Some of you may have noticed that I have not been particularly well over the last few months, from increased fatigue to a nasty bout of flu over the Christmas period I have been suffering a lot more than usual and as far as I could tell it was just a bad Fibromyalgia and ME flare up that was the cause, but after a trip to the Doctor to discuss ways to help boost my failing energy levels and tackle the irritated skin that had been causing me so much annoyance it turns out that there was more to my ‘mystery’ illnesses than I had first thought!  Thats right!  After a lengthy discussion about symptoms and how long they had been presenting, along with a few ‘routine’ tests and examinations I was told I was expecting my first child!  Yes! I am pregnant!

I am more than excited about this news, as is my husband, and with our little bundle of joy being due this Summer we have a lot of planning a preparing to get under way and I am lucky enough to be able to share my pregnancy journey not only with my friends and family, but with your my readers and subscribers as well!  So expect lots of pregnancy updates, baby related posts and some amazing new collaborations with the likes of Sassy Bloom and Project B along with other Bump Friendly brands along the way!  I want to share as much of what I learn along my pregnancy journey with you all as possible as I have to say I am a little clueless at this point when it comes to all things baby related and I am at the beginning of a very steep learning curve that I wasn’t really expecting but am over joyed to be be experiencing!

What Happens Now?

But with my new found joy and growing Bump, I have not only found an overwhelming sense of happiness and excitement but also a lot of questions, concerns and worries too with ‘Will I be a good mother?’, ‘Is my Bump a Boy or a Girl?’, ‘Will they be healthy?’ and ‘How much will giving birth hurt?’ all rushing around my head at the moment along with a thousand others, and as I said, being slightly clueless when it comes to babies, giving birth and being pregnant I will be doing a lot of research to make sure I don’t worry too much and end up a nervous wreck!  Any and all pregnancy advice is welcome here at Beauty Addict HQ and I have already had some amazing tips from some of the people I have worked with on my Blog recently and fellow bloggers who are also expecting or are seasoned mums to some gorgeous children!  It is so nice to find support amongst my online family as well as my real-life support network and it is so funny to look back at conversations with people about their early pregnancy news and discussing my wish to be a mother knowing now that I was also pregnant and just didn’t know it at the time!

So as well as lots of baby related ramblings, you will also see me sampling some amazing pregnancy essentials from the likes of Bloom and Blossom, Jojo Maman Bebe and Mothercare, along with two fabulous subscription boxes made for mums-to-be and growing children, Project B and Sassy Bloom and I will be sharing as much of the wisdom I gain through out this experience as I can without becoming a total baby bore!  I will continue to write about my regular beauty and lifestyle topics, and as I said I really will try not to over do it with everything baby until at least August when my little (or big….) bundle of joy is due to arrive, plus I cannot wait to begin sharing more of my life with you as well as my opinions on beauty products and fashion trends!  I have always kept ‘me’ a little separate from my blog, although my personality comes through in my writing, sharing personal feelings and details about my life hasn’t come easily thanks to the trolling and bullying I was subjected to when I first began my blogging journey and the fact that I don’t want people to judge me because I am a ‘spoonie’ as I have seen happen to so many others over the past few years, but that ends now and you will, finally, find out more about Victoria as well as The Beauty Addict!

And remember if you want any more information about any of the brands I am currently working with, my Subscription Boxes or my favourite Beauty must-haves then check out my new Brand Directory – A new addition to my Blog which should help my readers find the best in Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle without having to search the entire internet, have a look at my Latest Posts or Send Me an Email!  I would love to hear from you!


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