The Big Top ‘Welcome to Wonka Land’ Box Review – March 2017

Who didn’t LOVE the Film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a child?  And if you’re me you still do so seeing one of the best films of my childhood being brought to life by Scent Circus this month was just amazing!  Not only doe it have amazing colours and scents, but the names of each melt are simply splendid too!  I love chocolate, and anything sweet and sugary, so to see a mixture of edible fragrances was always going to impress and I cannot wait to dive into the Chocolate Lake and visit Candy land!

What’s in the Box?

Price Per Box – £7.50 *

Total Value of Products – £10.00

I am so happy to see a more food related selection of melts this month as I adore anything that makes my house smell good enough t feat, so I have high hopes for this month’s Big Top Box and its fabulous ‘Welcome to Wonka Land’ theme!

Your ‘Welcome to Wonka Land’ Melts

Included in every Limited Edition Big Top Box you will find an Exclusive selection of Scent Circus’s handmade wax melts, and as each and every one has been created specifically to fit their chosen monthly theme – they won’t be available to purchase on their website alongside their regular melt collections, making these cute creations even more fun than usual!  As March’s Box theme is ‘Welcome to Wonka Land’ you will find your Big Top Box is full of Marvellous Melts inspired by one of my (and probably any other child born in the 1980’s or 1990’s) favourite childhood films – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

This month their melt selection includes the following ‘Welcome to Wonka Land’ themed Melts:

Burst your Bubble – “Chewing, Chewing all Day Long” The Fragrance is…. You guessed it!  Bubblegum!

Pure Imagination – A Delicious Scent of Smooth, Dark Liquorice with notes of Soft Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Aniseed.  Rich and Sweet like the man himself!

Candy Land – Strawberry Candy Canes, Vanilla Ice-Cream and of course a Raspberry Everlasting Gobstopper!

Charlie’s Chocolate – This Rich, Creamy, Chocolatey Treat looks and smells good enough to eat!  But please don’t it’s Wax I promise!

Oompa Loompa Poop – These Orange and Green Poops have a blend of Orange Blossom, Sweet Mandarin, Jasmine and a Hint of Lime!

Violet’s Ticket – The Scent of the Old Fashioned Purple Sweeties, Parma Violets!  Sure to be a Winner!

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My Verdict

Scent Circus have done my one of my favourite childhood films proud with this months Big Top Box, and whether you are a retro Wonka Fan – think Gene Wilder and she fabulous songs that will stay with you forever – or a more modern one – yes I am talking about the rather unsettling Johny Depp re-make that could scare anyone out of loving chocolate – then this box has got a melt that will make your mouth water!  I love that they are all edible scents this month and really do smell good enough to eat!  The Ooompa Loompa Poop made me laugh out loud and took me back to the legendary film in a heartbeat and I love the mix of Candy and Chocolate!  Perfect for any big kid to enjoy!  I love the size of this months melts too – the chocolatey goodness that is Charlie’s Chocolate is HUGE and will last me months as the fragrance is so intensely chocolatey that only one cube is needed at a time for hours of chocoholic’s heaven!  This box is going to keep you in Wonka Land long after March is over and I love that!  Another great theme from Scent Circus that is perfectly put together as always!

My ‘Welcome to Wonka Land’ Favourite

I could honestly eat every single one of these delicious sounding melts this month but my favourite has to be Burst your Bubble as not only is a pretty POP of pink, it also smells like Bubble Gum which I simply adore!  It makes my mouth water when it is warming and I would love to have my house smelling of this ALL DAY LONG!  Yummy!

For more information about my Subscription Boxes please visit my ‘Which Subscription Box’ Reviews and to find out more about this amazing company, their fabulous new subscription box and their quirky selection wax melts please check out my full review of Scent Circus’s Wax Melts or visit the Scent Circus website and Remember to use my Exclusive Discount Code DIARYOFABEAUTYADDICT to receive 10% off your Order!

*  Please note this Post contains a PR Sample


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