So this is the boring bit that deals with Legal information, Copyright and the way I run my Blog.  It’s a bit long winded but I feel that transparency is so important in the Blogging world and want to make sure that my readers and subscribers are well informed about the ‘in’s and out’s’ of running a Blog and why certain posts are written differently to others, why I choose certain brands to work with and not others and what the Links on my Blog actually mean!  Please feel free to skip this page if you only want to read the fun stuff and not get bogged down with the ‘why’s and wherefores’ and copyright information!

PR & Blogger Collaborations

As a Blogger I believe that I have a commitment to my readers and subscribers to be honest and up front in all my posts regardless of whether they are product reviews, topical posts or features, so because I have worked with many big brands and fantastic companies through out my long career in the beauty industry and have been lucky enough to collaborate with both fantastic brands and wonderful like-minded, creative individuals over the course of my first year Blogging, not all my posts relate to things I have purchased myself and some are in fact gifted to me, however I will only ever accept PR Samples or Gifted Products and work with Companies that I feel will fit well with both my Blog, are relevant to my readers and are the sort of products I would purchase myself too!

This basically means that although I will accept PR Samples and Gifted Products for review, and work with companies on Sponsored Posts in order to keep my Blog fresh and enjoyable to read, I will never accept anything I wouldn’t be happy to pay for myself and although it is not currently a legal requirement in the UK, I will always ensure my readers are fully aware of when a post contains a PR Sample or Gifted Product and I also disclose all Sponsored posts and Collaborations – whether they be with other Bloggers or Companies – that I publish because I truly believe honesty is a crucial part of what I do and that opinion will never change, regardless of payment or reward.

To help ensure total clarity for all my readers any post that contains a PR Sample, Gifted Product or is part of a PR Collaboration will be clearly marked with an asterisk ( * ) next to the products pricing information and full details of the PR or Collaboration Source will feature at the end of every post along with links to the company’s website where applicable.  Any Blogger Collaborations I take part in will always have the Co-Bloggers details at the beginning of the post, along with links to their website and in some cases, their social media platforms too and in no case will any co-written post be marketed as solely my own work.

Affiliate Links and Advertising

As well as accepting certain PR Samples and Gifted Products, and allowing relevant Sponsored Posts on my Blog, I also feature Affiliate Links with in my posts.  These Links will only ever be from Companies I have chosen myself and again will only be used if they fit with my Blog, are relevant to my readers and I would be happy to work with or shop with them myself.  Although I do not specifically highlight these Affiliate Links they will usually appear at the bottom of a post as an ‘Advertisement Banner’ so it is clear that the Link is not related to any part of the post and has had no influence over what I have written in any way.  I do not currently permit any Advertising that is unrelated to my Affiliate Links on my Blog, however this may be something I will consider venturing into in the future but once again only if the Company or Individual fits with my Blog and will be both interesting and relevant to my readers.

Photography and Copyright Information

All the images that are used on my Blog are my own and all photographs are both taken and edited by myself with the exception of my ‘Which Subscription Box‘ Posts where I have used images taken directly from the featured subscription box’s own website or social media pages, where I have collaborated with another Blogger on a post and we have both contributed to the final featured images in which case their work will be clearly credited so it easily distinguishable from my own, and finally where I have written a Sponsored or Feature Post and used ‘Stock Images’ supplied to me by a Brand or Company who has been involved in the production of the post or collaboration and again, in this case all images used that are not my own will be clearly credited to which ever Brand or Company that has supplied them.  All other images, including my Logos remain my property and I hold full copyright over their use on both my Blog and my Social Media platforms.  Any use of my images without my prior permission will be in breach of my copyright and can be subject to legal action.

I would also like to add that regardless of whether I am gifted a product, asked to review it by a company or whether it’s a product I purchased myself, all my reviews and articles are 100% unbiased and will always feature nothing but my own honest opinions and that gifting me a product does not guarantee it will be featured on my Blog unless otherwise agreed.  All my posts are written by myself unless otherwise stated (i.e. Co-Blogging Collaborations) which means they are also under my copyright and I have never and will never copy or plagiarise another persons reviews or posts.  I would ask the same respect from fellow Bloggers and the Companies I choose to work with when it comes to both my written work and my images as a lot of time and effort goes into creating every post and it is heart-breaking to read my reviews copied word-for-word on another persons Blog or see my photographs being used as part of an advertising campaign or as a ‘stock image’ on another website.  If however you are interested in using any of my images or quoting my work in any way, please do not hesitate to drop me an email or use the ‘Contact Me‘ Page and I will be more than happy to discuss all the options that are available to you!